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Way into clouds #WordlessWednesday 14


This is a photo of the road leading to the Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh.

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12 thoughts on “Way into clouds #WordlessWednesday 14

  1. Love the title, and of course the picture:)


  2. Anagha Yatin on said:

    So many clouds…as if marching on to the battle field. Nature is so mightier than the man made things! Awesome catch Anamika.


  3. Look at that cloud trail winding up all the way around the path – lovely pic Anamika


  4. Beautiful capture. Reminds me of Shillong.


  5. Looks like a huge wave of clouds approaching!
    Awesome click!


  6. Green hills, white clouds, brown roads… amazing capture.


  7. WOW! Stunning capture, Anamika. Awesome!


  8. Rajlakshmi on said:

    Woa it does look like way to the clouds… Beautiful 😍


  9. It’s beautiful..clouds like fluffy cotton.


  10. Esha M Dutta on said:

    This is so pretty! I’d give anything to be up there walking with the clouds trailing along! Wishful thinking as I type away in a busy polluted noisy metropolis, yearning for a road trip again.


  11. Oh the beautiful colors and the gorgeous scenery! The caption is the best.


  12. Seeing your photo on the dullest Thursday ever brought a smile to my face.


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