5 things we love about staying in Preston #MondayMusings

It’s already a week!

We landed here in Preston, UK last weekend. Settling down has kept me busy and I am enjoying this process.

The day we reached here, we were greeted by nice cool and pleasant weather.  After a short nap and freshening up, we walked down to the city centre which is 10 minutes away from our home in just a shirt and jeans. The sun was shining upon us as if blessing us, ‘You are going to be good’. What was meant to be a half-an-hour walk to procure the ultra necessary stuff ended up in 2 hours by the time we reached back home. The best part was it was so much pleasure that we did not even realise how time flew and also the fact that Dhruv and I needed considerable rest after the 13-hour long flight.

After giving us a warm welcome, the English weather turned true to its character  – cold and gloomy in the following days. If it was summer in spring on the first day then rest of the week was autumn in spring. The weather was gloomy but we were not. We were (and are) gleamy and more so Dhruv. He is approaching everything with a lot of excitement. He remembers nothing from our previous stay and is perceiving everything with a sparkle in his eyes.

While I stayed busy the whole week with cooking, cleaning and organising the house, he enjoyed the last week of his vacation perched on the sofa gazing out of the window and looking for the cars parked outside and the ones passing by. For the car lover in him, this place is heaven with a number of car brands vying for his attention. The Ritz car of India is known by the name Splash here. I bet you didn’t know that because I didn’t until he told me about it. He had another observation about the number plates on the cars – the front number plate is white in colour and the rear one is yellow in colour. Papa made a note of this to google the rules later. Having him around is quite educational for us and we cannot escape it, even if we want to.

I have taken to writing daily in my gratitude journal and this gave me an idea to ask Dhruv what he is liking about staying in this place. I gave him prompts and he had something to say about each prompt.

House –

He likes this apartment complex because it does not have a boundary wall and also no security guards to stop children from playing at various places, unlike Bangalore. He is feeling free here, I suppose.

Another reason for liking the complex is it is just across the BIG Police Station with lots of Police cars inside there.

He is fascinated with the window blinds inside the house. Who knew opening and closing the blinds and moving them forward and backwards could be joyful play! Other fascinating stuff is a phone which has the key button to open the building’s door downstairs.

Amenities for us, play for him!

Walking –

He is loving walking. While we always used to go out in the car in Bangalore, here since Papa has claimed the car so we, Dhruv and I, set out on foot everywhere we go. The most fun part is crossing the roads by pressing the ‘WAIT’ button on the traffic signals. Immediately, the green light turns red for the vehicles (well not actually immediately, but for him yes) on the road and the pedestrians easily cross the road.

The fun is not in crossing but in pressing the ‘Wait’ button.

Rains –

In Bangalore, he always used to ask me why we don’t go out in the rains and I would reason with long traffic snarls, water logging on the roads and getting wet could cause sickness. He is delighted now that rain does not play spoilsport or stops us from stepping outside even when it is heavy. Traffic snarls in rains are true for vehicular traffic here also but it does not affect us much since we walk the most part.

Last night when I was scrolling through my phone to set a new alarm tone, he selected the sound of rain for me telling me the sound of rainfall is soothing and he loves it.

I love it too, especially at night when it is time to sleep.

Library –

Living with Papa means a lot of TV and you can almost sense my grumbling acknowledging this in writing. To even out, I have already taken him to the city library twice over the last week to spend time with the books. We had to leave all our books back in India so the ambience of the house full of books is gone. About the library visit, he had to tell me it was too big and old for him but he really liked the tall, heavy wooden automatic doors at the entrance and he would like to visit the library again just to pass through those doors.

Okay, I have to be grateful to the automatic doors to make the library look inviting.


Dhruv starts school today. We know nothing about the schooling system here so this is going to be a new experience for us. I am waiting for him to return from school and tell me about his first day.

For the readers of my blog, you can stay assured that the stories from my stable will keep coming. Depending on how much Dhruv reveals about his new school, there might be a post dedicated to school coming up on one Monday during the month of May. May is also his birthday month and he turns 7 this year.

Do you know I have a guest post published today on Shailaja Vishwanath’s blog Diary of a Doting Mom where Dhruv does the speaking of his suffering at the hands of his mother’s obsession with rules and I have done the writing? If you happen to love Dhruv’s and my antics and stories, please head over to Shailaja’s blog to read my guest post. You can read it by clicking here – Parenting Rules? That must take a holiday! #GuestPost

This guest post comes with a promise of oodles of laughter.

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#Monday Musings


  1. I am so glad to know how you both are doing. I also love the attitude and the openness with which you both are absorbing things. Also really happy to know you three are together and this will be another chapter in your life’s experiences. 🙂
    As I read your post, I feel that I want to know more about your life and house there. Keep writing and keep sharing. Oh yes, hope you are clicking trees in Preston. TTL would love to have you around. Take care. hugs!


  2. So happy to see your post dear. Settling with your kid, and getting them to involve in all the settling activities will make the process easier. Oh, I remember the long walks. In fact, that’s one of the things which we miss here. I have been contemplating about a series narrating the life in US-UK as we enjoyed and walk vs car is a great part in it. You will love the school system there, Anamika. I’m sure Dhruv will have a blast there. Waiting for all the new stories. ❤️


  3. Wonderful to know that D is enjoying life in so many new ways and it’s only just been a week for you! Well, I’m sure Preston will be exciting for you both and you will have many new stories to share from your part of the world! He is thrilled to have both his parents around am sure and from your tone I can sense you are happy too! Wishing you all great beginnings as you start a new chapter of your life in the UK! The best part of UK is the beautiful roads and the system that encourages you to walk as much as you want despite the weather, no matter where in the country! I’m sure you all will have a great time now that the family is together. 🙂


  4. Dhruv adapted to a new place so quickly? That’s wonderful to hear. I’ve seen so many parents complain about their kids not being able to adapt.

    Good to know that you guys are settling in well. All the best, Anamika.


  5. Good to hear that Dhruv and you have settled down into the new place so quickly! Enjoy your new adventures!


  6. It’s great to know you are settling into your new domain and enjoying it all!
    I can understand Dhruv’s excitement; well I would, too, were I in his place! I would keep pressing that ‘WAIT’ button, myself! 😛
    Enjoy your stay there, revel in the novelty and keep writing about your life in the Queen’s Land! I do hope she invites you over for tea someday! Hehe!


  7. This is such a nice post, Anamika, as if you are sitting across and talking with us. Dhruv reminds me so much of my sons. His love for cars, his keen observation about things and his ability to enjoy the smallest thing. So glad to know that he is settling down well. How was his first day at school?


  8. Its not only Dhruv, as a mom I see you have settled down too Anamika. I am sure you guys are going to like Preston, from the way you have described things. Dhruv would indeed feel more freedom unlike INdia and its restrictions. Hope he settles down in school too soon, and we get to read more tales from your life in Preston.


  9. Such a huge move; glad to see you all settling down and with such verve 😉 Dhruv’s curious eyes do make everything so magical and new – loving his perspective on things Anu and I am looking forward to more of these stories now that you are back at your blog.


  10. I missed you Anamika and am glad to read about your move to Preston. It must be wonderful to see another world again through the eyes of your little boy. Happy Birthday to him and to you, 7 year old mummy. It won’t be long before he’s taller than you and even wiser 😉


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