The Busy Red Tractor #PictureBookReview 3

Chug-a-chug, chug! What is that sound?

A little red tractor, driving around!

One little puppy is ready to go – 

But where’s he off to? Do you know?

Story –

One little puppy drives around in his red tractor. He passes by a farmyard, an orchard, a field, a muddy track, a meadow and over an old stone bridge picking up animals from each place on the way. They are all off to have a big barn party at the end of the day with feasting, dance and fun.

What appealed to me?

  1. Striking colourful illustrations,
  2. Sing-song style of words, and
  3. Lots of sounds used in the book like Chug-chug, Toot-toot, Vroom-vroom, Splish-splash, giving the adults the chance to add sound effects while reading the book aloud to the children.

The puppy and his friends riding the tractor-trailer

What appealed to D?

  1. He liked the chunky touch-and-feel tractor trailers appearing on every page through the cut-outs.
  2. Listening to the sound effects and repeating them.
  3. Counting the animals as they hopped on to the trailers.

What D questioned?

He liked the book so much that there were no questions about anything.

My observation –

Initially, the plastic tractor-trailer can be disappointing since one might expect it to make some sounds or to squeeze on pressing and it does nothing. Once this little disappointment is overcome, this becomes a delightful read for the little children.

Author: Anna Claybourne

Illustrator: Jo Moon

Release Year: First published in 2009

Publisher: Caterpillar Books (Great Britain)

Age group: 1 – 3 years

Available on: Amazon India

This book is a part of my own collection and was bought from a local bookstore

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  1. I’m going to get this one for M. I’m trying to find mor books for her and someone suggested Dr. Seuss so have ordered 1 from his repertoire as well.
    PS: I’m so happy you started this blog. 🙂


    1. In Dr Seuss, start with reading Hop on Pop to her. It is good to start with because of the simple rhyming words.
      And, thank you Nabanita for appreciating.
      P.S. Next picture book review will also be dedicated to M.


  2. I can imagine how exciting this book would have been for us during those early years when Arjyo was totally smitten by tractors of all sizes and we used to fondly admire any story book which had the picture of a tractor, especially bright red and yellow ones!Lovely book to gift children too…Loving this series, Anamika even though I’m way past reading them with Arjyo, now. 😀


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