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Our book reading rituals #MondayMusings

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Dhruv and I have been reading together almost daily for the past 4 years. We never jump onto the first page of the story right away. I am not a ritualistic person. Yet, there are a few rituals I, or rather both of us, have incorporated into our daily reading.

  • Authors and Illustrators

The names of authors and illustrators are as important as the story in the book. Hence, first of all, we acknowledge them. This has helped us see the similar patterns in the illustrations of a particular illustrator. We can make out the differences in the pictures of Patrick Benson, Axel Scheffler, Emily Gravett, Rebecca Cobb and the likes of them.

  • Badges and Honours

We look for the various badges and honours awarded to the book. The popular ones are Caldecott medal and honour books.

  • Year of publishing

This is important for the reason not to note how old is the book but if any (or which) family member was alive at the time of first publication. Any book published after 2011 (Dhruv’s birth year) becomes the cause for delight for being smaller in age than him.

  • Country of Publishing

Equally important is to find out where the book was published, whether it was published in USA or UK or India. The question for those published in USA and UK is how do those books reach India? Do they come by ships? If yes, then which sea route? We have got this sorted now. So, no worries.

  • Country of Printing

I have one swadeshi in Dhruv. Many hours have been invested in pondering upon why every book is printed in China. Thankfully, books published in India are still printed here and not in China. For the record, we have found one book printed in Italy. It is ‘We’re all Wonders’ by R.J. Palacio.

Only after we complete all the above rituals, step-by-step (with a new book), we proceed to the story.


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#Monday Musings

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13 thoughts on “Our book reading rituals #MondayMusings

  1. Touchwood because I wish these rituals continue for the both of you forever.
    As for myself, I jump right into the book. Next time I pick up a paperback, I think I’m going to check some of these points 🙂


  2. Dashy on said:

    Wow. I don’t usually check anything other than about the author. It’s wonderful that you guys read every book cover to cover, literally. I’ll make sure to follow some of these rituals myself too from now on. 🙂


  3. Wow! I like that, and, I think it’s worth emulating! I mean, when I encourage my nephew to read a new book.
    The first thing I tend to see is the illustrator or the model on the cover page, if any. Then, the photographer or the artist which is followed by gazing in wonderment at the book cover all over again and wondering if I can come up with a design for that book, too.
    Ages ago, I had designed a cover for a book on dyes. . Since then I have been checking out the book covers closely. 🙂


  4. What an amazing ritual! I think I will be adding these to my own. Lovely post!


  5. With my son, I used to just jump in and read. As the mother of an adult son, I say “enjoy those rituals, because one day he will be eager to control his own reading”. And, hopefully, he will be an enthusiastic reader, thanks to you.


  6. Rajlakshmi on said:

    It feels so good to see a budding book lover. And kudos to you for successfully nurturing the habit of reading. I have actually never tried finding so much about a book. But now atleast I will chexk where it is printed 😀


  7. This is a learning..we usually just jump into time would check all these..thanks dear.


  8. Esha M Dutta on said:

    Ah! I can’t tell you how much I loved this post! ❤ It's a very good idea to know all that stuff beforehand so you know exactly who the team is behind the creation of the book because creating a book IS a teamwork and so much goes into it that it is an utter shame nobody bothers much about finding out all this. I'm glad you've both kept the curiosity to know these facts alive. Keep it as long as you can. May he always enjoy asking these questions.


  9. Fabulous idea, to establish a routine of this nature. Eighty-year-old and her Walk to Freedom


  10. Obsessivemom on said:

    That’s wonderful. Knowing the authors and illustrators is like giving them their due and I’m glad Dhruv has made a start already. The only illustrator we would know is Quentin Blake, I think. Oh and that bit on year of publishing is so cute. You’re doing such a fabulous job Anamika.


  11. Natasha on said:

    This is such a beautiful ritual. Thank you Anamika, for introducing us to this. Will definitely incorporate the same with the 9 yo. After all the back end people deserve equal credits.


  12. What an adorable boy .Deciding on how theyvhave ahipped book to India is an inportant topic.Really does all book get printed in China?Pirated or seriously?


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