7 things not to do when doing Bar-A-Thon #BarAThon 2017 Day 7

Now that the second edition of Bar-A-Thon is coming to an end today, let me tell you that I had planned to pull out after the 5th day because I got distracted and lost the flow of words. I am here today, typing out this post, thanks to the encouraging chat with Tulika and the wish to see another shining badge on the blog’s sidebar.

For the last day, learning from my experience, I will tell you about what not to do when you have taken up the blogging challenge Bar-A-Thon –


1). Do not recharge the DTH connection in the midst of the challenge for you will be tempted to watch that movie on Sony Le Plex when you should be planning and writing the post.

2). Do not have your phone for company when you are sitting with the blank wordpress screen open on your laptop. When the mind does not work, then the freshly downloaded app of TVF Play is only going to make you laugh rather than churning out the most needed post.

3). Do not add a new crush to your crush list especially during this time or else you might be spending the most crucial hour checking out his images on Google. Hardly fruitful.

4). Do not let your vision fall upon the dirty laundry for washing or that heap of clean ones piling over and over needing your attention to be ironed. Stuff them away. Stuff them away.

5). Do not be bothered about all the new and unread books at this time because then you might feel lured towards them considering to enter the fascinating worlds hidden in the stories in them. Reading is any ways easier then bringing out a new post every alternate day.

6). Do not attempt to sound like the most sane person in the world with your posts. Everybody is already convinced of your sanity as well as their own too. Be insane within the saner sense.

7). Do not stop at the 6th point every time. The number 7 is here for a reason other than to thank the stars for reaching the end, thereby rushing and completing the post any which way.

Rushed and complete!

Linking this post to Day 7 of second edition of Bar-A-Thon on the theme ‘Seven’barathon

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  1. This post is so spot-on! I have fallen prey to the 3rd problem so many times, I’ve lost count. Replace TVF with Instagram, and all my drafts can say goodbye to me without me noticing their absence.

    I’m glad Tulika encouraged you to write this post, as you’ve written a much-needed list. A list that can be used for the BarAThon and beyond. On that note, congratulations on completing the challenge, Anamika 🙂


  2. Hilarious! Loved this list and could really relate, especially about the piles of laundry waiting for my attention. Oh well. What else is new? A fun post and I liked the lighthearted tone! Congrats on finishing the challenge!


  3. I am guilty of 1-6…and your posts make me laugh aloud always…and thus point number 6..that is my sanity is questioned by the other members of the family…yeh pagal k tarah akele akele kyu has rahi hai?? And I have not yet been able to write the 7th post because I am busy checking out others..now let me finish..this post was inspirational..


  4. You are a natural in making people laugh, Anamika. Tell me all about the new crush now. I should learn a thing or two from you about blogging. Loved this light hearted yet not to missed post, dear. 😀

    Liked by 3 people

  5. First things first, Anamika. Congratulations to you! Yes, you did it, despite almost dropping out mid-way. I almost dropped out after the 3rd post but hung on, to finish it somehow. Loved your funny quips and your humourous posts. I really enjoyed this one…You are so good with these random questions that I look forward to your posts to cheer me up on a glum day! Keep writing more such! But the “new crush” well and truly got me thinking…I must admit, in all honesty! 😀 😀


  6. I too was swayed away by my phone and had to write my posts in the train. The internet is so tempting. Congratulations on completing the challenge… Yayyy


  7. Anamika, I wish I’d read your post before starting this challenge 🙂 I missed participating in this blogathon and I am crushed 😦 Hope to be there the next time. Lovely post 🙂


  8. Haha…loved the post, Anamika!
    No, I’m not going to ask you about the crush. (It’s been 4 years since then, and you must have an updated list by now, hai na? Ek nahi…kaafi saare naam honge, hai na???:D:D:D

    Liked by 1 person

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