The Bespectacled Mother

Entrance #WordlessWednesday 5


Entrance to our Home-stay in Madikeri

Joining Esha M Dutta for Wordless Wednesday

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11 thoughts on “Entrance #WordlessWednesday 5

  1. How lovely! Never done a homestay myself, but feeling tempted to do so soon.


  2. That is a beautiful cottage…I loved Madikeri..and your pictures make me nostalgic.


  3. Rajlakshmi on said:

    Oh my… That is so beautiful 😍😍 you lucky you!


  4. Obsessivemom on said:

    I’ve never been there but the cottage looks quaint.


  5. Lovely! I so feel like packing my bags and going on a vacation! 🙂 Mausam bhi kitna suhana hai!


  6. Looks a warm inviting entrance all right.


  7. So beautiful and peaceful it looks. Must be a wonderful pace to unwind.


  8. That looks grand. I am so happy to see you try WWs 🙂


  9. How was the expereince Anamika? Do share it on a post


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