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I’d like to be a Fireman #PictureBookReview 7

Picture Book Review for toddlers

Wouldn’t it be great to be a fireman?

Big fire trucks, bright lights and a cat to

rescue, are all waiting to be discovered

in this amazing board book.

I’d like to be a Fireman is about the reader child imagining himself as a fireman and thinking of what all fun he will be having that day by wearing a fireman’s uniform along with boots and hat, putting out fires, helping cars stuck in mud and finally returning to the fire station in the big noisy fire truck.

My review –

This book came to us at a time when D was 2 years old. It was a time when he was highly interested in vehicles and thus I’d like to be a Fireman was among his favourites until he turned 4-years old.

FIretruck illustrations

Big and bold illustrations from the book good for capturing the attention of the toddlers.

  • This is a board book perfect for toddlers with big and striking colourful illustrations and short texts on each of the 8 pages.
  • There are plenty of references to colours in this book – black boots, yellow hat, orange flames, red fire truck. This could make for a nice game of pointing out to colours or naming them.
  • It can also make for a pretend game of being a fireman.
  • There is a cat in the illustrations on each page. It will be fun for the toddlers spotting it.

Discover the joy of being a fireman with your little one with I’d like to be a Fireman.

Release Year: First published in 2013

Publisher: Igloo Books (UK)

Age group: 2 – 4 years

Available on: Amazon India

Other titles from the same series are –

Note: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon India. This means: if you buy this book by clicking on the link mentioned above, I will earn some money at no additional cost to you. Thank you.

This book is a part of my own collection and was bought from a local bookstore.

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4 thoughts on “I’d like to be a Fireman #PictureBookReview 7

  1. Sometimes, I am a babysitter and this is a great suggestion of a book to enjoy with little kids.


  2. awww that’s such a cute little book. I am sure kids would enjoy it 😀


  3. Kanna used to love these kind of books when he was a toddler. Now my newest toddler would love this book. He loves his board books.


  4. I think all children aspire to be firemen when they’re young. There’s something brave and selfless about them. Love the colours on this one.


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