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Lonesome #WordlessWednesday 1


Does watching a bare tree intrigue you?

Does it make you contemplate of how long it has been there in the same place watching over the world changing around it? How much it must have seen and what all?

Does it make you wonder whether it is lonely or in solitude?

Does it give a sense of spookiness about the place?

In the month of January, we went on a weekend trip to Chikmagalur. This photo was clicked on our visit to Hirekolale Lake.

I am joining Parul Thakur, this week, with her Wordless Wednesday post for the theme ‘Love of Trees’. 

Please feel free to join her with your own photograph of a tree (or trees). It could be just the photo or you may write a few lines about it. 

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13 thoughts on “Lonesome #WordlessWednesday 1

  1. Beautiful thoughts raised in this post, Anamika. This one must have seen so much around it….so much must have changed too…and yes, they can be very spooky too, especially the bare ones. I love trees, irrespective of whether they are bare, in foliage, half cut, even dead – anything that is or was a tree once, looks beautiful to me in a unique kind of way. I liked the setting of the tree and the way this shot was composed.


  2. Trees that are bare fascinate me…they look spooky and majestic all at once. Great picture there and some poignant words to go with it.


  3. Great picture and exactly my thoughts when I see a tree. I feel that there is a thing about them – a charm, something mysterious and then something that tells me they know more than humans.
    Thank you so much for joining me Anamika.


  4. I think it is enjoying its solitude till the leaves come back in Spring like I used to until last year when Kanna was at school and I was free to do anything with my solitude. 🙂 Beautiful capture, Anamika.


  5. Everything about nature intrigues me. This is one awesome tree.


  6. It’s rather amazing how one single thing can have so many different interpretations and perspectives, isn’t it?
    So much food for thought!


  7. Loved the lone temple and worshipper by the tree…. There is an element of calmness that I can sense from the image…


  8. Great capture.


  9. I find such trees beautiful. I can just sit and stare at them till I get hungry and need to go find something to eat. They remind me old people, wise and lonely.


  10. Trees as such evoke mutliple emotions in me. More so, if there are tall or huge and isolated. My thoughts veer back to the days and events that they might have witnessed over the years. I love the capture, Anamika 🙂


  11. inquisitivegeet on said:

    Such much we can interpret by looking at one picture! And that adds really some perspective!



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