5 lessons I learnt as a mother #MondayMommyMoments

Learning continues for as long we live, whether we acknowledge it or not. And, when you are a mom, your children become the instrumental factor which ensures you get transformed into a completely new and improved version of yourself.

While I was a child, I used to wonder if my mother had some sort of superpowers or if she knew magic because everytime she could smell and unearth our, me and my brother’s, mischiefs. When Dhruv was born, I contemplated if I will ever be a smart mom as my mother? How was I going to develop the Mom’s Superpowers in minding him? As life meandered around over the last 5 years, I can tell you I have learnt enough (and continue to learn everyday) about playing the role of a mom, about trusting my instincts in raising him and about life in general. For once, I have also developed an extra pair of eyes behind my head, to Dhruv’s utmost fancy, to watch over him, to remind him to keep eating his meal, to finish his homework in time, to tidy-up even when I work in the kitchen facing the wall or when in another room.

Here are the 5 lessons I have learnt as a mother –

Cooking can give satisfaction –

I used to be that person who disliked, okay despised cooking. Since I never had culinary inclinations but was forcibly inducted into cooking, I never made an attempt to improve my cooking skills. This has changed now. The time spent in planning the ingredients for meal preparations and the actual cooking part gives me satisfaction now, especially when Dhruv finishes off his meal without the constant reminders.

Overcoming my comfort zones – 

I was the person who spoke sparingly, kept to myself for the most of it and seldom crossed my comfort zones. Being a mother has definitely taken care of my introversion. I have discovered the chatty side of me and more often than not, I have transcended my comfort zone barriers. Once, I was forced to invite Dhruv’s teachers at home because he, as a 4 year old, wouldn’t simply accept that teachers don’t visit children at home. What all prep talks I had to give myself before agreeing to write a letter to his teachers, only I know. You can read about this episode in this post.

The truth is there is only one person for whom I dare to overcome my barriers and he is Dhruv. I wouldn’t do it for anyone else.

Heightened Awareness – 

Being a mom, I could never have the luxury of getting away with whatever tantrum I threw at him, unlike my parents whom we never questioned back. Although he remains quiet when the situation is thick but he always comes back politely questioning and demanding if there was a need to let the things go, at my end, the way they went. The fact that I was (and am) answerable to him for my conduct, I had to work on my awareness levels to keep my temper in check.

Keeping the home remedies always handy – 

I am not a fan of Allopathic medicines. I do not use them in conditions of stomach aches, cough & cold and fevers. Due to this, I always keep home remedies handy to treat such ailments. I have not taken Dhruv to the Doctor in the last 2 years for these conditions as I have been able to treat them at home. I am grateful that the sick days in my home in relation to Dhruv have been very few.

Now the fun part.

Cars have personality –

A car to me was a mere means of transportation. Being the mom, I had to learn cars are more than the generic term ‘CAR. They have names and they have to be honoured with the names at all times. The registration numbers of the cars are a source for constant quizzing. Eg- Which state is HR, TN, KA, JK etc? And, did I forget that Tyres also have names? Evening walks are meant for explorations all things cars.

Would you like to join me with your own 5 lessons learnt as a mom?

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  1. Those are some lovely lessons, Anamika and I can relate to all of them. Being a mommy is a very interesting journey, where we learn something or the other everyday. Agree with you, it’s because of kids we stretch our limits and do things which we thought we could never do.


  2. Loved reading it Anamika..and agree with you on the overcoming my comfort zones point. I was always a very quiet one and now I am not anymore. I tried doing all those things which can be good for my kids and for that we need to come out of our comfort zones. Thanks for linking up with #MondayMommyMoments


  3. My mother too was once quiet and a bit reserved… but I remember she would find me friends in a marriage ceremony when I was a kid, or in a party, so that I could enjoy my time and not go into my shy shell …. she would talk to those around who had kids around my age, and make acquaintances….

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  4. Oh yes.. agree with all of those. The one about food and moving out of our comfort zones – so true. Lol to that last one.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Anamika that accountability to our child thing is new with me.Because they are children right?They are small and we are big!But those little eyes follow you everywhere.Thank you for sharing your journey with us on #MondayMommyMoments.Feel free to add your other posts which you would love to share.


  6. Great lessons, Anamika, especially the cars one. You are right, becoming a parent shifts something from inside of us that we voluntarily take up new challenges that once we were scared of or not comfortable with. All that for our little people. You know Kanna firmly believes that I have a pair of eyes behind my head and that I have superpowers enabling me to know what’s he doing when we are in different rooms. It’s so fun to freak him out like that. 😉


  7. Loved you post Anamika. Regarding home remedies, now i became an expert in advising other mothers. Didn’t have this knowledge till I had my kids. Heard somewhere in facebook that a desperate mother can do a research better than an actual research scientist.

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  8. Can relate to almost every learning- Controlling my tempers, started enjoying cooking, Improving myself for him And yes, my knowledge for Cars is increasing too. It was fun reading this post Anamika.


  9. Glad you shared the lessons that you keep learning and it’s very helpful. We keep learning at every point in life, be it the daily interactions and the small things we come across. I am learning the virtues of patience, coming to terms with things and even the small upsets.


  10. Hi Anamika, becoming a mom of a boy ensures you have up to date knowledge of cars! And yes when a child’s stomach is full with his favourite things all other things are at bay. Nicely collaborated points.


  11. What a lovely, lovely well thought out post. It’s so interesting how you have adapted and changed yourself to somebody you are comfortable being thanks to your little one. Life truly has ways around spinning magic in our lives.


  12. Beautiful post, Anamika. Loved the five lessons you’ve listed. The last one about cars as I’ve been there myself with Arjyo at age 4! The thing about accountability I understand very well because I too believe that kids should learn to question things from an early age. To live the ‘truth’ that I tell him to practice I must be living the words that I speak. So, accountability does come into that as well. Inspired by your post, I think I will join in and write a post on my learnings too. 🙂


  13. Hahah… I loved the last point most!!! Cars have personalities!!! I get to witness the same, only cars changed into soft pet buddies… naming and talking to them has become my habit now 😉 lovely funny read. Love it


  14. Cars! That’s so boys! My boy is hardly 3 and he has already picked up the car names. My DD wouldn’t care less if it was named a mule instead of a BMW!


  15. Haha! I would never had guessed that cars have a personality 😉
    You really got his teachers home. That’s so sweet, and loved his logic. Will read that post now!


  16. Motherhood changes us in so many incredibly interesting ways. I’m so thrilled to see that you too aren’t a fan of allopathic medicines! As for the cooking, sigh, you’re better than me at this. Although I must admit that the more interest I take in cooking, the better is Gy’s interest in eating too. I find myself being doubtful about myself as a mom these days but these tiny reminders also help 🙂 More power to you, Anamika ❤


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