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It has been 6 years of being a mother and dreaming of getting to do things entirely on my own. If you have read my posts from 2014, you will have the idea of where I am coming from – a wailing child forever stuck to my leg dragging on with me throughout the house wherever and whenever I moved, my constant unsuccessful battles to get some me-time for me, my never ending complaints and numerous fights with people around me to claim that some time for myself forcefully and their cursing me with life-long loneliness in return and so on. I have come a long way since then.

Last week, I stepped out of the house all alone for the first time to attend the Women’s Writers Fest, first time without Dhruv accompanying me, first time even without worrying about him. It did not feel awkward at all and was a welcome change to concentrate on other people talking without his interjections. And for a whole day. 

How did I mange it? Going on my own, without him? Thanks to the presence of my ‘supportive’ support system in my city and the changing mindset of one of the factions that I no longer need to exist only as a mother but also as an individual who has her own inclinations. In ways more than one, blogging and all you people have been responsible for this changing mindset around me.

I went one step further this weekend and spent a night alone at home with him being away. In response to those loneliness curses, I have my books to fill in.

I am looking forward to more such solo outings in the next few months.

New beginning hence beckons.

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#Monday Musings


  1. Yaay!!! Congratulations on the new beginning, Anamika! I’m so happy for you…glad you did it and even more glad that I was next to you on that historic day, spending the whole day listening to women writers and bloggers share their stories, wit and their wisdom. Spending the whole day on your own must feel so different after 6 years of having a little person alongside you everywhere you go. I know the feeling only too well. And I can totally relate to your spending the night on your own too. I think you should do it more often from now on whenever opportunity beckons. That me-time is such a precious thing for moms who stay at home because they are at the beck and call 24/7 with no break at all. You know, the only thing that didn’t go right for me that day at the fest (apart from my migraine) was me losing my half-jacket on the seat when we left for the lunch break. Still can’t get over it, you know. 😦

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  2. This is really wonderful, Anamika. I am so happy for you. You are taking wonderful baby steps in reclaiming your me time. I know how terrible the guilt is but it is lucky that you have a good support system around you. I am glad that our community of bloggers has also contributed to this in some small way. Good luck and here’s to great new beginnings.


  3. A couple of months back I had a client interview which I could only take from work in the evening so S stayed back with M and while going back home that evening, after it was dark, alone in a cab without having to take care of anyone apart from myself or carry heavy backs, I felt so free and happy I cannot explain. That 30 min ride was so special that I don’t think I can ever explain how good it felt. So, I know what you mean and congratulations. So happy for you.


  4. I am glad you took a break and got some alone time. Some ‘Me time’ is really important for moms too. It recharges and gives us the most needed break. I agree about blogging. It helped me too.


  5. Congratulations on this big step!! Many more will happen I am sure. It only helps us become stronger mothers and our kids more confident. I have an 8-year-old so I know the effort it requires.
    Glad you had a good time, the part about having full conversations is true, I have started expecting interruptions while I speak and find it odd of my son is not around 🙂 😀


  6. Anamika, believe me, you are going to enjoy these lonely moments, much to the chagrin of those who cursed you of loneliness! I have experienced it myself, and as much as I used to rue such lonely moments earlier, now I enjoy them as much, if not more! Moments at home when I am with myself, moments spent outdoors with myself, where I make my own plans…these are priceless moments for me. And, I love them tremendously. I am my favourite! And, so will you be, too!


  7. How ownderful is this Anamika- self love is the first step towards helping yourself and I happy to note you have finally found some ME time for yourself. I hope the story continues and grows to allow you to bloom to your potential! How sweet of you to dedicate it to your blogging and the boosters around it!!!


  8. I am where you were in 2014. And my elder one is the little one these days, I don’t know why. I find this post encouraging and one that is making me question myself – what am I doing?


  9. Thats a long way you have come.. And when you are happy with yourself, you will be a better mother and role model for your son. Congrats.. be independent.


  10. I am so happy for you, Anamika. Really those ME times happen to be heavenly. I also badly need such moments in my life currently. More such solo times for you to come. Enjoy your best, dear !!!


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