Gratitude for January 2018 #MondayMusings


January is coming to an end.

Doesn’t it seem like the time is moving forward rapidly? It is like second nature to us that we live for some event which will take place sometime in the future. We pin our happiness and heighten our hopes on that particular event and say and believe, “Oh, I just can’t wait for it to happen!” And then, that fateful day comes and passes off. What do we do next? We repeat the same thing all over again, pinning our happiness on some new event, waiting for that day to arrive soon and then…that day also passes off. It has become a vicious circle.

What do we miss out in this whole process? The focus on today, the focus on this very moment.

A lot is going to happen to me in 2018. The stability in our life is going to get affected. We have to move to the UK, in April, to join husband. Although it is the same place where Dhruv and I have stayed earlier and things wouldn’t be as difficult as settling down in a new city. The weather, the markets, the streets, the system, all are familiar and yet there is an unsettling emotion, a slight twitch in the stomach due to the impending change.

I aim to counter this with practicing mindfulness. Daily gratitude will be my key in 2018 and I shall be posting my monthly gratitude post on the blog.

Here is all that I have been grateful for in January –

  • I have blogged consistently in this month and this shows on the blog’s insight page. I started using a blogging calendar to plan ahead and to keep track of my reading and writing days. I have been scheduling the photo posts well in advance and in this way, I am finding considerable time to devote to my other writing assignments. From publishing one post a week, I have now moved on to writing/publishing a total of 5 posts each week.


  • One of my posts written for another platform was discovered and picked up by NDTV for their website Swirlster. The people whom I work with for this other platform are highly appreciative of the efforts I put into my pieces in terms of research. I am grateful for the recognition I have received. You can read the post here.
  • January saw Dhruv falling sick with viral fever. This kept me away from exercising for a whole week. Later, the trainer went on leave for a few days due to an injury. Thus, there were not many effective exercising days but I am still grateful for the few days I exercised vigorously. 
  • We had Republic day celebration in the apartment complex. A friend got the little boys (Dhruv and his gang of friends) together to prepare a dance programme. On the final day, the boys gave a confident performance and looked cute in saffron turbans. I am grateful for my contribution in helping Dhruv clean up his steps despite the fact that not a tissue in my body can shake and move when it comes to dancing.


  • Although I have been blogging for close to 4 years now, I don’t get to meet bloggers often or maybe it is too much of an effort for me to get ready and move out of the house. Such homely, I am! But there are 2 souls in the city, friends more than bloggers, whom I am always ready to get together with. One is Esha and the other is Parul. While I met Esha on 24th Dec 2017, Parul and I met on 27th Jan 2018. There is always so much to talk about and the time is never enough. I am grateful for the friendship and connection I have found in both of them.
  • Lastly, here is something which I keep within the closed realms of the family and parents and do not make a declaration about. But, since this is a gratitude post and I am immensely grateful for it, I will give it a mention. Dhruv has reached the 3rd round (the zonal level) of Spell Bee competition. Whether he is able to qualify for level 4 or not, he has already done wonders in my eyes.

Time to wrap up now. But, wait did I forget something?

Oh yes!

How can I wrap up the post without thanking you, my readers? Hence, thank you very much for being my constant companion and especially for reading right until the end of this long post. Thank you.

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  1. I so loved your post on gratitude . Often times in life we forget to thank the universe for the little blessings !
    I wish you the very best . Sorry due a lot happening on my side I was unable to respond ..
    I wish we could meet up before you leave . Take care and continue to envelop our lives with the magical blanket of your posts 😍❤️💗💖😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats to Dhruv for spell bee… You moving to UK is a sad as well as Happy news for me…if things go as per schedule then I would be in UK for the whole of May…we can catch up…India mein nahi to bilayat mein sahi😜😜😘😘 this was a lovely gratitude post…loved reading it.


  3. That’s so good list to be grateful for, Anamika. My congrats and love to Dhruv for his SpellBee Contest. Best wishes for future rounds too. You are moving back to UK……. That gave me a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. Happy that you are again being three as a family ….. Sad that Iwe could not meet this 2018 also…… Hope this would happen sooner than never……. Be always happy and mindful dear. Wish you the very best there. Keep in touch as always dear.


  4. A lot of things to feel grateful about, Anamika. Although, the bit of Dhruv’s viral fever, I’m certain, wasn’t that great.
    Ah, well. Such is life. Good luck with the move to the UK. Where abouts are you going to be?
    Good luck to Dhruv! And of course to you 🙂


  5. 2018 already seems so busy for you, Anamika. Meeting friends is always a good thing and it makes us feel so good. Of course, you need to have the right friends for that.

    All the best to you and Dhruv both, for the UK move.


  6. Hugs! I also got back home that day and wrote in my gratitude journal that I met you and had a good conversation. I am sure if D wasn’t eager to go back home, we would have continued chatting 🙂
    This move for you will be big but I have a feeling that it will be great. Both for D and you both. He will make friends and so will you. ❤
    Keep up on your health routine and big one for D on the spell bee. Sounds such a cool thing. He will do good. Wishing you a great February and like Esha said, let's meet before you leave.


  7. You write five times a week? Oh my! That’s commendable, Anamika! I liked the way you plan your written posts and photo posts well in advance…I have begun doing it this year, and it feels so good. I get a clarity of what I want on my blog, and when.
    I can understand the nervousness you must feel as April comes closer. But, I am sure once you reach there and begin your new life, things will fall into place and you will have so much more to write about!
    Congrats and best wishes to dear Dhruv for his SpellBee. My nephew is doing it, too. Let’s see what happens.
    Best wishes for February, dear girl!


  8. Congratulations on the pick by NDTV. That is a great news. And your boy is doing wonders -Dancing and spelling bee! Hope he makes it to the next round. Relocation can be very very unsettling. I totally understand how you must be feeling. But I am sure once there, you will take charge like a pro 😊


  9. Your writing and blogging has improved by leaps and bounds Anamika!I can imagine how apprehensive you are about moving but that’s still a long way off . Enjoy the time you still have in our Indian sun . And good luck to your little man . His reading has definitely helped him.


  10. That’s a wonderful month for you, Anamika, except for Dhruv falling sick. I am really impressed with how organized you’ve become with respect to blogging and congratulations on the feature for the NDTV site. 5 times a week, now that’s commendable. Great to hear that you had fun time with friends. We all need to move out more often and catch up with friends. Moving is always a bit of a pain and I wish you luck with that in April. Glad that you will be doing the gratitude posts from now on. Really one of the best ways to focus on the positive.


  11. Congratulations, Anamika on your article being picked up by NDTV. Such a wonderful month you’ve had except for Dhruv falling sick. And yes so happy for Dhruv. Give him all the best from my end for the next round and tell him big congratulations too. It’s good that you are moving to be with your husband in the UK. But I’ll miss the chance of meeting you. I won’t say let’s plan to meet before you go because my weekends are too unpredictable. But hopefully someday, else there is always your blog that we’ll be connected through. All the best, Anamika.


  12. 5 times a week…is awesome and something I can’t imagine. Good wishes for the new move. Loved reading your Gratitude post. Meeting Fellow Bloggers is on my wishlist too. I am doing gratitude writing on a daily basis and its lovely.


  13. Good luck with the move. It’ll be tough of course but having your husband around will be good for both of you. I know what a struggle it can be bringing up a child (or two) on your own. Glad to hear you’ve found your blogging rhythm. Five times a week is phenomenal.


  14. Whoa!! your blogging discipline is commendable and I need to to ake aleaf out of your book esp for the analysis page.
    Cheers for the move to UK – I am sure you will be rocking out some super posts from there for us to savour back home.


  15. Congratulations to D on his achievement. Wishing him all the best for round 4. Also, he must have had an amazing time dancing with his friends and you.

    It is true that we pin our happiness to events. I thought about what you had written. It is true, but I am looking forward to the change in me, since when I link to events it leads to over-thinking and actual moments seem small and unfulfilling. Irrespective of a familiar place, moving to another place is a huge task in itself. All the best for the move. Glad you guys are going to be together again. Happy February, Anamika.


  16. Good to hear that you are moving to the UK Anamika. Enjoy as much as you can while you are in India especially with the grandparents and the Indian food.Congratulations to Dhruv on his achievement.


  17. Wow, Anamika! that’s a lot going on! I wish you a happy move to the UK.
    Congratulations on the recognition of your work. Sorry to hear about your son falling sick. Hope he’s feeling much better now! Lovely dance photo! All the very best to him in the Spell Bee competition! Great going on the blogging front!

    Thank you so much for joining the Gratitude Circle! Take care!


  18. Big news, indeed, Anamika. I can imagine how scary and exciting it is at the same time. You know, I only wish you well.
    I wish we can meet at least once before you leave. I’d love to give you and your special boy a hug in person. You have brought so much joy and laughter into my life. Thank you. I am always proud of what both of you do and say. ♥


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