Cycle Repair Wala #MondayMusings

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Madam! Aap!

Oh yes Shakur Bhai, It’s me again.

What brings you this Sunday morning to our shop Madam?

See Shakur Bhai, what happens on Sunday mornings is my maid takes her weekly off so there isn’t any work for me in the house. Thus, Sundays are the best for getting the weekly repairs done on the cycle. Today, it is the shaking mud guard over the front wheel.

No problem at all. This will be mended in a jiffy. How about the repairs I did last Sunday? All well?

Of course, it is all well. You are an artist Shakur bhai. Any repair which you do will fall apart within a week? Never!! 

Gafur, Madam ke liye unki special adrak wali chai lao. Get Madam a cup of her special ginger tea. Madam please make yourself comfortable on the carrier of this cycle. 

There is absolutely no need for chai, this time. I am fine. As it is, the mud guard issue is a petty one, wouldn’t take much time I guess.

No no Madam, it is because of customers like you that my shop is running profits. The least I can do is to offer you tea everytime you come. 

Shukriya. Thank you.

10 minutes later.

The tea gets over. The repair already got over 8 minutes back.

We bid each other Good Bye with the unuttered promise on my part to pay a visit next Sunday morning, positively, with yet another issue with the cycle needing to be repaired.

Thanks to Dhruv and his cycle, my Sunday morning’s adrak wali chai is sorted.

On the way back home –

Mummy, this cycle breaks down every now and then and causes you trouble. I think we should buy a new cycle.

You worry not, beta. It causes me no trouble. After all, the cycle repair wala has become a family friend now. Bilkul ghar jaisa hi lagta hai uski dukaan par. It feels as good as home at his shop.

This account will soon happen for real, given the frequent number of visits I make to the cycle repair wala’s shop.

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#Monday Musings


  1. Isn’t it strange how all these repairmen become a part of our life? The water filter cleaner, the A/C service wallah….. My dhobi even gives me gyaan on how I should look after my grandson!

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  2. Well, cheers to that happening soon πŸ™‚
    Honestly, these bonds which form with the nearby grocer or your apartment’s security guard, often reminds me that life still has the charm it used to in the 90s. Going off topic, am I? πŸ™‚ Well, your posts make me smile every Monday and thank you for that!


  3. Heartwarming. Most of these small businesses are now disappearing and along with them the chit chatter and camaraderie we shared with their owners.


  4. Hehehe with two boys, thats what used to do all the time. Not only the cycle wala, it was the same with the stationary shop, cloth alteration shops for making half pants and 3/4th pants and the shoe shop.


  5. Yes, some people do become a part of life like that. Reminded me of an aged lady who ran tea shop near our college. Loved your sweet share in Monday.


  6. You know, I had once done a 30 day challenge of getting to know people the people we interact everyday but yet do not know much about them, like their name, hobbies, family members etc..this story reminded me that. Great post


  7. Haha! I really hope it happens soon and you get to have the adrak wali chai (assuming that you haven’t had it yet from the shop). But what about a new cycle? πŸ˜› Loved the Monday Musings.


  8. May Dhruv gets a chance for a new bicycle. And I want you to enjoy the chai also at the same time. Ha …. ha ….. Really we miss to reciprocate the love of some persons in our daily life. I never missed to thank the servers at the hotel, watchman at shops, the roadside pani poori vendors, drivers of public transports ……


  9. Lord my God I have two cycles waiting to be repaired. What do these kids do with them? The only tragedy is I have to Shakur bhai Gafur bhai with that cup of ginger tea, which is why it is o not worth it to go get cycles repaired. And I keep waiting for the husband to be in town and get it done. I love how easily Dhruv says ‘Let’s get a new cycle’ – exactly like my children.


  10. It sounds very familiar in other cities but not in Bangalore. I’ve not seen or heard of this kind of camaraderie between clients and customers of the smaller businesses here although In the two other cities I’ve lived inβ€” Ahmedabad and Kolkata, this would have been possible! While I know that you’re getting to have your fav ginger tea and enjoying the trip every Sunday, have you seriously given a thought to Dhruv’s suggestion? I think you have a very practical boy here, who makes complete sense! πŸ˜€


  11. This reminded me of the salesmen in a small supermarket near my place. No matter when I go, I get a smile and some chit-chats from most of them. It feels kind of good. And such a beautiful bond you have with a cycle guy. We need bonds like these in the world for more goodness.


  12. Looks like the tea is more the reason for the visit than any actual repairs. And if you are making his shop run so well, time for a new bike indeed πŸ˜‰
    Love your writing style to capture the smaller nuances of human emotions. It’s such a warm post that left me with a smile.


  13. We used to have these kinds of encounters with shopkeepers while growing up. This a perfect blend of reality and your imagination that I can’t distinguish which part is real and which is imaginary. You are becoming quite a good story teller, Anamika, of course, with the help of Dhruv. πŸ™‚


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