Our 7 favourite picture book authors #BarAThon 2017 Day 4

For Day 4 of Bar-A-Thon 2017, I have put together a list of Dhruv and my 7 favourite picture book authors whose works we have enjoyed reading over the past years –

1) Dr. Seuss

pixlrNo childhood is complete without reading The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. These 2 were a part of our first box set – Dr Seuss Beginner Books Collection. The repetitive rhyming words in the simple stories with a doze of humour appealed the most to us. Dr Seuss books are a vast collection ranging from –

Blue Back Books – for sharing with children in age group 2 -4.

Green Back Books – for children beginning to read on their own.

Yellow Back Books – for fluent readers.


2) Julia Donaldsonpixlr_20170623123359354

Another author you have to, have to read. The magic of simple stories moves on to another level with Julia Donaldson’s books. The first Julia Donaldson book I came across was Room on the Broom, the tale of a witch who wasn’t scary and was lovable even for the 2 year old Dhruv. The author has a great number of book titles to her credit and there is not a single one which is loved a little less .

3) Tony Mitton

20170622_073704-1Not many may be aware of Tony Mitton, however we loved his works in collaboration with the illustrator Guy Parker Rees. The first Tony Mitton book we read Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus has a whole post dedicated to it on this blog, which you can read it here. Another wonderful read, among others, from this author-illustrator duo is All afloat on Noah’s boat.

4) Susan Steggall

Susan Steggall is an author and illustrator whose books have a unique style. The 20170623_122703illustrations are not regular paintings but the pictures are all collages made from different sorts of hand made and painted papers, and a few other oddments, built up in layers to create depth and texture.

We were into this author’s books for a long time since they were about cars, trains, diggers, a red bus and boats, things of interest from that phase. We have read all her books except for one which came out recently about tractors but I am sure if I mention about it, I will be asked to buy it. Dhruv’s most favourite was The Life of a Car, a post about which you can read here.

5) David Shannon

pixlr_20170623124339883Our journey with David Shannon books started with the Caldecott Medal winner No David, a book about a mischievous boy named David’s antics. There are also other books based upon the never-ending David’s endeavours. These are books with very little words but brilliant illustrations. Have a mischief maker at home, then David Shannon books are sure to be identified with.

6) Kazuno Kohara

Some works are different and yet appealing. This aptly goes with Kazuno Kohara’s 20170623_122626works. We began with The Midnight Library, a cute story about a little girl who works as a librarian with 2 owls as assistants and their library which opens only at night. It was huge hit when I read it to the children in one of my storytelling sessions. The other book titles by the author are as interesting as The Midnight Library.

7) Oliver Jeffers

How to catch a star was our first Oliver Jeffers book. We love his books for the pixlr_20170623124059405beautiful yet unique style of illustrations and the simplicity of stories. Lost and Found is the book nobody should miss reading and collecting, again a hit with children in the storytelling session.

The list of our favourite picture book authors does not end here. There are several others whose works we loved reading and deserve a mention but I limit it to a list of 7 since 7 is the theme of the second edition of Bar-A-Thon.

Tell me do you read to your child/nephew/niece regularly? How many of the above listed authors’ works have you read? Would you like to add a favourite author of yours to this list? 

Linking this post to Day 4 of second edition of Bar-A-Thon on the theme ‘Seven’barathon

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  1. I still love children’s picture books as much, today and I still recall with fondness the books we read together with Arjyo on my lap, ever since he was two months old. At the beginners level, we loved the Dr Seuss series, Julia Donaldson, Eric Hill and the series ‘Where’s Spot’, Eric Carle, and the ‘Maisy’ series by Lucy Cousins. Roald Dahl, and his collection of stories being Arjyo’s favs, we spent many a summer afternoon reading and re-reading until we had almost memorized the books and were quoting lines here and there. 😀


  2. Thanks for sharing list of wonderful authors and their contribution. Mithu also staterd his stories with Dr. Seuss’ s collection only. But he enjoyed picture books like fantastic answers, little kids encyclopedia, space kingdom than the story books.


  3. My son and I have read The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss from your list. In fact these are the only 2 books I have read from Dr Seuss. Will pick from these when I am gifting books to small kids. Thanks for sharing, Anamika!


  4. Thanks for sharing this very comprehensive list of kid books Anamika. Coincidentally only today I have brought ‘The Life of a Car” for my son. Was happy to see it featured here.


  5. I hate the ugly figures of Dr. Seuss. I would have thought Eric Carle would have featured in your list. You introduced me to the Very Hungry Caterpillar which all my grandchildren just LOVE


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