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Every morning, I wake up. Trust me I do.

Then, I sit down all by myself for 15 minutes in the living room letting my mind go on for a random wander. To tell you, each day it starts with taking into account the presence of books in the room; the colourful picture books, the dull thicker ones, the box sets, and all the others; and the first thought it creates is gratitude for the books in my life. I can’t imagine a life without books.

Thus, when Esha of Soul Talk tagged me last week to answer a few questions on books and reading, I knew it right away what was going to be the next post on Monday Musings.

Here are my answers to her questions –

  • Do you have a specific place for reading?

A specific place? No. I can make myself comfortable to read anywhere in the house, whether it is the sofa or the bed or if the book is highly captivating, I can even stand by the gas stove and read while waiting for the tea or milk to come to boiling.

  • Bookmark or random piece of paper?

Of course bookmarks. I don’t even know if a random piece of paper can be used for bookmarking. Bookmarks are actually a bone of contention in my otherwise peaceful household because how can the forgetful Mummy use Dhruv’s bookmarks in her books.

  • Do you eat or drink whilst reading?tea-with-lemon-783352_960_720

I don’t eat while reading for the reason greasy and soiled fingers can stain the book and I prefer to keep my books squeaky clean.

Reading in my mind is incomplete without a cup of hot tea, be it green tea or the milky adrak wali chai. However, the problem is I don’t feel like getting up to prepare it. A lazy bookworm!

  • Music or TV whilst reading?

When at home, I don’t like to read to the sound of music or TV but I read to the sounds of Dhruv and the sounds of his questions and the sounds of his basketball dribbles and the sounds of his complaints and if not anything else then the sounds of his Mummy Mummy Mummy calls.

  • One book at a time or several?

Loyalty is my biggest virtue. Hence, only one book at a time even if it takes weeks to finish and the next book on my TBR list is calling out aloud to me to pick it up. I become committed to the characters (in fiction) or the premise (non-fiction).

Esha says, ‘I love to give all my attention to whatever it is that I’m reading, and I do prefer one book at a time because it allows me to absorb the most out of my reading.’

  •  Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere?

I prefer reading at home but I have also read in noisy malls when accompanying husband and Dhruv for husband’s clothes and shoe shopping. He likes shopping and I abhor it. While he shops, I wait and I get to wait for long. I thus spend my waiting time reading, blocking out all the noises.

  • Read out loud or silently?

Mainly silently but I have also found myself reading out loud. Probably it is the read-aloud practice which has become a habit.

  • Do you read ahead or skip pages?

Skipping pages, never. May be skipping a few lines if the description is not something I am interested in but pages, NO. I follow the plot religiously and never jump ahead to know the culmination. I do re-read the lines or paragraphs which I like very much.

  •  Break the spine or keep it like new?

Keep it like new, forever. To break the book’s spine is sacrilegious.

  • Do you write in books?

I have done it, noting the meanings, but this was ages ago. Now I do not write anything.

  • What books are you reading now?

Yesterday night, I finally completed The Man called Ove’ This is the book I picked up on Obsessive Mom‘s recommendation and I loved reading it. I am not good at writing reviews so for this one, you can go over to her blog to know Ove.

The next one on my list is ‘Messages from the Masters’ by Dr. Brian Weiss. It is quite strange to mention but this one comes as a recommendation from my mother who is essentially a non-reader. She has read the Hindi version of this book and was quite moved.

  • What is your childhood favourite book?

My favourite childhood books are David Copperfield and Alice in Wonderland.

  • What is your all-time favourite book?

A favourite book is one which leaves an everlasting imprint on the heart and mind and I have too many to name in this category. If I have to choose one, I will choose Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho. As I have said quite often, this book did for me what Alchemist did to most people around the world. It made me believe in myself. Cliched but true for me.

I am glad I did this – writing about my gratitude and answering questions about my book love. Thank you, Esha for the tag.

If you intend to take up this tag, do leave a link to your post in the comment section here. I would love to read your answers.

Linking this post to Monday Musings hosted by Corinne Rodrigues.

#Monday Musings


  1. I loved your post. Apart from books what I loved about this post is that we have husbands of similar nature. All my life I have heard this cliche that women love shopping and men don’t, however after my marriage I found out that it is my husband who spent hours in the trial room while I sat outside waiting for the torture(read shopping spree) to get over. I am so happy to find another couple who are somewhat similar. And yes like you when the better half keeps himself busy in the trial room I do read book.
    “Every morning, I wake up. Trust me I do.”— this introductory line had me in splits. I love how you infuse humour in your writing. Thanks for this beautiful post.


  2. Oooh I love this tag. Yup I’ll take it up. Big thanks for the mention. And I’m soooo happy you liked Ove. I still get a warm feeling when I think of the crusty old man. Your posts always make me smile Anamika, as did this one.


  3. Anamika and Balaka, you have another companion with you. I too get fatigue while my hubby is in shopping mode. I wonder how he can spend hours and hours in shopping and trial rooms. And on all those tiring moments, I get refreshed and energized with my books only. I may even forget my purse and mobile while going out, but I have never failed to take books with me while going out. That much heartfelt bonding between me and my books. Anamika, your posts always make me wonder why I’m not writing as easy as you. You have a wonderful flow of thoughts and words too. I can’t control laughing while reading your posts. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. Would love to take this tag, hopefully soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lovely tag. I found we’re both quite different about our reading habits. I’m disloyal and read two to three books at a time. Also eating things like green mangoes etc was totally a part of my great reading experience growing up! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I need to read A man called Ove… I am reading about it everywher, plus the quotes I read are pretty awesome too 🙂 I can now read anywhere. Be it in a silent house or a crowded train. And I read many books at a time now. Haha no more loyal.


  6. Thanks for taking up the tag, Anamika. Was waiting to read your post and as always, loved your writing. Great opening lines 😀 :D! I’m not surprised that we are uncannily similar in our tastes here, too. I think for us both, we have this common “har marz ki ek dava hai—adrak wali chai, no? I could drink endless cuppas while reading, which I normally otherwise won’t. And as far as eating goes, I remember I used to always take a book along to the dining table, while having dinner, (because, before and after would be occupied by homework!) and I’d get so absorbed that I’d stop eating and then get reprimanded by parents. Now, I never allow Arjyo to bring along a book because I know eating never happens when you’re reading. (Imagine, if he ever gets to know I used to do this!!) You’ve piqued my interest in Dr Weiss’s book now, after the serious recommendation by aunty. Need to grab a copy.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. There’s an interesting thread running through this post and some of your comments! I too love books – both reading and writing them. My husband? Yep, you’ve guessed it. He loves to shop. He will happily go off with a list and do the grocery shopping while my nose is buried in my computer! Am I blessed or not? A field day? Get out of bed on the wrong side?


  8. I had wishlisted Eleven minutes, and I think I’m going to read it now 🙂 Earlier, I was a very loyal reader too and read only one book a time. Sometime back, I had to take a break from reading a particular book, so I took up something light and actually I enjoyed it :-), So that’s how it started for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. This is such a wonderful tag for book lovers! Sadly, Paulo Coelho’s books have never made an impact on me. I’ve always found it to be way too far-fetched and unreal.

    ‘A Man Called Ove’ has been on my list since forever, maybe now is the time to pick it up.


  10. I was actually waiting for you to do this post. And now that you have done, I have loved getting to know the book lover in you a little bit more. I want to take up this tag as well ever since I read Esha’s post, need to make some time 🙂


  11. What a lovely post Anamika. I knew all your answers even before I read them . How nice that you can indulge in your passion. I must get down to reading once again


  12. Quite a lot of similarities we share, Anamika! And, thank you for the tip – next time I go with hubby for shopping, I am going to take a book along. I too abhor the endless window shopping he loves!
    Brian Weiss will definitely be a good read..I am a fan ever since I read ‘Many lives, many masters’.
    Hmm…and I was trying to imagine you standing with your nose buried in your book as the milk boiled on the gas stove! 😛 Look up, lady, the milk boiled ages ago! Hehehehe!


  13. I surely am going to try out this idea of reading whole shopping. Me too hates shopping, and completely hate it when I have to tag along with others when they need some new clothes or accessories.

    This tag seems awesome, and I’ll take it up on book review blog. I’ll share the link once it’s up!


  14. I loved your answers. I can read anywhere as well. On the couch, standing in the queue, at the airport, near the gas, on the bed, in the balcony. Often, I can just switch out outside sounds but I do prefer silence while reading. And strangely, I hardly ever use proper bookmarks. It’s a photo or something else that is handy. I am really looking forward to reading The Man called Ove and Wonder. But first I have a line of books to finish. Enjoyed this post, Anamika.


  15. Heyy, this is such a nice tag 🙂 I will probably take it up soon. I sorta nodded along to everything you said except probably the eating bit; I absolutely need something gooey on a spoon (fudge, nutella, boost, anything really :P) when I’m reading 😀


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