Cooking – A life skill or a mother’s duty? #ThrowbackThursday 4

Should cooking be considered as a woman’s job and a mother’s duty? Or should it be considered a life skill for man and woman alike? You and I will agree on the life skill aspect but what about scores of people who think it is a woman’s job only.

For this week’s #ThrowbackThursday, I am sharing a short story I wrote 3 years ago set around the above questions.

The Bespectacled Mother


Image Source – Pixabay

A mother and her son were reading a book together. On one page they came across a picture in which the father was cooking in the kitchen and the mother was having breakfast at the table with her 2 kids. The mother talked about the picture with her son. The son promptly interjected, “but the mother should be cooking and the father should be eating”.

This bothered the mother. She realised that her 4-year-old who is still not aware of the stereotypes

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  1. You expressed million things through this beautiful short story Anamika… Cooking is considered a woman’s job all over the world… You know, now the onus is on us to teach our sons that there is nothing like a man’s job or woman’s job… I am trying hard to raise my son gender neutral yet he has also started falling prey to gender stereotypes…it is tiring at times to keep fighting with everyone all the time…great post… please write more such posts


  2. Sad as it is, women are supposed to handle the chores of cooking at home. My husband cooks and is a good cook too. Both my sons cook a little. And this is the only way in which we can get rid of these stereotypes.


  3. Actually, Its not about gender neutrality at all. Its about all of us pitching in at home. So today mom cooked because she had time, but after that daddy did the dishes and clean up.

    We teach our girls to be like boys, we forget to teach our boys to be like girls!


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