Let’s just chat over coffee #writebravely

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6‘ and this is my post for the last day, Day 7 in response to the prompt – ‘If we were having coffee…’

If we were having coffee…

Image source : Pixabay
  1. I shall tell you how happy I am that my parents have come to stay with me for a few days. I shall love to treat you with sweets and laddoos, they have brought with them.
  2. I shall tell you there is no other place like Delhi, among all the Indian metro cities, where you can get the best of mithai (sweets). I missed the sweet delicacies of Delhi a lot when I used to live in the UK. All the cakes and pastries of the world are nothing in front of ‘Dilli ki mithai’. 
  3. I shall ask you if you remember my Day 3 post on Delhi – ‘Delhi in ruins’? Just do me a favour and kick it out of your mind for today my mood is chirpy and filled with happy thoughts about many things.
  4. I shall tell you my early morning workload has reduced for the time being with my mother taking care of the cooking part. Mommies are wonderful human beings, isn’t it?
  5. I shall tell you how much I am looking forward to the next 4 days of the extended weekend which means I do not have to wash Dhruv’s white uniform urgently.  You can imagine what holidays mean to me.
  6. I shall tell you that WTFOW#6 has been an enriching experience for me. The prompts were easy for even a not-so-seasoned-writer like me. I had fun writing and bringing out posts everyday and interacting with fellow bloggers, many who have been with me and also many new ones.
  7. I shall tell you that I found my blog’s 200th WordPress follower on the same day on which I had written my letter. She is Sheethal Susan Jacob who blogs at Scribblings. Can I ask you a second favour? Will you be kind and follow her blog on my insistence? I know you love me for who I am and will not refuse me.
  8. I shall tell you as much as I am happy and content with my participation in WTFOW#6, I am also looking forward for it to get over so that I can get back to reading my books. Especially, the ones – ‘Perfect’ and ‘Flawed’ by Cecelia Ahern, which I bought with the Amazon gift coupon I won as the winner of Day 1 of this Write Tribe festival.
  9. Realizing that our coffee is almost finished, I shall ask you if you had a good time having coffee with me? And, would you love to meet me over coffee again, someday? I promise I am going to speak less the next time and let you do all the talking. I promise to be all ears.

#Writetribe #Writingbravely #festivalofwords



  1. I would love to have coffee with you again and let you speak too. Enjoyed reading your posts daily. Also thanks for being the very helpful and encouraging leader of the Tribe.


  2. The brewed coffee and conversation was fresh, except that I was having chai abhi. I think that I follow Sheethal Susan if I am not wrong. Always good to have parents around you. Good that work load has reduced and such an aha feeling na…to breathe free minus the pressure.


  3. This was an amazing journey…reading your posts were a pleasure. Congrats to you on your 200+4 followers …very soon it will become 2000 followers..


  4. We actually HAVE a coffee date pending, Anamika?! Btw, loved the chit chat and the coffee, sorry it is ginger tea for us, right? So happy that so many wonderful things are happening right now in your life! Parents are wonderful people and mommies make our lives so much easier! How would I not know this, having had mom run my house for so long while I was on my way to recovery two years back! Can’t recall when you sounded so chirpy and upbeat as you do today! Well, happy is the magic word today I guess. Have fun and hope you get back to your books as fast as possible! Congratulations on the 200th follower! May you have many many more as you rightly deserve for the two amazing blogs. High five to you on completing the Blogging Festival. Loved all the posts from you, Anamika. 🙂


  5. I had a good time with your coffe date, Anamika. Mommy is always a helping angel for all of us. Enjoy your long weekend with Dhruv. Happy for Sheethal to be an unforgettable follower.


  6. Aw this is lovely. Coffee posts are my favourite because I love love to chat. Have a good time with your parents. Don’t forget to get them to make tehri :-). Enjoy the mithais.
    Congratulations on the 200th follower. An achievement always makes one feel good, isn’t it? And you do deserve it. Have a restful weekend.


  7. It’s so wonderful to have parents around. Enjoy all the food and pampering. Glad that your morning load has reduced a bit 🙂


  8. You sound so happy, Anamika. After finishing my coffee post I was very happy too. It feels nice to finally be able to do a challenge and complete it after a long gap. I am glad that you are getting much deserved time off with your parents at home. Now go on, take care of those sweets. We will have coffee together again. 😀Congratulations on completing the challenge successfully. ❤️


  9. I work like a machine all 5 days with my kid’s school schedule. And during the weekends I tell them to forget that there is somebody called mom. We will meet again on Sunday evening when I would be taking you to bed again.


  10. If we were having coffee, I would say that I feel happy to be your 200th follower. 🙂 I actually feel special. 🙂

    Awe. That was unexpected. Thank you so much for the mention. Loved reading your words. Keep writing and keep connected. ❤


  11. Yay!!! You made me happy on two counts.
    First you decided to kick aside that post on Dil walon ki dilli!!!! Hurray
    And second you found her……………. I already follow her but it was damned sweet of you to request your readers to do so too!! And arent you generous with your goodies? I covet mom-made goodies and am loathe to share them with anyone. 😉


  12. I enjoyed having coffee with you in this post and I hope to coffee for real some day with you as we live in the same city! Enjoyed reading your posts during this challenge. And congratulations once again for the 200th follower as well as completing this challenge 🙂


  13. Aha! Enjoyed this coffee with you, Anamika! Oh yes, mithais from Delhi are the best and that from Jaipur are bestest 😉 It’s a blessing to have moms around. They partially take over your home when they are with you and that’s such a welcome relief and the food that they cook is super bonus.
    I bought Flawed the day you got yours, am looking forward to read it too. And white uniforms… argh!! I dont know why do they have white uniforms in schools!! It’s such a pain maintaining them.


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