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Dhruv’s sickness has held us captive in the hot summer of North India and we couldn’t return home to the cool weather on the said date. While the last 3 days were kind of difficult for him with severe dehydration and stomach infection, there is something he has discovered lying on the bed and recovering and that is Google voice search.

As soon as he is able to muster some energy, he can be heard speaking different combinations into the phone and watching the images. Cars top his search, undoubtedly, followed by his latest interest – sea snakes. He has got intrigued with the fact that snakes can thrive in the sea as well. His new questions are-

What do sea snakes do to people?

Do they bite people on the sea beach?

Are they poisonous?

Do they eat fish?

When I conveyed my inability to answer his questions accurately since I never bothered to find out about sea snakes, he took to research about them himself. This morning he took to educate me about them based upon the video he was watching. One point that he harped on bringing to my notice was a visual of a nervous snake – “Mummy, snakes can be nervous too.”

A diver holding a sea snake  – the most intriguing photo. Picture courtesy – BBC Earth

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  1. So many avenues to gain knowledge isn’t it? I remember poring over the Britannica encyclopedia in the school library to find out about anything. Things are so much more easy now. And kids, sure have the most interesting questions, that can be thankfully be answered by Google baba!


  2. It’s really amazing to consider that the world our children are growing up in has vast amounts of knowledge accessible at the touch of a single button. I can remember being a child, and writing down a question I had thought of to look up in the encyclopedia later. Now, all I have to do is search on my phone and I can learn anything I want, right from the comfort of my own bed (or couch, or house, or classroom, etc). It’s amazing! His curiosity is wonderful – good for him!


  3. Hahaha..he has quite the curious mind. Glad he is able to keep himself entertained and informed even when he isn’t feeling too well. Is he doing better now though?


  4. a curious mind is a great thing, he will grow up to be very smart. That photo is amazing, I would be so scared! #mg


  5. Yes, a curious mind. I spent hours with the set of encyclopedias my parents scrimped and saved to purchase. I hope your son has a speedy recovery.


  6. I’d say a nervous snake is one to be more frightened of, right?? Especially sea snakes I’d be more worried because you wouldn’t note their presence till you are right next to them and it isn’t as easy to move away as in land.


  7. Oh, great- I wish some adults would keep that curiosity that kids posses also… So much to explore… Loved reading this – very entertaining:-)


  8. I love that he’s searching sea snakes! I saw one many years ago on a holiday. It was so odd looking — and my brain couldn’t make sense as to what a snake was doing in the sea vs. in the forest.


  9. I love his curiosity. The questions my son comes out with never fail to amaze me and I find myself searching google a lot! I didn’t know about the voice search, I can totally see my son having hours of fun with this one x


  10. Kids have found google to be their latest avenue.. My kids often do this, and I end up feeling a tad upset that they arent coming to me much for their answers. Nevertheless it is great fun to later discuss their online discovery!!!


  11. Too bad Dhruv fell ill. Hope he is better now. North Indian heat can be painful. I love his curious mind. Oh and voice search is so much fun. My kids are well able to type yet they keep using it. All of last week they were shouting at it – ‘Cakes for twins with Pokemon and flowers’. Crazy!


  12. Wow! Isn’t he so inquisitive all in the right way? I have never thought of sea snakes too 🙂 I am sure it must be a mental exercise for you to follow it all. We, adults, get so boring. Isn’t it?
    Hope he is feeling better now.


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