My day ends at 7.20 am #writebravely

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6‘ and this is my post for Day 4 in response to the prompt – ‘Feature a day in your life or someone else’s life.’

Just like everyday, the alarm rings at 6 am in the bedroom.

Just like everyday, I am in the kitchen preparing food for the tiffin boxes. They are 3 in number. Within 2 seconds, I am in the bedroom and even before my mouth opens, the voice in my head startles out loud in the repetitive mode setting – “Dhruv, uth jaa, 6 baj gaye. Wake up Dhruv, it is 6’o’ clock now.” The repetition in my head makes me qualified to become the cuckoo inside the wall clock with the only difference of my not cuckooing but ‘uth jaa, uth jaa, 6 baj gaye’.

And, since the cuckoo in my head is incapable of waking him up, my voice comes to my rescue.  What happens next is also the everyday pattern. Taking him to the bathroom, brushing his teeth, giving him a bath, getting him ready and bringing him to the dining table in a matter of next 30 minutes.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay

Do you know early morning exhaustion? Try doing all the above with a sleepy child who moves at a pace slower than a sloth, at this time of the day, and countering his pace with your fast pace and then striking a balance. On top of this, also making sure that everything happens in a calm and composed manner because if I blow my fuse, then everything goes haywire.


He gets seated in the chair, all dressed up, with his egg and 1 cup of milk, just like everyday. Why same food everyday? Because it is safer to be stay predictable rather than trying to add variety and inviting resistance and melt downs. While he eats and drinks meditatively with a question or an information or an exclamation in between, I do the final packing of tiffins reminding him of the remaining time intermittently. I feel grateful to God and Dhruv, as well, because he has finally learnt the art of finishing one egg and one cup of milk within the 30-35 minutes duration.

The alarm finally goes off at 7.20 am to leave the house and go to the Bus Stop to wait for the school bus. Yes, just like everyday.

And this is how my day gets over.

What about the rest of the day? What do I do for the rest of the day?

Well, the answer is whatever I do for rest of my day is nothing to what I accomplish in the first 2 hours after waking up in the morning. And therefore, I say my day gets over at 7.20 am.

Don’t be jealous if you slog all day. I am plain lucky.

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  1. Ha! Ha! Good one Anamika. And that’s a great tip-to put an alarm for “school leaving time”. Will put that to use from tomorrow.


  2. Anamika,
    This seems to be the routine for Indian moms these days. All on auto pilot. I used to do this so often that I gave up on forcing my children to eat – let it to them to do the needful. If they wanted to eat there was food and it was on the table.
    For me the difficult part was getting the food ready, as hubby needed to have a full fledged hot breakfast every day- no cereal would do it. These are times, I wished for the old joint family systems and help from anywhere – above ?
    I am glad you are able to have a rest after 7:20 am.


    1. I have lived in a joint family for 7 years, Susie and I never want to go back to that life again. Living alone, I can atleast go easy once in a while. In joint family, I can never get this done without the equally triring questioning rounds.

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  3. Hahah you sure accomplish a lot in 2 hours. To get a sleepy kid to school is a herculean task 🙂


  4. It’s amazing how similar our mornings are. And that sense of my day being half over with the children gone is so similar to yours. On the bad days I am so spent by the time the children leave that all I want to do is curl up with a book.


  5. know many years back I would need an alarm to wake up but now I wake up at 6 or something before that without any help and march to the kitchen to cook and pack. But I really wish some days that I didn’t have to do this every single working day. Ahh I miss being a child and being woken up and packed food for rather than being a grown up!


    1. Waking up at 6 is comforting though I agree about the hassles of being a grown up and a mom. My body clock does not let me sleep beyond 4.45 am. If I don’t wake up so early to be have some quiet time with the self, I am bound to go crazy.


  6. This is what I call ‘Man ki baat’…I go through the same ritual every single morning..and often wish if it could be outsourced…I have to repeat the same thing in the evening before sending him for his basketball class..great post Anamika, I just love reading your posts.

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  7. How sweet to thin that you do ‘nothing ‘ the rest of the day! Ha. What about all the other nothing you do like washing and cooking and cleaning and shopping and reading and blogging and all along doing nothing

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  8. Surely, this will be you morning routine till his education continues at home. My son is 18. Yet, I have to wake up at 5 to get him to go to college at 6. Then comes younger one who leaves at 6.40. Then time to wake up hubby. Ask me about getting jealous. His excuse is, I can sleep during the day time. Sorry. I do not get time. After he leaves, my workday starts and it ends late evening. I hit the bed at 10. I have no energy. I am a bit jealous of you Anamika. So much time..


  9. Have you tried getting him to bed earlier? I now make sure both my kids are in bed and lights off by 8:30 PM latest, or else I was always late to work because they never could finish their breakfast! Like you, we have a standard breakfast, eggs and steel cut oats. I put the oats to cook overnight, so that they are ready in the morning for us. The morning routine of making food and getting them ready never changes across continents!
    Only thing, my kids are not in school(still young for school), so I have to make breakfast, lunch and snacks plus our lunch boxes for work in the morning! My day also almost ends by 7:30 am.. I feel what work I get accomplished in the morning before 7:30 is way more than what I do at my desk job the whole day!


      1. Ah! 🙂 and with summer, its impossible to ask kids to sleep any earlier :)) hehe
        My son keeps saying, amma, Mr Golden sun is shining outside, I won’t sleep till Mr Moon comes! And where I live, Mr Moon takes a long holiday in summer 🙂


  10. Aww I guess this is the routine for moms across continents . And each of us has to follow what works best for us .
    It is chaotic , no method in the madness yet one would not give this up for anything in this world ! Beautifully written dear 😘


  11. I can completelu relate to your post Anamika except that i have a toddler to manage at home after my elder one is off to school. O think, the world goes in slow motion to kids while getting ready to school while mothers are frenzy of missing school bus.


  12. My day starts at 5:15 am and goes off by 7:30 am and by that time only I am fused off. My whole energy goes down in these hours only. I guess all moms of school going kids sound the same.


  13. Hahaha. My mom would have told the same story about my brother few years back. Even now probably.

    I was the good child. 😜


  14. Lucky you! Sometimes my day never seems to end. But yes, a lot of times there is so much I finish doing in the morning that the rest of the day peaceful in comparison.


  15. I can totally connect with you Anamika. Reading your blog was like reading about my everyday life. The only difference is that my day never ends having a 1-year-old toddler along with a school going one. It gets tiring and exhausting by end of the day. But duty calls. This one was great read!


  16. All I can say is things change a lot when the kid grows up. I have to give gentle reminders now to Arjyo, but have stopped micromanaging everything that was a part of my life until two/three years ago. It does get better when people at home share the load of housework and now I have created a routine and delegated a sizeable chunk of work to the maid and the cook so that I can do writing/blogging/exercising in a more focused way rather than just rush around the whole day. Believe me, now with the routine and the predictability, everyone seems to respect my time a lot more. Earlier they thought that moms at home have no work to do so now I can actually tell them and the rest of the others who keep calling me anytime over the day to not disturb me while I’m at work. It really works, Anamika. The routine is the best thing to have happened to me.


  17. Lucky?! Seriously? Handing a child looks like it’s a battle uphill. You’ve probably slogged enough for the day with him. Just that you do it out of love and don’t feel that as a burden 🙂


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