Gratitude list May 2018 #MondayMusings

“How do you write a gratitude post when you are feeling low?” is the question on my mind today. It actually wasn’t going to get done if I had not kept a daily gratitude journal.

On 25th April, I started the practice of writing daily in my gratitude journal. I missed a day here and there in between during the month of May but as soon as I got back I made sure I had something to write down for the missed day/s.WaterMark_2018-06-04-12-40-43.jpg

Therefore, despite me not feeling too good about the state of certain affairs these days, I am still able to share my gratitude list with you. (Caution – this is a long list.)

  • On 30th April, my guest post got published on Shailaja Vishwanath’s blog Diary of a Doting Mom. Getting a chance to write a guest post for her was an inconceivable dream come true for me. Inconceivable because I never thought I could be good enough to write decently for a blogger of her stature. Writing a guest post comes with great responsibility.


  • 30th April was the day Dhruv began school here. I had heard a lot of stories and personal experiences of husband’s colleagues how getting a space in a school could be a big issue. I am grateful that out of the 3 schools we visited, we were able to secure admission in the 3rd school on our list after the first two rejected our admission appeal due to unavailability of space. I am glad things worked out smoothly.
First day to school
Dhruv’s first day of school
  • I am also grateful that Dhruv is happy in his school and given his high sensitivity this is a big feat for the school, for us and for him too. This morning he told me in India, the teacher never listened to me but I was required to listen to her but here I have to listen to the teacher and the teacher also listens to me.


  • 30th April was also the day of our 12th wedding anniversary. Frankly, I had stopped counting after we completed the 5th year and the last 7 years were a hell of a roller coaster ride. The fact that today the three of us are together and are in a happy space is worth being grateful for.


  • May was Dhruv’s birthday month. He turned 7 this year. I am grateful for his good health and the fact there is so much to learn from him. About CARS.


  • May was the month I got back to regular blogging after a gap of 3 months. After days and weeks of feeling bogged down by the household chores and complaining to parents and a few close friends, I was finally able to prioritize blogging over everything else. A special note of thanks to Vinitha Dileep for hearing me patiently during this period.


  • During the time I was away from blogging in April and May, I got the opportunity to catch up with a few movies – Love Per Square Foot, Mukkabaaz, Sonu ke TiTu ki Sweety and Victoria & Abdul.


  • May was also a month of plenty of holidays which meant we went out quite often. We went to Blackpool Zoo, Blackpool Pleasure Beach (amusement park) and Windermere. It was our 3rd trip to these places since the time we first arrived here in 2013. It was a pleasure to revisit memories with a slightly grown-up Dhruv and to experience the difference in his tantrums between then and now. Though dealing with tantrums is hardly a pleasure.
In nature’s lap – Stafford Services, North
  • We missed visiting the Roald Dahl Museum because it closed down due to flooding. However, I am grateful that we were already on the way to Great Missenden (museum) when we got the news about flooding and returning home wasn’t left as an option. We spent the break at the hotel which to our surprise was on a hill with a misty view of the surroundings. One thing I have noticed about England is you can hardly notice you are driving up the hills (unless you are in the north) because the roads keep straight and do not go round and round the hills like in India. On our way back home the next day, we discovered a fabulous place full of greenery at Stafford Services, North while on a break from driving on the motorway.


  • The last one is not from May but 1st June. I am grateful that my blog found a listing in the Top Indian Blogs Directory for the 2nd consecutive year in 2018. When this happened last year for the first time, I considered it a miracle given the comparatively low page views my blog gets. I have to be thankful for the engagement my blog and I have in the blogging circle.


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  1. Hugs to cheer you up.. Even though you are going through a low May seems was a good month.. Happy Belated anniversary. Writing a gratitude journal is the best habit that I have picked up in recent times. It keeps me grateful and positive.


  2. Many congratulations on the feature, Anamika. It’s definitely something to be celebrated.

    I know any kind of change or transition can be hard, so I am happy to hear that Dhruv is doing so well. He is a real trooper, that little man.

    I am also really glad that you decided to prioritize blogging, because it’s the same decision I had to take when I was felling bogged down a couple of months back. It takes a lot of determination, and some serious time management skills, but it is also extremely fulfilling, which makes it worth every effort that goes into it. Don’t you think?

    I hope you have a wonderful June ahead. 🙂


  3. That’s a pretty good and eventful May. Glad that you have settled well and everything has worked out for Dhruv too. Congratulations for the listing in the Top Blogs and good to see you back in the blogging sphere.
    I have watched Mukkabaaz and Sonu ke TiTu ki Sweety… pretty enjoyable ones. I would love to watch Victoria & Abdul. Will check it out on Netflix!
    Have a wonderful June, Anamika!


  4. That is a lovely list, Anamika. Change is anyways difficult especially for kids. Happy that Dhruv is settling down well. I am sure blogging is the first casualty when we are busy but it is cathartic isn’t it? Good that you are back to blogging.

    Take care and here’s wishing you a lovely June.


  5. Glad you maintain a gratitude journal, have heard it keeps you sane! Need to try it too, though I am very lazy when it comes to maintaining discipline. Hugs to you, hope you are in a better frame of mind now, especially since your blog was chosen as one of the top influencer blogs of 2018. Congratulations! Am glad Dhruv is settled in the UK and enjoying his new experience!


  6. Hey I know you are back in the land of the never ending drip but your clothes can dry in the dryer. Cheer up Anamika, you are in a happy space. Your little boy will grow up soon….. enjoy this time


  7. A lovely list Anamika. I would say it has been positive through, except for the Roald Dahl museum. You have had a bog change, and I understand the difficulties coping up personally as well as getting the kid settled could take a toll. For that , you are doing perfectly fine. congratulations on being in the top list of bloggers. you so deserve it. Many many more such joys and victories to you Anamika 🙂


  8. That’s a great list. Congratulations on making it yet again to the Indian Top Blogs list. It’s still a dream for me. Much to learn and abide by. 🙂


  9. Such a full list of gratitude and I am touched to be included in it. Hey, my blog isn’t a big blog, by any standards 😉 We are all equal here. It was my pleasure to host you and what a lovely post it was too. Such a refreshing perspective.

    SO happy D is settled in school and happy too. Congrats on the Top Indian Blogs feature! So happy for you 🙂


  10. Firstly happy belated Anniversary. Wishing you guys togetherness forever. I loved every bit of this post. For it made me realise how in low times ,we should cherish little things in life and how grateful we should be. I liked that Luxor pen too, I didn’t knew those pilot pens are still there. More power to you and your mighty sword.


  11. That’s exactly why you should do a gratitude post, Anamika – to cherish the little things in life. Congrats on being featured and on the guest post. Here’s to a fantastic June 🙂


  12. Belated anniversary and birthday wish to D. It is nice to hear that things are going according to your plan. The one thing which I M grateful is writing is my gratitude journal and teaching my girl about gratitude.


  13. I love keeping a gratitude journal too because as you said, when times are tough, it’s easier to look back on it and realise that maybe it’s not all bad. Hope June is a wonderful month for you!


  14. It’s amazing that even when we think we have not had a great time, there is still so much to be grateful for! Perspective makes it possible, I guess! Congratulations on the wonderful guest post in Shy’s blog and for making it to the TOP BLOGS List of 2018! Happy Anniversary to you and so lovely to know that Little Man is happy in his new school. Nothing pleases a mom more than to see the kid happy after a new move!! Keep writing in the gratitude journal …I think it’s a beautiful way of counting the blessings in life.


  15. It is great that a gratitude journal can make one count one’s blessings and when they are counted, one feels indeed blessed.
    I am glad you have prioritized blogging though blogosphere will miss you. I am glad you like the UK and are not homesick.
    I congratulate you on all your achievements.
    God bless


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