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Castles in the sky #WordlessWednesday 12

Edinburgh Trip 260

One city is below and another one in the sky.

This photo was taken from the Edinburgh castle which is situated high above the Edinburgh city over a hill.

The name Edinburgh is pronounced as Edinburra or Edinbra.

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20 thoughts on “Castles in the sky #WordlessWednesday 12

  1. What a spectacular click, Anamika. Wish I could visit that castle in the sky!


  2. Looks beautiful! Well captured!


  3. Esha M Dutta on said:

    I am so glad to see this pic, Anamika. Reminds me of the two trips we took there while we were in the UK. Edinburgh is very dear to me…one of my favourite cities which I’d love to visit anyday. I still have very beautiful memories of both the trips. The beauty of Scotland is unparalleled, I should say. It’s a must-visit place, for those who haven’t.


  4. What a beautiful city! The sky is magical. I love it,and I would love to visit Scotland.


  5. Nice picture.


  6. Bill on said:

    You did not get the best part of the city though you did have a nice day to get the Firth of Forth


  7. Beautiful picture. I was once staying at a place closed to Edinburgh and it was odd initially when the locals used to say Edinburrah. I just missed visiting the place.


  8. Heard a lot about both these cities. Would love to visit them once .😉


  9. The sky is beautiful. Have read quite a few books with Edinburgh as the location.


  10. What a beautiful photo!


  11. What a splendid sight! Thanks for sharing, Anamika 🙂


  12. Shilpa Garg on said:

    That’s a gorgeous shot, Anamika!!


  13. Tremendous clouds!


  14. Gorgeous capture and yes, thank you for that pronunciation. I always thought it was ending with – burg (like in bur -ger)


  15. Such a picturesque view, I would love to capture sunrise from this height!

    Btw, there is a castle in the US called ‘Castle in the Clouds.’ That castle belonged to a wealthy business and is now a famous attraction in the East.


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  17. The sky is such a perfect subject for photography. Your picture evokes all kinds of imagination, Anamika! Great photo! Love the cloud layers!


  18. Such a pretty picture, Anamika! And, I did not know it’s pronounced Edinburra! 🙂
    The sky looks gorgeous!


  19. Nicely captured 👍


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