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It was last December that I decided to seriously do something concrete about my long-time neglected health. To start with, it meant I had to lose weight.

I have lost and gained weight many times in the last 15 years. I have tried abstaining from food. I have tried customized diets based upon my blood group. I have tried quick fixes like passive weight loss techniques of VLCC and Bodycare. I have read most of Rujuta Diwekar’s books. And, I did walking though never regularly and religiously. If you have lived in Delhi, you know how uncomfortable it can be to go out and indulge in any kind of physical activity because it will either be too hot and sweaty or too cold and shivering. I am well aware that fitness freaks do exist in such weather conditions but I wasn’t one of them.

There are no prizes for guessing that none of the above worked out.

Abstaining from food or eating very less meant my digestive system became weak.

I realised the futility of customized diets based upon blood group by the end of the first month itself when I took a friend to my promising dietician and she was prescribed the same diet chart as mine irrespective of the fact that her blood group was O+ and mine was B-. I mean there should have been atleast a few differences considering her positivity over my negativity.

Quick fixes, you know how they work. They are quick in both ways – doing and undoing. To VLCC’s credit, it raised my parents’ confidence in me because putting out a fat girl in the arranged marriage market is sacrilegious.

The other thing which boosted their confidence was Bausch & Lomb. Figure out why? Chashmish ladki! Completely out of context, I know.

Rujuta Diwekar’s books. Now when did reading lead to weight loss? Only reading, for that matter.

And, walking. I have already shed light about the conspiring Delhi’s weather.

In December 2016, after 5 and a half years of neglecting my health after Dhruv’s birth, I decided to make a new year resolution of losing my weight and I did not wait for January to arrive. I consulted a dietician who emphasized not on quick fixes but lifestyle changes.

I won’t bore you with the details of what, when and how I ate or drank (water of course) as there is a lot of such information available all over the net and I do not enjoy writing the ‘TIPS’ posts and articles unless it is about reading to children.

I would like to mention a personal achievement, a major lifestyle change. From having never exercised in life (except for the occasional walks) to training with an instructor 4 – 5 days a week over the last 4 months is a big feat for me.

There were days I slogged, didn’t want to go to the gym or had trouble with my weak knees. I canceled once in a while but made sure I did not miss two weekdays in a row because of the above reasons. On days I felt uninspired, I went to the gym for the reason that the trainer’s fee was quite high and the value for money had to be derived. I managed to stay put and now I enjoy it. It is arduous but not as much as it was earlier.

The dialogue in my mind has also gone through a change, thanks to Dhruv. One day, he said, “What is it about weight? Adults want to lose it and children are required to gain it.” He is right going by the conversations happening around weight among the adults. This is when I decided the conservation between me and him will be about staying fit.

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  1. Empty are the promises of the quick fad diets and weight loss programs. What is lasting is staying fit! Healthy lifestyle indeed is a key to staying fit.
    With Dhruv by your side, Anamika, you dont need any other expert!!!

    Anagha recently posted Paralysed Humanity


  2. You have nailed it when it comes to crazy diets, starving yourself, horrible weather and in general life which gets in the way of the best intentions. I agree with you that enlisting a personal trainer is really a wonderful way of going about it. My husband had hired one and he took to strength training in a big way due to it. So much so that after 1 year when he stopped the trainer, he hasn’t stopped the momentum. My niece who was extremely overweight has lost 15 kgs over the past few months with healthy eating and exercising after she enlisted the help of a dietitian. I highly recommend that approach.
    Finally kudos to you for investing in yourself and taking the step. You have been at it for 4 months and it is commendable. Best wishes and may you and Dhruv always have conversations about fitness.


  3. A motivating post, Anamika on weight loss. I’ve been regularly doing yoga and walking twice a week at the local park to cut the fat which can be detrimental to my health. Maybe next year I should join a gym and hope it will act as a motivation to make up the most of the money forked out. The lifestyle we live is too tempting to take any kind of food and we need to out some orsers.


  4. Welcome to my world and the world of real people where matter is neither gained or lost – it’s just redistributed. I have come to the conclusion that this like age defies gravity. Once it goes up it never comes down. But being fit is key. And I’m glad you’re talking fitness and health with Dhruv rather than weight because that is more important than kilos lost or gained


  5. What a coincidence I also wrote about weightloss and fitness today. Only, I am where you were in Dec 2016. Congratulations on your move towards a fitter lifestyle. I know how hard it is and how much persistence it requires.
    I haven’t tried taking on a personal trainer. In fact I quit one of the gyms because the trainers pushed so hard. I would have no energy for anything at all through the day. But I do see how he/she might be instrumental in pushing me to go to the gym regularly. For now I’m channelising my own internal will -power. And your post seems like another one of those ‘signs’ that tell me to go on ahead.


  6. You know I’m pretty regular to my work outs. At least I would like to believe that and what keeps me going is the energy I feel after sweating. Diets, I have never tried and let me share that I can’t as well. I haven’t read books too. But like you, I believe in staying fit. I’m short and hence my weight is hard to tackle. I have gained and lost but I feel good about my health. BP, Sugar, Calcium, Iron – meaning vitals showed up good 🙂 so I must be doing something right? A balanced meal and everyday workout.


  7. You know Dhruv’s line at the end of the post is so apt. He is one hell of a kid!
    Now coming to your weight loss endeavours, well you know I have no tips or tricks with me especially when it comes to health. I don’t exercise or engage in any activity that may be considered healthy. In fact, any free time that I manage to have I spend that reading or writing. And I know this is going to come back and bite me in the rear in the future. So, I’m glad you started and have begun to enjoy it even. And no not for weight loss but for being healthy. So, you go girl!


  8. Coincidentally I too wrote a post on weight… About gaining 20kg. My struggle has been on and off. The fad diet never work and they in fact harm the body. I loved how you ended the post. It’s all about fitness after all. Kudos for starting a bew health regime. I am sure you will reach your goals soon 😀😀😀


  9. Hahaha loved the lines… Adults want to lose weight and children want to gain. The eternal truth of life.

    I frankly don’t believe in crash diets, and the secret to probably achieving that idealnweigjt lies in consistent efforts. If you are already at it, then u are on the right path Anamika.


  10. I guess being only on diet doesn’t help if it is not coupled with workout. I am trying an alternate week diet plan coupled with workout 4 times a week, I hope it works out well with me!
    Kudos to you on taking that step Anamika.


  11. Your kid has made such a good point! 🙂
    Congratulations on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Regular excercise and balances diet is what we should focus on. Crunch diets are more harmful than one thinks.
    I am not a gym person and am a huge foodie so it takes a lot to maintain the balance. But I try.
    Lovely post!


  12. First of all, congratulations for the No. 1 Post at IB!
    Secondly, congrats again for taking your health seriously. Good girl! Let it not be about losing weight, but about becoming healthy and fit, and yes, pain free!
    Wish you the very best! ❤


  13. Honestly, I’ve stopped trying too hard. There are days I’m careful about what I eat and try and exercise, on other days I just don’t care. I eat, drink and make merry till my clothes don’t fit the way they do. That’s when I get back to being careful again. I’m glad you found something that works for you. Fitness programs vary from individual to individual. There can never be a one size fits all when it comes to wellness.


  14. This is a truly motivating and inspiring post which every person who struggles with weight loss should read, Anamika! Having a balanced diet and doing regular physical exercise are crucial for the well-being!


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