The Bespectacled Mother

Entrance 2 #WordlessWednesday 7


Entrance to the Guest house in Manali

Joining Esha M Dutta for Wordless Wednesday


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9 thoughts on “Entrance 2 #WordlessWednesday 7

  1. Such a quaint cottage.

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  2. Esha M Dutta on said:

    Beautiful cottage! It must have been nice and cosy inside. I’ve never been to Manali…someday hopefully! Thanks for joining in for #WordlessWednesday, Anamika.


  3. wow…I am reminded of the many beautiful cottages of Ooty and Dalhousie after seeing this! It It looks so elegant and regal.


  4. This place looks dreamy and soulful and homely at the same time.


  5. I have heard lovely things about Manali and the cottage does look quite nice to me.


  6. Looks like my home 😛 Such a pretty cottage! I want to go to Manali. Maybe someday soon.
    Something’s Cooking


  7. shanayatales on said:

    Beautiful. I remember being to Manali, it’s such a wonderfully picturesque location.


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