My 3 empowering resources #writebravely

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6‘ and this is my post for Day 2 in response to the prompt ‘Write about a resource or resources you have’.

I am a parent who is raising her son single-handedly for the past 2 years in a city where I had no family or relatives to depend upon for a considerably long time. While I am acting as the single parent by circumstances with the husband being away in a different country for work but the decision to live on my own alone was a choice I exercised independently.

Often, I am posed this question of ‘How do I live alone with a small kid?’

Some think I am strong while there are many who think I am a fool to do what I am doing. My answers never satisfy such people and hence they come back to question me repeatedly.

Therefore, today, I thought of sharing my 3 resources which empower me to deal with my everyday life effectively.

A. A car

One evening, 16 years ago, I came back home from college and my mother announced that Papa had enrolled me with a driving school. Oh God! I was petrified. Why? Because I was never the confident kid who embraced new challenges and secondly I was very scared of my father and couldn’t say no to him. I dreaded him because he always pushed me around. So, this is how I began my driving lessons. I was a lousy driver for a long time.

Yet, today I cannot be more thankful to my father to push me hard to learn driving because he could see what I could not. Driving was a life skill which is paying me today, by making me independent. Knowing how to drive is immensely empowering.

It is not actually the car but the driving skill which is my resource number 1.

B. My People

I have a few people in my life who, howsoever far off they might be living from me, are my support system.

  1. Husband who makes sure Dhruv and I don’t lead an impoverished life and have enough on our plate to live comfortably.
  2. Parents who are just a phone call away. They claim to be merely 2 and a half hours away (by air travel) from me and have been always there for me even if it means catching the next available flight at exorbitant prices in case of emergencies with me.
  3. My brother and my sister-in-law who moved to the city, I live in, 7 months back and have been my pillar ever since.

C. Strong Spirit

More than the above 2 resources, the most important has been my strong spirit without which I would have succumbed to the pressures long back. I am not sure if I was strong enough 2 years ago when I took the decision but I have surely become much stronger over this period of time.

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  1. You have expressed your heart winderfully, dear. I can feel your feelings. When you realize your inner strength and there will be nothing to stop you. Stay always powerful. My hugs to Dhruv.


  2. True, driving is a life skill that every one must know. That’s another story that I cant drive despite learning it thrice.
    Support from family and inner strength is something that can keep us going in tough and trying times.


  3. Spirit, of all, is an innate resource. Great that you identify it. Not many people have high spirits. Good to read about your resources. Thanks for sharing!


  4. It is your inner strength that makes you take up challenges like this. Sometimes, we surprise ourselves by the decisions we take, don’t we? And only later it is revealed to us that we were always strong. Just a matter of time before we realize our courage can lead us anywhere no matter how difficult it seems. You are very brave and I hope and wish you discover many such hidden qualities within yourself in the times to come, Anamika.

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  5. It takes courage to make a decision like yours and like you said what is most important is that you have strong spirit to stand by the decision you made. Hats off to you 🙂
    Driving! I must learn to drive soon!


  6. U really r a strong woman…I have also spent lot of time without my husband around…he was working in a different city….it sometimes becomes difficult emotionally….hats off to u


  7. I don’t know how to drive and this is a skill that is so so important in today’s life!
    Being strong is a blessing!


  8. What a blessing that your father insisted on you learning to drive, even though it terrified you and you felt a bit bullied into it! How many daughters would kill to have a father who wanted them to be independent and have that kind of freedom, I wonder? (Mine taught me to drive, too. The men in my life value a woman who can think and make do for herself – who chooses them, rather than “cannot survive without them.”) A solid support network of family and friends is, indeed, a treasure.


  9. The driving skill is one resource I keep close to heart. I took my license the month I turned 18. After that there was no looking back. No matter where you are, or who ever is with you, it’s your string spirit that makes you move forward.

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  10. I am still petrified of driving though I learnt it years back. I need to refresh it or maybe go for an automatic. As for having a sibling close by – nothing really compares with that.


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