Room on the Broom #PictureBookReview 8

The witch had a cat

and a very tall hat,

And long ginger hair

which she wore in a plait.

How the cat purred

and how the witch grinned,

As they sat on their broomstick

and flew through the wind.

Story –

Room on the broom is a witty story about a friendly witch’s adventures as she flies through the wind on her broomstick with her cat.

Since the wind is blowing hard, her hat gets blown away and a dog helps her in finding the lost hat. In return, he asks –

Is there a room on the broom for a dog like me?

The friendly witch says yes and the dog climbs on the broom.

As the three of them venture ahead, the witch’s bow gets blown away and a bird helps her with finding the bow. Later, the magic wand falls off which a frog finds out and hands it over to the witch. Subsequently, both the bird and the frog also ask for a room on the broom for themselves in return. The witch says yes to both of them and all of them fly together. Along the way, the frog starts jumping excitedly and the broom snaps in two. All except the witch fall down into a bog while a dragon catches hold of the witch to have her with chips for tea.

Just as he plans to begin feasting on her, a horrible beast rises from the bog crying –

“Buzz off – That’s my witch”.

The terrified dragon spares the witch and goes off. That horrible beast reveals its identity as the cat, the dog, the bird and the frog.The witch thanks them for saving her life and creates a magnificent broom with the magic spell –

“Iggety, ziggety, zaggety, zoom.”

At the end, all of them climb upon the new broom and fly off.

My review –

This book is available in various formats including the board book format, most suitable for toddlers. Room on the broom is one of the popular books of Julia Donaldson. This book has the friendliest and the kindest witch who though looks like a stereotypical one in the illustrations yet is not at all scary for her smiling face. The kids love her and so did my son. The text contains rhyming words with regular repetition of words and lines thus ensuring even the smaller kids get hooked on. Certain words might be tough for the little ones but repeated read-aloud sessions of this book in a sing-song fashion keeps their interest intact.

For the parents seeking message from the story, this one speaks of friendship and sticking together, even in the worst of times.

My verdict –

Not to be missed.

Author – Julia Donaldson

Illustrator – Axel Scheffler

Release Year – First published in 2001

Publisher – Macmillan (UK)

Age group – 2 – 5 years

Available on – Amazon India

There are Room on the Broom activity books also available.

Note: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon India. This means: if you buy this book by clicking on the link mentioned above, I will earn a small reference money at no additional cost to you. Thank you.

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