Reading Day Debacles #MondayMusings

Friday Morning

Dhruv missed school because he didn’t wake up on time and I did not have the required energy to coax him out of his sleep. I saw book lying on the table next to the bed and I aborted the plan to send him to school letting him sleep and hoping him to wake up as late as possible so that I could read peacefully. But as destiny would permit, he woke up at just the right time, 7.20 am.Β This is the time when we leave the house everyday to go to the bus stop. Now, since I did not get enough time to read by this time, I declared it to be the Reading Day in the house. The breakfast and lunch were already prepared to my respite since I had finished cooking early in the morning.

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On several occasions, I have suffered the consequences of having my Reading Day failed with him present in the house but somehow, I refuse to learn from my debacles. The day I feel low on energy to do the chores, those are the days I should surely send him to school but it always happens the other way.

So, yes. I kept reading, in between.

In between of fetching him the tool box for opening his toy car screws.

In between of his demand for 3 cells to be put inside the toy car and my declining to provide the cells.

In between of his pestering to forgo the rule of ‘No TV’ watching on Fridays.

In between of giving upon the rule and allowing him to watch TV for the sake of reading and some sanity.

In between of serving breakfast and lunch and calling out frequently to finish his meals.

In between of frequent power cuts and listening to his cries.

And, somewhere in between the day ended.

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#Monday Musings


  1. Oh, yes, life happens between the plans we make every day! I know the feeling of things not going to plan on some days (today also is one such day for me!) I guess it’s best to let the kid sleep on days when he needs it the most. It is tough for moms who are single-handedly raising a child to do everything on their own, but I think you’re doing an amazing job in balancing your reading routines alongside managing your child’s needs. It is one of the most challenging phases, trust me and it does get better with time. Some days you just go to let things go at their own pace, and chill!


  2. And in between life goes on. Kids can be quite a handful… I hope you get to finish your book soon πŸ˜€


  3. I love the way you managed to still read in between all those jobs that needed to be done. I think it is a great idea to have a Reading Day. Perhaps I should have one instead of the Reading Hour which is equally hard to do because of the blaring TV.


  4. This is called Murphy’s Law and it happens to me all the time. There are days I do not feel like waking up early in the morning to prepare my son’s breakfast and lunch but the moment I think how it would be if he stays home, I immediately leave the bed with the speed of light. When he is home even a 10 minutes chore takes 1 hour to finish. It is great that you could manage to read books. What book are you reading?


    1. That day I was reading Flawed and today it the 2nd part Perfect. Nothing great about these 2 although there is an element of never ending thrill which gets slightly too much at times but I just can’t bring myself to put it down for a pause.

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  5. Ahh well, at least you were able to read. I don’t get to do anything at home when M is awake. it is only while putting her to sleep that I get to read. And writing, well, I don’t even know how I find time for that.


  6. The worst days are those when your plans just don’t go through. I do hope, for your happiness, that you got some reading done. I rarely plan a quiet day with the kids at home. It’s way more frustrating if you have a really good book. What were you reading?


  7. Every time such things happen with me, I remember that dialogue from ,”Yeh jo hai zindagi”…”Jo sochtaay, woh hota nahi, aur jo hotaay woh sochtey rehtaay!” Hehehe
    That’s life, indeed, Anamika!
    And, yet, you found time (and energy) to read! Wow!


  8. With kids at home, all your plans go awry. Earlier when I felt a bit lethargic in getting up, the thought of AG missing his school and the state of affairs of my day would propel me out of bed immediately. Now that he is in a boarding school, I miss all that chaos. So, enjoy all this coz kids grow up really fast. Do share the review of Flawed, I will be reading it soon too.


  9. I used to dream of reading undisturbed when my kids were young, now they are all grown up and I miss the chaos and the not reading πŸ™‚ My kids hated missing school and I used to sleep for an hour after sending them off in the mornings. Hope you get to finish reading your book soon, share the title.


  10. Reading ? what is that ?? It has been ages since I touched a book. I read on my mobile or see videos on mute when my munchkin is sleeping and tornado is not watching 😜 So reading a book sounds like something I would be doing eons later πŸ˜•
    But really happy to hear that atleast you could do some reading in between all this πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ


  11. Planning to read is a perfectly pointless activity with kids in the house. Unless they are fast asleep. This doesn’t change even when they grow up so be prepared πŸ˜‰ Will be one thing or another.

    That said, he sounds very adorable. I am sure he must be keeping you very engaged.


  12. Reading day, wow that sounds like a great concept. We did try and implement it and called it DEAR time- “drop every thing and read” but think lost it somewhere. We now read whenever we can.
    I’ve been hardly getting any reading time offlate and trying to figure out how I can include it in my schedule.


  13. Wow! you have the patience of a saint! Or maybe since I am childfree I cannot for the life of me exhibit so much of patience around kids! Godpseed on the reading Anu!!


  14. When my reading is interrupted, I feel very cranky. But when it kids, what can one do? Glad that you could do some reading even when it was in between chores.


  15. Ooh, I can’t imagine the sheer torture of having to put down the book you’re reading. Specially when it’s at a crucial juncture in the book! I’m sure the little one never realised the hullabaloo he created by waking up late on mom’s reading day πŸ˜€


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