The Bespectacled Mother

Old fort #WordlessWednesday 4


Madikeri Fort

Former glory

Present unkempt

Joining Esha Mookerjee Dutta for Wordless Wednesday


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13 thoughts on “Old fort #WordlessWednesday 4

  1. Lovely one! I have to visit Madekeri one day.
    Happy to see you joining WW, Anamika!


  2. I love how you’ve said so much in such few words and a picture that says it all. Good one, Anamika!


  3. Rajlakshmi on said:

    Wish it was maintained well. We are losing a lot of our beautiful historical buildings because of this. Well written. Short and strong.


  4. We went to Madikeri in 2016. I remember this Fort, it was in a shabby condition. But I loved the other two tombs in Madikeri and that sunset point was also good. I used to enjoy the evening walk in Madikeri and Coorgi cuisine is excellent. The smell of coffee and spices used to follow us everywhere. Beautiful place.


  5. I liked that – former glory, present unkempt.
    Why is it that most of Indian heritage structures lie in a state of neglect? There’s one fort near my place which has some history attached to it, but today is just four walls in a pathetic state. How wonderful it would be if these structures get the face lift they deserve and a portion of history gets preserved beautifully for the future to see!


  6. Oh yes, I had the same thoughts when I saw this fort. So sad!


  7. It saddens me to see the olden glory lying unattended, orphaned.
    This picture truly speaks thousands of words Anamika!

    Anagha has recently posted Mai Kar Sakati Hai


  8. Esha M Dutta on said:

    So glad to see you join #WW, Anamika! I loved the image and the caption very much. So thought-provoking as only you could do! Brevity makes the words more emphatic, I think. I pondered over the image and wondered why is it that we no longer value our heritage buildings! I see it happening everywhere. Looking forward to your #WW pics every week now. 🙂


  9. Obsessivemom on said:

    This is sad. India has such magnificent old structures that stand testimony to our ancient civilisation, a time when the rest of the world was still finding its feet. And yet we don’t do enough to preserve it.


  10. The true story of many ancient buildings. I like the last line the best, Anamika 🙂


  11. It has an eerie feel to it. I wonder how beautiful and lively it was in its former days.

    Beautiful capture, though.


  12. So much said in such few words! It’s sad that we don’t take enough care of our historical monuments!


  13. Been here anamika, and love the quaint feel it held


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