The Night Monster #PictureBookReview 6

Picture Book review Every night, when the owl hoots and the shadows

of the trees dance on the walls, the Night Monster,

creeps into Avi’s room and frightens him.

One day, his sister suggests he write a letter to the

monster and Avi’s nights are not the same anymore.


Avi is a brave boy by the day but he is scared of a monster who comes in the night. He confides in her sister who suggests to him to make a drawing of the monster and lock it up in a box so that his fear disappears forever. This does not work for Avi and he continues to stay frightened in the night. HIs sister further advises him to write letters to the Night Monster.

Every night, Avi writes letters to this Monster about how he scares Avi with the hoot hoot sounds, blowing of the curtains, the shadows etc. And, every morning he finds a letter in reply from the Night Monster under his pillow explaining that he has no intentions to scare Avi. Gradually, Avi’s fear vanishes. He is no longer afraid.

Is there really a Night Monster? Who reads Avi’s letters and writes back replies to him?

What I liked

  1. The book’s appeal is at par with the International quality with respect to the illustrations, design and layout. This is something which I have not come across in Indian picture book titles, until now.
  2. Most of the illustrations depict a top view of Avi and his activities thus creating a haunted effect of the night watching over Avi from a distance.
  3. The storyline has an element of mystery which keeps the children and the adults hooked on till the end.
  4. The book makes a nice attempt to turn the scary noises of the night into a child’s friends.
20170907_112009 Picture Book Review, Night Monster
An illustration from the book

What D liked

He loved reading Avi’s letters in a meek voice and getting answers from the Monster in my voice.

What D questioned?

What if the Night Monster didn’t know how to read and write? Then how would they have talked to each other?

This book is worth a buy if you have a young child at home who is afraid of the dark night and see the magic of this story dispelling the fears.

This book is worth a buy even if you don’t have a frightened child to bask in the brilliance of this picture book.

Author: Sushree Mishra

Illustrator: Sanket Petkhar

Release Year: First published in 2016

Publisher: Karadi Tales (India)

Age group: 4 – 7 years

Available on: Amazon India

This book is a part of my own collection and was bought from an event.


  1. This sounds like such a delightful read Ana. It would be a treasure for children scared of the dark. I have loved all the books and tapes from Karadi tales that I bought for my kids. The Night Monster seems like another winner from their stable.


    1. So true. This is one picture book which immediately caught my attention. I thought it to be from a foreign author/illustrator given the overall quality but I was so happy to see it was from India.


  2. This story reminded me of my own childhood when I would find the shadows of the trees falling on the wall opposite our house in the nights very frightening.
    How interesting this story sounds! It’s something we all can relate to. The fears that the mind imagines and feeds us at all times, sending us into panic mode. The one thing I learnt from it is I think I ought to begin writing letters to my fears…maybe I might find answers to them! 🙂


  3. That was a fun read – great review – I must confess I sometimes still read children’s books:-) , and this one seemed like a good pick:-)


  4. I loved the story of this book. And yes, the illustration does have an international quality to it. D asked a valid question. What did you answer, Anamika?


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