The Little Bookshop and the Origami Army #PictureBookReview 5

When the Mayor decides to close down Joey’s favourite

bookshop in order to build a big superstore, he calls upon his

friend Origami Girl to help. But can they stop the Mayor and

the builders before it is too late….?

Story –

On one rainy day, Joey, the newspaper boy came to know from the bookshop owner that The Little Bookshop where he was taking shelter from the rain was going to get knocked down. The city Mayor had planned to build a big superstore in its place. Joey called for the Origami Girl from his newspaper bag to help them. The newspapers in his bag flew out and transformed into the Super Hero, Origami Girl. She formed an Origami Army of the characters from the pages of the children’s favourite books from the bookshop.. The Origami Army led by the Origami Girl flew out to the Parliament to meet the Prime Minister. To their dismay, they found everyone snoring and sleeping there including the Prime Minister who tells them there was no reason to be awake since it was not yet time for holidays.

Feeling let down, the army flew back to the bookshop where the Mayor was ready with the bulldozers and the diggers. The Mayor yelled out to destroy the Origami Army since they were made of paper. But that army couldn’t be destroyed for it was not just made of paper but Ideas and Imagination and Dreams which are indestructible. 

Soon the builders began identifying the characters of the Origami Army as Peter Pan, Alice, Elmer the elephant, Soggy the bear from the books they read to their children at bedtime and wished their children were there to see their favourite book characters. Just then, a large number of children, who had seen the Origami Army fly over their schools, reached at the site following them. They got seated on the heavy machines and the Mayor couldn’t get his work done. He was defeated and The Little Bookshop got saved.

There is more to the ending which I leave to the readers to explore.

What I liked –

  1. The plot of the story. The book characters and the children, all are shown to have the grit to fight for a cause and avert an adult’s doing of greed.
  2. The Super Hero in this story is a girl, a welcome change from the Super Hero stereotypes around the world.
  3. The fact that though the paper can be easily destroyed but the things which it holds in it like the dreams and imagination can never be destroyed. This is the power of books and stories.
  4. The book communicates the above message to the children in a simple and entertaining manner.
The Mayor is defeated.

What D liked –

There are lots of things, from this book, which he liked. A few of them are –

  1. He found the concept of the pages from the books transforming into real characters made of paper as fascinating.
  2. Just like every child his age, he is fond of Super-Heroes. Thus, the book caught upon his imagination from the beginning.
  3. Identifying the book characters, from the Origami Army, with their names.

What D questioned –

Can we make an Origami Army of our own at home?

This stunning picture book from Michael Foreman, winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal, is a must-read. All book lovers, bookshop lovers and those who believe in the magic of books are going to love this book for the fantastic journey it takes the reader along with. This one is also a story of hope that the independent small bookshops are here to stay and will not succumb to various threats.

Author/ Illustrator: Michael Foreman

Release Year: First published in 2015

Publisher: Andersen Press Ltd. (Great Britain)

Age group: 4 – 6 years

Available on: Amazon India

This book is a part of my own collection and was bought from an independent small bookstore.


  1. What a sweet story, Anamika! And the illustrations are great too! It is wonderful that D is reading and enjoying books! And it was really nice to meet you!


  2. Interesting book indeed; I would have read it to my son when he was younger. Ironic that Amazon (United States) seems to be promoting it as an e-book.


  3. This is such a cute story! Reminded me of “You have got mail”, where Meg’s little bookshop is under threat from Tom Hanks’ super store.
    I will sure look for it for my nephew who is developing the love for books day by day. it is such a pleasurable sight to see when he sits with his story book, lost to the world!


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