Answer my 7 questions for #BarAThon 2017 Day 6

I am a mom who has a super inquisitive child who can drive me nuts with his interrogations from the moment I throw water into his face every morning and his button gets switched on. If you ask me, I do not switch it on deliberately but, I happen to brush his teeth. I am a mother and you see I am responsible for everything or atleast subject to questions on everything.

In between raking and scratching my brains and depending on googling for 7 and a half hours per day, I have developed my own set of questions and I need you to help me with the answers today for Day 6 of Bar-A-Thon.


1) If you know Hindi and I know Hindi too, then why should we be conversing in English outside the realms of blogging?

2) It is a couple’s wedding anniversary and when both of them live together in the same house, then why do they talk cute to each other, wishing each other on social media? It is understandable if they are telling their friends with their status update but wishing each other, why?

3) How many bags and suitcases do those women carry on their holidays with them whose holiday photos look like a version of Lakme Fashion Festival? Do they shop local or pay extra to the Airline company for the baggage?

4) Why do schools assume that by keeping the children in school for 7 hours qualifies them to send in homework meant for the parents, mostly mothers, to do instead of the children? This is a fresh pain for me from yesterday evening.

5) What about white school uniforms? Who gives permission to decide the uniform colour? In addition to the books, the stationery, the colours which the parents have to buy every year irrespective of the fact that the previous year’s stationery is still breathing oxygen at home, why doesn’t the school also add the annual supply of magical detergent to wash off those dirty collars, in a jiffy?

6) Why does the boiling tea on the gas stove has to spill over exactly on the day when extra efforts have been made to give shiny touch in, on and around the gas stove?

7). Last and important question. Are you still enjoying Bar-A-thon or have got bored?

Linking this post to Day 6 of the second edition of Bar-A-Thon on the theme ‘Seven’


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  1. haha I’m actually looking for the answers to some of these questions too. 2nd one is something I really, really want to ask some folks 😉

    I’m loving your BARATHON posts, Anamika.


    1. You are the first one Nabanita to show blog love which makes you entitled to my free advice – don’t forget to check the colour of the school uniform before getting your daughter admitted in a school 😇


  2. Ha ha ha.. Anamika – this was a cool questionnaire. I’m as stumped as you are. Mercifully my kids do not have a white uniform so I can pat myself for the right choice of school. Buying books and stationery is crazy. Their school also makes us buy new bags every year. Sheer waste. As for the last query – not bored but worried since neither suns nor lovers are showing up anywhere on the horizon. Pray for me.


  3. hahaha! I have many of these questions myself. Enjoyed reading this and happy to know there are more like minded people around 😛


  4. hehehe I too sometimes have similar question running through my mind. Oh yes, the white uniform was my mom’s nightmare too. And the white PT shoes my dad’s 😛


  5. Answer to 1 and 2 is “Showing off English speaking skills and love for each other respectively…and answer to 7 is Not yet…Your posts always make me smile..keep going


  6. Superb post, Anamika! Enjoying your posts every single day of the #Barathon. Honestly, I love how you came up with this unique set of questions for the post. Not too far from some of my thoughts too…esp PDA, showing off language skills, changing into an infinite variety of attires on holidays, or why people travel to the other end of the world only to click their selfies! The list is endless.


  7. Hahaha…i loved the questions, Anamika!
    Answer to the first – NO, there is no need to speak in English if we both speak Hindi. At least, with me, you can speak in Hindi..In fact, I would rather you did!
    2nd – To show off to the world how lovey-dovey they are, when in reality they are at constant loggerheads with each other. I know of a couple who does just that and it vexes me so!
    3rd – Showoff!
    4th – Maybe because we did much less homework when we were at school and so to teach us a lesson!
    5th – That’s a question I would like to ask myself! My nephew has a white shirt as his uniform and his mom and I have to soak it in hot water with detergent for at least an hour to get it shining white for the next day! What a pain!
    6th – Just to make money! This is another thing that makes me fume!
    7th – I am enjoying the BarAThon, coz I have been able to hone my fiction writing skills for almost 7 days now!


  8. Loved the questions, Anamika. I can count on you to come up with such brilliant questions. 😀 1. I know Hindi but I won’t converse to you in Hindi because you probably won’t understand what I am saying. Plus my husband always, always teases my Hindi pronunciations. My Hindi speaking ego is bruised to the max. So We will only be conversing in English, Anamika, outside the blog too.
    2. I don’t know. Not just for anniversaries, the excess of love floating in social media between couples ( only a few) is concerning at times. Everything in moderation is the best. Some of cousins had this disease of expressing love in FB during the first year of their marriage. Thankfully they had been cured of it now. Coincidentally, today FB showed me a memory from 5 years ago when I posted a forward about appreciating what a great husband you have got. Our friends were surprised that what had happened between us. 🙄 And my husband he won’t even blow me a kiss publicly let alone shower his love in FB.
    3. I have no idea, dear. I’m an unmake-upped, shabby looking creature, trolling this earth for the last 33 years. What do I know about dressing up and looking beautiful.
    4. Totally unfair. Here we have to ask for more homework and that is only if the kid is up to it. I don’t agree to do homework for my kid. I had finished mine years ago.
    5. Can you donate it to the, the leftover stationery from last year? White uniform is difficult. Kanna had them while in UK. Now he doesn’t have uniform here. But I’m thinking of buying him a few for the next grade as buying clothes for him has become a humongous task. Jeans and shorts and shirts all dirtied and torn and none good for a weekend outing. Uniforms are the best for kids, not the white ones perhaps. 😀
    6. Haven’t you heard about the conspiring Universe, Anamika? All part of this life and life is not fair. 🙄
    7. I’m not participating in BARathon but I’m enjoying the reading part. Of ourse, now I feel I should have participated having seen you coming up with such quirky posts.
    You should come up with such questionnaires more frequently, Anamika, it’s too good. Maybe, like a blogfest or something like that. It was fun for me to answer, though, I know that wasn’t your intention. But this morning I saw this and my fingers danced with answers, and I let them. 😀


  9. 1. Not at all necessary to speak in English under such circumstances. Whichever language the two are comfortable in is fine.
    2. hehe.. while I know what you mean, i am actually okay with this. I would rather have lovey dovey posts on my timeline than the usual hate and negativity, even if they are updating from the same bed 🙂
    3. That is something I ask myself every day! I struggle with an old suitcase and still barely get 3 shirts in… I see people go on tours and have 3 dresses a day for a 5 day trip and I wonder if there’s an extra camel carrying the luggage.
    4. We always used to do our own assignments and homework … its changed now, hasnt it? The burden is on the parent to do the school projects!
    5. I always have a problem with white uniforms… especially in rainy season !
    6. No comment – i just use a kettle and pour over sachets 🙂
    7. It gets tiring as it progresses…. but since its just 7 posts, its ok. The real tough ones are the month long challenges.


  10. I’m enjoying this blogfest. As for couples who wish on FB, the answer is if they don’t wish each other who will know that it is their anniversary? If teachers don’t give mothers homework, mothers won’t feel involved with their children’s school life. Schools prescribe white uniforms so that children look cute at the end of the day. I only carry ONE bag which I check in so I can’t speak for other women who carry more. I’m not a native Hindi speaker so only speak it with other non-Hindi speakers who won’t laugh at my accent or my vocabulary. I hope these answers satisfy your curiousity 😉


  11. Ha … Ha …. Ha …. I too want to know the answers for these questions. Luckily my son got the brown color new uniform this year. Hope his school management people are following your blog and might have read this post….. 😛 I’m really enjoying the BarAThon !!!


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