7 quotes from life #MondayMusings

Life gives us experiences and lessons and we make quotes out of them.

Here are my 7 quotes –







Linking this post with #MondayMusings hosted by Corinne Rodrigues

#Monday Musings


  1. I loved these life quotes, Anamika. How true is the one about everyone in the race to sound different and end up being part of the crowd yet again. True life lessons! 😀


  2. Wise words 😊 The third one is something to ponder about. And totally agree with the fourth one. Expectations usually lead to disappointments. Great quotes.
    But I am still confused about the last one. (thinking pose)


  3. Great quotes, Anamika..some of which seem to be meant for me!
    Yes, emotional independence and not being in a race is something I know I need to repeat to myself everyday. And, what about that one about meeting with virtual friends being like government schemes? Hmmm?? 😛


  4. So much wisdom in those quotes. The one about the book – hundred percent correct. Oh and that one on being flawed, that’s my favourite. Once we accept that life becomes so much simpler.


  5. Some great thoughts Ana! Loved all of them and I can identify with all of them. Right now, the festival quote of a sanskaari Indian speaks out to me!


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