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It was a day when lightning struck outside our apartment building with fire blazing all around and I called out to Dhruv to come outside in the balcony to watch what was happening. He refused stating he had just discovered the world of the newspaper asking me not to disturb him.

If you are wondering and feeling pity for me that I am living in a burnt down neighbourhood, then let me assure you the above big event happened many months ago.  Dhruv discovering the world of the newspaper was the big event.

Lightning! That never happened, not in a dramatic way described, and, for sure, not that day.

Don’t we have the penchant for creating drama in our lives? While some actually create drama in their own (and often others’) real lives, there are some others who create unwanted and undesirable drama in the otherwise boring writing of their boring lives. Yours truly falls into the latter category.

Cutting the drama and the philosophy short, the big event did not happen on its own. It took months of laziness on my part to reach this juncture.

  1. My laziness to clear the previous days’ newspapers from the centre table and from elsewhere in the living room which resulted in huge pile-ups.
  2. My laziness to wash the table mats and thus I placed newspapers under Dhruv’s plate, folded in all sorts of ways depending on which page I had read last, during meal times to take care of the food he spills.
  3. My laziness to pick up the newspaper from outside the main door every morning meant I asked him to do it.
CHild reading
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Dhruv has a fancy for the written word. Hence with newspapers everywhere, there was no way he could have avoided opening and turning the pages to scan and read news headlines. The whole article below the headlines is too much for him to understand but this does not mean he didn’t come to me with his questions and often interpretations and analysis.

Oh boy! Let me warn you about a 6-year-old analyzing news headlines.

HeadlineNirmala flies off Sukhoi.

Analysis – (Our maid) Nirmala is not going to turn up for cleaning because she has gone off to fly fighter jet (Sukhoi is a fighter jet with Indian Air Force).

The person Nirmala in this news is the Defence Minister of India. And, my maid with the same name had a moment of glory that day.

HeadlineFIghting a two-front war

The image with this news showed the flags of Pakistan and China.

Analysis – War is going to start between India and Pakistan & China. Does this mean that the programme at the Wagah Border will be stopped?

Sensing this could be scary, I had to pacify by telling him there is no war happening in the immediate present times.

Headline – Unlikely Iran-Saudi race: expanding women’s rights

Analysis – The women of Saudi Arabia are racing right to reach Iran.

The world map gives proof that Iran is to the right of Saudi Arabia.

Headline – 34 dead in twin bombings in Libya’s Benghazi

Analysis – Mummy has to work hard with her Geography knowledge.

This news summoned the world map to check where is Benghazi exactly in Libya. Later, he quizzed me in which country is this place and I, absent-mindedly, replied Afghanistan. So, I have to work really hard on my Geography.

Let us embrace ourselves for more such news analysis in the future.

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#Monday Musings



  1. Dhruv is definitely keeping you on his toes. I would have felt like an ignorant if a kid asked me these questions. His analysis on Nirmala is world famous by now 😅😅


  2. Reading about D always brings a smile to my face. I still recall that Nirmala incident which you’d shared on Facebook. The boy’s too cute for words 🙂

    Let him read. The voracious reading will keep him questioning, asking and moving forward. Of course, this means more work for mom. Ask me 😉


  3. Nirmala analysis is too cute beyond words. I have experienced such funny and also awestruck moments with my kids. Enjoyed this post.


  4. Ths is such a fun read Anamika. Loved Dhruvs inference that Mummmy need to improve her geography knowledge. Its so amusing the way thoughts are conjured up in a little ones mind.


  5. I love, love reading about D. And thank you for bringing these to us. When M is a little older I’m sending her to you because I just can’t seem to interest her in books which really makes me sad 😦


  6. This is really so cute. Brought a smile to my face. Kids and their innocence. With the kind of news in the newspapers these days, sometimes I wonder if we should let our kids read them.


  7. Oh my god- this is so hilarious. My daily dose of much needed LOL in a day are right here; pls post daily so that I can have my quota of laughter 😉
    Three cheers for Dhruv!!!


  8. Haha…I laughed reading this! How sweetly he comes up with these quips…I can imagine his mind racing….as he reads and keeps asking you about countries and places…and taking flights of imagination along with it. I definitely think it’s a boy thing. 😀

    Meanwhile, I try to keep the ‘drama’ (I mean newspapers!) away from Arjyo and let him stick to the student edition that comes from school, (duly filtered and edited keeping the kids in mind). I hate the details of gory murders and spates of suicides and of course, not to forget the splashy ads with adult content that should never go into the newspapers in the first place.


  9. I remember the Nirmala are blessed with a smart child so be prepared with answers..most kids consider their Moms equivalent to Google, so you are supposed to know all answers..I loved that Saudi-Iran race analysis..amazing


  10. haha journalist like me should be ahead of the curve for we have a young, bright mind analyzing our words. He has discovered a fascinating thing, the printed newspapers.


  11. Ha ha this was such fun. Actually, these days I am a little eared when the kids pick up the newspaper – there are such gory news items sometimes that I almost wish they’d never look at it. However, Dhruv seems to be getting along pretty fine. Good luck with the Geography.


  12. At six he is reading the newspaper Anamika. How very smart and curious. And his analysis is hilarious to say the least.
    More power to Dhruv !


  13. Oh … Anamika … how effortlessly you write such posts. I too remember that maid story you shared on your Fb wall. Hugs to Dhruv. And congrats to you for raising a reading child. your laziness made me to ROFL.


  14. Ha ha! So much fun at home with newspapers now!. I remember Nirmala’s success story when you posted on FB and the rest are equally funny. I think the best thing about children is that they don’t think much about sharing the dots they have connected. And us adults? We have a million questions and what ifs? This is where we should be like kids. Curious!


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