Faded love for Kindle #MondayMusings

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I am going through a reading slump.

This is not usually the case with me. I am slow but a regular at reading which means I take a longer time to finish my books in the daily course of my routine life. Unless of course, if I drop down everything else and just read the whole day and this does not occur often. The last time it happened was in August

In September, I bought Kindle thinking this would bring a revolution in my life. I was happy that now I shall be able to read even with the lights switched off at night and for all other reasons, Kindle is favoured among avid readers. Beaming with excitement, I bought 3 books in a row.

The reality is not one of them have been completed till now 2 months later.

Why? The instant love faded very soon.

To start with, I missed the sensation of holding a book in my hand. I missed the smell of the pages. I missed how I could not hear the sound of the pages turning. I missed getting to see the colourful cover page when the book was kept on the bedside table, inviting me at all times to reach out for the book, open it, read it and finish it.

And, here was the Kindle lying on the bedside table with 3 downloaded books including ‘The Man called Ove’, the one I had taken a liking for. Weeks passed by, husband and in-laws came, stayed and left. That period saw me getting busy like never before and I completely forgot I owned a Kindle or for that matter did I even read. On the bedside table, it disappeared under the stacks of Dhruv’s books which he kept pulling out of his bookshelf for piling by the bedside. Out of sight, out of mind.

Yesterday, I discovered the Kindle again but in a suicidal state. The maid must have decided to dust that table after a long time moving the books left, right and centre as she deemed right. Thus, it was lying on the edge of the table balancing itself on a book looking at me to rescue it.

The Kindle is out in the open now.

When will I get back to it is the question on my mind. If not for the sake of Kindle but for the sake of Ove I have to get back to it. I have to make this relationship work out.

The Kindle I own

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#Monday Musings


  1. Aww Anamika 🙂 Kindle is a lovely thing and I’ll admit I took to it very late in life but now I have a healthy love for both books and e-books. I honestly think it’s just a mindset thing- the bit about paperbacks and the feel. The Kindle is a tool, much like the book is a tool. Don’t stress. Read when you can. For me, I find that reading early morning before anyone wakes up or in the evening when I have my tea is best for reading, either a paperback or a Kindle. Don’t push it. The time will come. Naturally and in the best way possible. Plus, A man called Ove is not going anywhere. He’s on the Kindle after all 🙂 Oh and the best part about Kindle? Nobody can borrow your books and forget to return them 😉


  2. I do hope you’ll get used to it because I have. I do miss all of those things but I also love it for the convenience it offers. I simply ran out of space to keep books. You’re right – you must make this work for the sake of Ove (and all other wonderful people and places waiting to be discovered) if not the kindle.


  3. I so can relate to your post, Anamika!
    My Kindle too lies in my bookshelf, untouched for days! I prefer the real thing – the books with the colourful covers, the sweet smell of the pages and all that.
    I am reading Volume 1 of Ruskin Bond’s Classic stories. I just finished ‘The room on the roof’ yesterday. I so wish to read regularly, but, sadly, my writing and my art takes precedence over the reading activity. I will have to do something about it soon!


  4. Oh! It’s sad that you havent taken a liking to your Kindle as yet. Have you read on the Kindle app before you bought the Kindle?
    I am a hardcore Kindle convert. Though am not proud of this but I am having a tough time reading physical books now. I love the ease, convenience of Kindle and that I am reading at a much faster pace is an added bonus.
    I sincerely hope that you do start loving your Kindle, Anamika.


  5. Woa thank god you saved your Kindle. I prefer books too rather than reading an ebook. But I keep both in my bag just in case I can’t open a book in crowded place. I have so many unread books… I hope I get to those this year.


  6. Ah, Anamika! Been there, done that, (still there). I’ve been on a reading slump for ages now. In fact, at least 16 months or more. I did manage to chug through Dan Brown’s latest, but even that was quite a stretch. It didn’t seem to come as easily as I usually do.
    I don’t mind the Kindle, but sometimes I really need a physical book to feel like I’m reading a book. I guess it’s a psychological thing.

    Hope you get back to your power reading soon.


  7. I don’t have a kindle but I have the kindle app installed on my phone and iPad. I like reading on my phone or iPad depending on my convenience (My younger one decides the convenience factor). And I read books too. It’s a mix of both for me. I was sick all last week and I finished two books in 3 days time. I don’t know what took over me and I went on a reading spree. 🙂 There are times I have take more than six months to finish a book. I would suggest to take it easy, Anamika. Reading a harry potter book always put me back into the track. And, give it time, sometimes ebooks come handy too. 🙂


  8. I am not a great fan of the Kindle and love the feeling of the book as I can hold it, taking comfort in feeling the texture and the smell, as I read. Plain old-fashioned good feeling, that is! Having said that, I realise having a kindle is so much more practical and portable to lug around when I go travelling, so I’m rethinking my options. I do not own a kindle as yet, but we’ve discussed the possibility of owning one someday, purely because I see how some people seem to love theirs! Your post has been an eye opener though and I’m not quite sure if that will happen to me as well. To each his own I guess! I do hope, though, you can finish the Ove book soon! 😀


  9. First things first, love that cover 🙂
    Second, I would say if reading is on your mind, nothing will ever push you away from it. Would you say it’s lack of time or really the medium of reading 😉
    Personally, I wish I had space at home. I would have loved to store books but I don’t so Kindle is easy for me. Even on travels it becomes so much comfortable.Hope you finish your book soon. 🙂


  10. I’ve been a Kindle addict since 2011 – on to my second one now and honestly I can’t live without it. When we ran out of space for our books, this was the easier and more eco-friendly option.


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