Back after a hiatus #MondayMusings

I am back.

I am back after a hiatus of 3 weeks.

Taking a Blogging Break
Image courtesy: Momma wants Java

Why did I take a break?

Learning SEO concepts and blog monetization – 

I realised I was not getting any time previously from my blogging and daily schedule to devote to new learnings and it had also become exhausting. I have huge respect for those who never skip a day of blogging or remain fairly regular (or maybe they do but nobody notices) because I cannot. I need a break after every 2-3 months to take a pause to check upon my anchor’s displacement and moving it back to its original position.

How To SEO Your Blog Content In 7 Easy Steps
Image courtesy: Business 2 community

I figured out I might as well use this time to read and understand SEO concepts and monetization opportunities in relation to my other self-hosted blog devoted to reviewing children’s books and picture books – The Yellow Bookshelf. I can assure myself about the theory part but the practical aspect of applying SEO to picture book review posts needs to be worked upon.

House cleaning – 

I have been guilty of not paying attention to the deep cleaning of the house, especially the kitchen area in the last 2 years. It had been on my mind for quite a long time but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to get together my act.

Thus, I cleaned the kitchen thoroughly but then the adjacent utility area began to appear like a mess in comparison and I had to cater to it too with a little help of the maid. Next, the cabinet shelves began complaining of discriminatory conduct on my part. But, I chose those shelves stuffed with academic books, which I have always been scared to look into for the huge piles. I also posted a picture of the messy shelves on Instagram to make sure I clear them.

My Instagram post

Planned holiday to Pondicherry – 

Each time husband plans to make a trip back home, we plan a short 3-4 day vacation to a nearby location, preferably within the 300km radius from Bangalore. We had a similar plan last week to visit Pondicherry, however, it had to be cancelled since he could not make it to India due to certain glitches

When you have been waiting for a holiday eagerly having made all the required preparations, a cancelled holiday becomes a huge let down.

My takeaway from the long blogging break –

3 weeks is a long time for me to stay away from blogging (writing and engaging with other bloggers) because not writing for long makes me cranky and feel hopeless about my life. Blogging is the most important aspect of my life which helps me stay positive by keeping the thoughts in my mind sorted. It helps me stay away from that bench in the Avenham Park on the banks of River Ribble where the icy cold winds used to pierce my brain’s thinking cells numbing them to the point leaving them incapacitated to think anything further. That was the only way, then, to stop my hopeless mind from wandering.

Blogging is self-love for me. As long as I am writing and engaging, I cannot fall out of love with myself.

There is a lot of talk about what do we have to offer our readers through our blogs and I cannot think of anything. I have to write and I write for myself. I promise to write even when everyone stops visiting and identifying with me.

Why don’t you tell me what value do you derive from visiting my blog? What do you take home with you after reading my posts? 

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#Monday Musings


  1. So happy to have you back! A break is important every now and then. Helps us refresh and recharge ourselves. Kudos on the cleaning and seo bit!

    And yes, I think I’ll keep blogging even if everyone stops reading what I write. That’s why I started blogging, anyway.


  2. A break does wonders for all of us. Glad you did so many enriching things when you were away. I haven’t written for a couple of weeks on my main blog as well but did write on the other blog. I am also guilty of not deep cleaning many areas of the house but with Diwali round the corner, I am sure every corner will be tackled. 🙂


  3. I always enjoy reading you Anamika, every Monday. Whether it is Dhruv’s antics, his curiosity or a simple narration of your daily life – I love being a part of it through your blog. So I do hope you never stop writing. The SEO learning sounds interesting. Will DM you to pick your brain a little bit. As for the Diwali cleaning I gave up on it a long time ago.


  4. Wonderful to see you back after the break. I am still on a break – hopefully should be back soon! Glad to see you’ve attended to your priorities during this time and the much-needed decluttering and cleaning has happened. Your blog is such a refreshing place where I usually love to catch up interesting posts/thoughts/ideas and mostly the gems from Dhruv! Keep up the good work, Anamika. Keep up the good work, Anamika. 🙂


  5. Nice to see you are back. I can understand how you must how felt when your vacation plans failed. And you did so much cleaning! Wow… Just the thought makes me feel tired 😀
    I started learning about seo too, but it’s too much of a trouble 🙈 I will take tips from you once you start implementing it.


  6. Good to see you back, Anamika. You’d is one among those blogs which I visit regularly even if I don’t comment. (Not commenting is not intentional.) Deep cleaning the house needs a lot of stamina, not just physical stamina. 😀 I have lots of organizing to do after the recent move. Don’t have the energy! I’m glad to know that you are learning about SEO. Do a post about it afterwards. I would like to know what it is all about. Okay, you must blog even if no one reads you, because I will be here to read if you blog. I hope you know that. Blogging for yourself the best way, right. When I read some blogs which is aimed at audiences, I feel that it lack something, the personal touch mainly. Your voice, I love it. Keep writing, Anamika. ❤️


  7. A blogging break creeps in on its own or so I find it to do so eveyrtime I am tired out and thats the honest truth. No matter how much I love it, there is a break that sneaks in on its own and september was that for me! So was May!! I feel totally recharged once that happens and am raring to go after it – so welcome back and hope the SEO is a little clearer to you. I have given up on understanding it as I find it pretty onerous! 😉


  8. Break is good for rejuvenation, isnt it? With this break, m sure, u are back with a vigour!!
    I remember having read one of your article having some 10 odd questions that were tongue in cheek! I love clarity and uniqueness from your posts.
    Keep us entertained with your posts!
    – Anagha from Team MocktailMommies


  9. Life happens and the blogging that we all crave gets neglected. But there’s always the comeback and the vigor that you blog once you are back. I can relate to the blogging being self love it reaffirms all my passions and it’s a place of self reflection.


  10. Would love to discuss your learning with you, Anamika. The best part is when we think we’ve figured out SEO, Google spins another Google-y!
    About writing, I agree, it’s most for ourselves that we write.


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