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Where is the time to read #MondayMusings

6 days.

My mind fetched out the calculation.

It has been 6 days of Dhruv having nothing to do with the story books  he had brought with him from Bangalore in his school bag.

While we were packing our bags at home for the summer vacation, I suggested to him if he would like to pack a few books and out came too many of them. Some had hard cover which made his bag heavier but he was reluctant to leave them behind. To Dhruv’s relief, Papa chipped in to give the hardcover books place in his own suitcase.

Are you sure you are going to read all these books in Delhi?”, I asked him and he said a confident “Yes”.

‘Fine enough’ was my thought.

And yes, he did read during the first 15 days we spent at Dadi’s place. He read the Fantastic Mr Fox to me in addition to the picture books, he had got with him, and he listened to me read aloud ‘The Little Legends’, the book we had received in the April’s Enchantico Box. Inspite of the marathon running TV, what worked in favour of reading there was no internet and absolutely nowhere to go for various reasons.

15 days later, we moved to Nanu-Nani’s place.

As soon as the elevator reached the 8th Floor of the building where my parents live , Dhruv instantly metamorphosed into  a new Avataar, with the blue colour missing of course..

Aankhon main chamak

Chaal main uchaal,

Non-stop shaitaani karne ke liye

ho gaye hum tayyaar.

This  by no means was new to me since  this has always been the case.  Merely landing on this 8th floor absolves him of all the bindings and mannerisms I keep him subjected to.  Staying in my parents’ home, every rule book which both of us follow throughout the year gets defied.  Additionally, this year he has been stunning everyone with his display of quick-witted opinions and comments and his books have been feeling deprived of his attention.

Dhruv, you have not been reading,” I remarked.

Mummy we are at Nanu-Nani’s place“, he made the self-explanatory statement which meant ‘Where is the time to read.”

And, I cannot disagree with all the non-stop action in the house in the form of 5 rounds of Ludo in a day coupled with another board game, adventure sports setting made of jumping over sofas and table, karate demonstrations, home cricket, catch and throw ball,  filling water in the cooler twice a day and bombarding others’ minds, throughout the day, with advertising to offer his cooler filling services, worrying about the world’s water problem after watching a programme on Nat Geo, and making songs about the 3 popular names on news channels – Kejriwal, Modi and Trump.

10 more days to go before we get back to routine with the school re-opening..

Where is the time to read when playing ping pong with the bat and kaleerein (hanging from the curtain rod) is so much fun.

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18 thoughts on “Where is the time to read #MondayMusings

  1. Dashy on said:

    Haha, true that! Where is the time to read? Sometimes even I feel the same way although the engagements are a little different from Dhruv’s :p .It’s nice that Dhruv is spending time on such exciting games rather than sticking to the screen. 🙂


  2. Esha M Dutta on said:

    I can see your exasperation Anamika. I guess you’ll have to let him have a total free rein for a few days before he comes back to the routine of reading. This is the first year that I’m seeing Arjyo not opening any of his coursebooks over the holidays. I was concerned initially but perhaps somewhere he also needs to let his hair down and just relax doing mindless things before school begins in another 10 days. So, what do I do about it? Well, nothing really. Just jet him be. All kids deserve to have some time doing silly things over the vacations, as we all did sometimes! You have fun n enjoy the rest of the holidays following Dhruv 😀


  3. I think this is what happens to most kids when they go to their grandparent’s.
    My parents they don’t let me scold M when they are here. It’s just something that happens.
    You just focus on your remaining holidays 🙂


  4. Sometimes a kid must be a kid, and at what better place than at the grandparents’? I didn’t have that opportunity and I felt wistful reading your story. Enjoy the sight of him playing – too soon he will be grown.


  5. Funny how different sets of grandparents make the same child react differently!


  6. Shirley Corder on said:

    Isn’t it amazing how a child morphs into a grandchild when he’s in their presence? Frustrating for the parents but shows a certain cleverness (craftiness?) in the little darlings . . . Today, I’m reminded It’s a Wonderful World!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. All kids undergo a transformation when it comes to the grandparents. It’s as if they finally have some relief from the reins of the parents 😉 Totally normal. Don’t worry. As long as he is fine otherwise and you know the routine is waiting for him when he gets back. He’ll slip right back in, you’ll see. Reading never really goes away for those who start on it young. Trust me.


  8. It happebs almost with all the kids. They transformed to a whole new person. My elder one didn’t even mind to see whether I am around or not.. He is totally the grand parent’s child .. But will get back to routine once we came from there… Let him have a good time …


  9. My little one is totally my daddy’s girl too..Without seeing my grandfather she does not even sleep and i ensure that during the holidays she spend time with him…From reading books to her to teaching her to play dad does everything


  10. Kids know what and when to leverage and take full advantage!! I see all this in my sisters son and wonder at his 4 yo mind to manipulate things to his liking and sooooo easily! Plus an answer to everything! 🙂


  11. No way to escape it for now – the grandparent-grandchild nexus is tighter than the Italian mafia… you are the odd one out here 🙂

    Can you really be pain-free and play mobile games while undergoing surgery? Why yes.


  12. This is so true. At nana nani’s there is no time to anything except play, play and more play.


  13. Obsessivemom on said:

    Ha ha… you do this 15 day-15 day split too. How very interesting! Let the poor kid be. Nanu Nani’s house is for breaking all rules.


  14. So much fun and I am glad he can do what he wants once a year 😉 That picture is so cute.
    On a lighter note – 8th floor does that to people. If I ever have to live in a high rise apartment, I would choose the top most floor. It’s fun on top 🙂


  15. Where’s the time to read, indeed?
    Although I must confess – my little one is too engrossed in reading. And by reading, I mean, me reading and him putting his feet up and imagining it all.
    Ah, school reopens soon, eh? Nice!


  16. shanayatales on said:

    Well, I guess it’s not the end of the world if he doesn’t get to read for some days as he spends time with his Nana Nani, which he so obviously enjoys so much. And there is always time for routine when you get back. 🙂


  17. This is so true. Where is the time to read?


  18. So, nice your kid is(: … helpful and active and worries about the water situation in the world. Kids should enjoy their holidays, reading though necessary and a good habbit, playing and doing the things your son did at the second place is more fun and important. I like it that he is expressing intelligent opinions now itself… he is definitely smart.


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