7 reasons to have a second child #BarAThon 2017 Day 3

I was planning to write another post about books and reading today for Day 3 of Bar-A-Thon. Then, I thought it will lead to monotony. Therefore, I decided otherwise.

Today, I will give you 7 reasons why you should have a second child.

This topic has been widely written about and read and most of my reasons might also be stereotypes. Before proceeding ahead with my reasons, let me first share with you my learning on stereotypes – ‘You might (want to) move away from stereotypes but stereotypes are always here to stay.’

The 7 reasons for all-seasons are –

Having a sibling must be sure fun. Image courtesy: Pixabay


1. Mom-in-law told you so.

You must behave like a sanskaari, dutiful daughter-in-law and following her holy footsteps you must also respect and honour elder’s wishes, instructions, orders etc.

2. A child with no sibling will suffer from loneliness.

Think about your child whose onlyness will result in loneliness. His development will be thwarted without the constant stimulation provided by the sibling. He will turn out to be anti-social, an outcast, too full of himself or, all hell letting loose, he might turn to books and not recover ever.

3. External peer pressure.

Your friends and neighbours have 2 kids and they take upon themselves the social work of convincing you at every available opportunity – How life will be more fun with 2 kids under the same roof? Your roof? Not just any 2 kids but your own 2 kids? You can then graduate to play the role of a mother very well after getting relieved from the duties of being the companion and friend and co-player which you are presently with your only child.

4. Internal pressure.

You can only deal with that by having a second child. Rejoice, there is a solution for everything.

5. Belief in government policies. Old policies are gold policies.

So what if the country has progressed forward from the government’s slogan of ‘Hum do hamare do’, a slogan of the 80s and 90s but how can we forget something we heard constantly for 20 years and also you must follow your parents (assuming you have 1 sibling) who had tremendous belief in the government policies of those times and took the government’s word as final in every sense. And slogans, too, of course.

6. Conditions like medical issues don’t exist, at all

In this age, where there are number of Babas or a Jyotishi (fortune tellers) sitting in your neighbourhood or beaming on TV channels, remedy for any complication or issue, medical or marital, is precisely a upaay (remedy) away. Just spend some money, some dakshina (token), some time and energy in  pooja-paath, yagya-anushthaan, tona-totaka and get cured of your medical issues. Don’t tell me you don’t believe in these outdated practices.

7. Go through the above 6 points again.

Well, I could not think of the 7th silly reason.

Yes, all the above reasons are sillier than silly and unconvincing. If you ask me why will I never have a second child, my answer will be – In the name of equality and liberty and righteousness, I will have to start a new blog dedicated to the second child in addition to this one and that will amount to too much of work for a laid back person like me.

Linking this post to Day 3 of second edition of Bar-A-Thon on the theme β€˜Seven’


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  1. haha. Anamika, this was hilarious. The kind of pressure that is put on us to have a second child no? And when it will come to the child’s education, given both the kids a good life, financially stable life and our sleepless nights, not one of these well-wishers will be around.


  2. Heh heh.. for a moment I thought you were actually planning something. People are quite quite crazy to go by these reasons. It is such a personal decision and yet everyone thinks they have a right to put in their two bits of advice.
    PS: When they say it’s more fun with two kids – they need to specify who it is fun for.


  3. Simply loved this post…the sarcasm was too good..funny, hilarious yet true story for many of us who constantly have to deal with the pressure


  4. Hehe.. That is one awesome post. Leaving all work, I was tempted to read it as soon as I read the title. (coming from you πŸ˜‰ ) and as it opened there I am, smiling and reading.


  5. Having a child first or second or none at all is entirely personal but Anamika if you had a second, you’d have another one to relive those book memories with? You can’t read to D forever ….


  6. Hilarious! That reason for not having another child for yourself made me laugh, Anamika. It is true though. I have a book where I write about/for Kanna but not one for Akash. So not fair, right? After having a second child I’m advising all my friends with one child not to go for another one just because everyone else is. Too much work dear, it is exhausting than the first time. All everyone asked me was only one kid? I hate everyone who questioned me about having a second child before Kanna pressured us into having one.


  7. Very funny post, Anamika and I like your sense of dry humour too! Funny and not so funny at times because some of them are pretty serious issues that women have to deal with on a daily basis! I’ve been getting much of this funda through people I know, well-meaning folks who take it upon themselves to advise you! These days, I feel we are regressing in our mind (esp as a nation) when women are being advised weird things to get pregnant or get through their pregnancy! What appalling things to say, I swear!


  8. I so hear you, Anamika! You do sound like one badmaash ladki in your post! I loved your sarcasm…wish I had it in me to drive away people who insisted I have a child (despite knowing the reason I didn’t want to have one!) with such kind of sarcastic comments! Sigh.

    Hilarious post, Anamika…what with all.the babas amd the jyotishs!


    1. One badmash girl…haha. Meet me in real I am the quintessential sati-savitri types πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ As for sarcasm, it is only for entertainment on the blog otherwise I am very good at saying No please with a straight face πŸ™‚ Thank you for visiting.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Hahaha I loved your reason the most. Totally understand that πŸ˜‚ I don’t even have one kid… The thought of second one scares me.


  10. Hahaha I started to read it .. and at that first point I was like “whaaaat?” hahah- funny … great read to those who might have been under “some” pressure – to give them strength and make them relax again. Choices like that should always be “our own” Other people should mind their own business:-) hugs from me (mother of 2 – by my own choice:-) πŸ™‚


  11. haha! Good fun read for the afternoon πŸ™‚ I have two kids, but I know how the ‘number of kids you should have’ is a burning issue for people around you (if you have no kids or have one child)


  12. Haha.. hilarious .. loved reading this. Thank god I never convinced anyone to have a second kid as myself couldnt handle the pressure.. share this with friend who is so irritated by the social pressure to have a second baby …


  13. Hahha..!! I loved the sarcasm in the post! I too believe in one child… and after reading this I am pretty firm about it!



  14. Haha:) I almost did not click on the post thinking it was just another cliched article, but now I am thankful I did. I dig the sarcastic voice and “amazing” reasons. I am having my second one soon, I confess I don’t know the exact reason other than I wanted to. At one point or the other I have been fortunate enough to be advised by relatives I meet once in a while, random acquaintances, or even the maid on this topic:)


  15. That was a fun read, Anamika. Have been hearing all these for years. And then there’s that a second child will complete your family!! *Rolls Eyes* Also that your child will not grow up to selfish… Why cant people live and let live!!


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