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Unique #WordlessWednesday 16

Edinburgh Trip 034

We are accustomed to seeing old architecture and structures in the name of Parliament buildings. However, this photo is of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. The modernity of this building makes this Parliament unique.

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11 thoughts on “Unique #WordlessWednesday 16

  1. Indeed very unique.


  2. Wow..quite unique. British (Scotish) are known to be conservative however this structure is so post-modern.


  3. Shirley Corder on said:

    Most unusual. Go Scotland! Do you need time-out?


  4. Esha M Dutta on said:

    That is a very unusual design but then again, I’m not surprised because British design is one of the best in the world and they are fantastic in creating structures that have survived over hundreds of years. Thanks for sharing this, Anamika. I would love to have you link up with my new WordlessWednesday Linky coming up soon on the blog. Meanwhile do check out my โ€‹latest post โ€‹on parenting, from this week. โ€‹


  5. bluerosegirl08 on said:

    Wow, I would never guess it was a government building without your description.


  6. I agree, this is unique and different. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. G Angela David on said:

    Never seen a building like this, looks very rare and interesting, thanks for sharing:)


  8. wow this is surely something


  9. Unique indeed! I dont understand much about design other than its whether its appealing to me or not! This certainly demands attention!

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