Let’s say Hi! International Blog Delurking Week 2018

Let’s say Hi today!

Let me ask how do you do?

Let me tell you I am feeling good too.

Let me ask where you come from?

Let me ask if you are feeling warm?

Let me make it today just about you.

And, in a way, about me too.

Last week, Dhruv was down with viral fever. He missed school and was at home for most of the week. He passed his time sitting beside me while I blogged. One time that I was browsing through my blog’s stats page, he happened to discover many flags, flags denoting readers and visitors from different countries and his fascination knew no bounds. He is nose deep into reading world map & worldΒ atlas and knowing about different countries. Flags are one of his interest areas these days. He asked me if I knew all the people coming from these countries to read our (his and mine) stories on my blog to which my answer was, “I did not know who these visitors are except for the ones commenting.” I wondered how nice it would actually be to know these generous readers and to be able to thank them for making me happy by reading what I write and for making Dhruv happy during his sickness specifically that day.

A day or two later, I came to know from Parul Thakur’s blog about International Blog Delurking Week which is being celebrated on the internet from Jan 12 – Jan 18 this year. This means all you silent readers can take a moment to let your secret cloaks fall down, delurk a bit and say a Hello or a Hi to Dhruv and me in the comment section below. It would be great, just in case, you can tell us where do you come from (city, state or country to match with the flags) and to stretch this matter a little further, how do you feel about being here on my blog, my virtual home and what do you like to read most (in case you are a frequent visitor).

Nothing is a compulsion. Please do whatever is comfortable for you but do give me a chance to know you.

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  1. I came to know about your blog from write tribe and your Monday musings are fun and casual which I read most of the weeks. Sometimes, I follow your reviews of children books. I like to read casual parenting posts and fun experiences and lessons learned in Parenting. I am currently in COlorado in USA and basically from Andhra pradesh in India.

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  2. Glad we’ve said Hi to each other in person too, Anamika:)
    Hope Dhruv is better now. Your posts are so serene, I really love that about your writing:)


    1. I am also glad to be able to meet you. It feels good to connect online personalities with real faces and especially when we happen to connect well πŸ™‚ Dhruv has recovered now. Thank you Mayuri for your kind words.


  3. I am not a lurker and you know I love your blog. The musings and the stories about Dhruv are fun to read. So glad to know you (both offline and online) πŸ™‚
    Thank you for joining!


    1. Thank you, Parul for hosting the International Blog Delurking Week this year and bringing it home. I have known about it but not the dates exactly. And it was a coincidence that Delurking week followed the week of our discussion about flags on the stats page, hence I had to join πŸ™‚ Also, thank you for being a constant support in the last 3 years. Let us plan to meet soon.

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  4. I didn’t know there was a word for silent readers and there was even a week on internet! Hoping Dhruv is better now and wishing you a fantastic year ahead


    1. Hi Neha πŸ™‚ It is so nice of you to drop by today and giving me a chance to connect with you. Thank you for reading my posts and for the wishes. Dhruv has recovered now and has also started school. May you too have a wonderful 2018 and may your blog touch new heights.


  5. hey Dhruv, Anamika, this is me Obsessivemom/Tulika commenting from Pune, India. I love dropping by and reading about what both of you have been up to. I’m not one of the silent ones though because your stories make me want to strike up a conversation.

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  6. Hi.Dhruv! ..this is Shilpa….as in the aunty who sent those tiny cards for you along with the big card I made for your mommy! It’s been wonderful meeting your mom (in the virtual world) and also knowing a bit about you…Keep reading and hope some day you begin writing like your mom, too!
    I hope you are feeling better now!

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    1. He knows you well, Shilpa. Remember his Uzbekistan Kazakhstan comment on your sketches. I have told him a few tales about Chikoo and Cookie. And of course, the tiny cards and the big cards. I am sure he will hit it off with you instantly like he did with Esha in the first meet.

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  7. Hey little one hope you are feeling better. I am Shalini from Gurgaon and have loved bumping into your mum (online) via the write tribe community of bloggers and have loved reading her tales, book reviews and enjoy her brand of writing! And yes your stories bring a big big smile to my face and often I wonder where do you get such ideas πŸ˜‰ Stay blessed and happy Dhruv!


  8. Hi Dhruv / Anamika, I’m from US flagcounter wise but Indian at heart . Whenever I visit this space I feel as if I m reading my future journal with Shresta. Lots of love and hugs from Shilpaunty.


  9. Hi from Finland 😊 I discovered your blog not so long ago and fell in love immediately. I admire your dedication as a parent and how you are spreading your love for books. I’m not a parent, but i hope many out there take you as inspiration. Have a great week!


    1. Hi Alicia. I am so so happy to meet you and I am sure Dhruv will also be delighted to know about you. While India is home and USA is high on familiarity, Finland is a discovery πŸ˜€
      Thank you, Alicia, for your kind words πŸ™‚

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  10. Hi Dhruv, hope you are fine and your fever is gone. Champs like you have superpowers to get well soon. Your mommy is an amazing blogger and I love reading her posts. My apologies that I don’t get time to read all her posts however the ones I read I always make sure to comment. Hope to meet you and your mommy soon and while you can play with my son who is slightly older than you, your Mommy and myself can catch up over coffee.


    1. Hahah…this made me laugh πŸ˜€ With you, Balaka, I get this feeling that we are similar in terms of the meaning of this sher – “Laga do aag is chilman main, na ye jhaakein na wo jhaakein.”
      There will surely be lots to talk over coffee.

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      1. We will surely rock when we meet..and if my adorable sis also join us then it will be “khub jamega rang jab mil baithenge teen yaar (blogger)”


  11. I am a lurker and have not been able to share my location but I enjoy reading your posts. You are a great writer Anamika. I admire you as a mother of two girls, that you encourage Dhruv to read books and enjoy them, unlike encouraging him to go for “manly games” and toys. I am not sure if it is right to say most book readers are women and it is wonderful that Dhruv enjoys books and has questions about them.
    Hope he is well now.


    1. I am a lurker too, Susie, but on my blog’s stats page so I guess I know your location πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Thank you for your praise for my writing, however, I do feel it is the universal bonding motherhood creates between ladies (mothers) and the authenticity which speaks for itself and makes connections. You might not believe but Dhruv is into ‘manly games’ like his first tendency is to make a gun out of anything he catches hold of. His creative stories are about wars and killings which he knows I disapprove of. And yet, he loves books and reading and is sensitive too.

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  12. Anamika,
    Your reply made me smile. My husband had a colleague who had a little boy( long back). My husband and the colleague had to travel together out of town to a conference. The colleague described this to my husband. He asked his son, what he wanted from the conference place. The little boy said he wanted a gun. The father was very upset and refused to get him a gun. He shared with my husband, he always asks for guns and he has many. I am worried if he wants to be a terrorist when he grows up.
    I was reminded of this story when I read your tale.


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