The Bespectacled Mother

Mind Boggling


Can I tell you something?


You know people think they are wearing clothes but actually, they are naked.


And, when people go wearing their mountaineering shoes, it is actually just their legs.

What was that? I did not understand it.

Why didn’t you understand it?

Ok! Repeat it once more.

People think they are wearing clothes but actually, they are naked and when people go wearing their mountaineering shoes, it is actually just their legs.

I am sorry I have still not understood it.

Then I think you have to grow a little older to get it. You will get it when you turn 44.

Oh! Is it?

Yesterday –

I thought hard about what you said that day. I think I understand it now. It was kind of intelligent. Where do you learn all this from? Some school discussion?

I know everything myself.

Were you talking about signs that day? S-I-G-N-S signs?

No, I was talking about science. S-I-E-N-C-E!

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26 thoughts on “Mind Boggling

  1. Thanks for the smile, Anamika.


  2. Aha! You were taken in Anamika. Love this piece and so much fun to read on a Monday morning.


  3. Umm… I have to be honest. I am totally lost. I read it thrice but I still did not get it :/

    My Science-Defying Strawberry Milkshake


  4. It is like my son talking incessantly about pokemon cards and their moves and their evolutions and mega-evolutions…..phew…!!!


  5. Your little fellow really thinks laterally


  6. Ok I am lost…and I can’t wait till I am 44…


  7. Omg! Mind boggling and I don’t get it. Gosh! And I don’t want to be 44 too 😛 So much fun, Anamika. How do you handle his smartness? 😉


  8. Tina Basu on said:

    I think I am lost. why am I naked while i am wearing clothes? DO I really need to wait another 13 years?


  9. I m still 🤔. My mind is not working .


  10. 😮 Kya he ye ???? Now i am getting scared of Dhruv’s (children’s) questions.. 😛


  11. I’m totally and completely and utterly lost. I read it 5 times, and I still didn’t get it. What’s this mystery?!


  12. Ha ha…52 and I still don’t get it. Tell him I give up – can I get the answers please! 😉


  13. I actually love the question: “Why didn’t you understand it?” As if it makes perfect sense.


  14. I might get this in another 11 years. In the mean time, the first bit reminds me of the Emperor’s new clothes 🙂


  15. Beat About The Book on said:

    Yeah i read it and now I have the urge to go check in the mirror if I’m really wearing anything. Seriously your little one is into dangerous mind-games.


  16. LOL! Love how his mind works! Thanks for the giggles!


  17. mackenzieglanville on said:

    Hmm not sure??? maybe I have to be 44? #mg


  18. Such interesting questions can be asked only by children and mine ask when they are studying. I get confused as to answer them or scold for wasting time


  19. I LOVED this, Anamika! This dialogue that was going on, seemed like something happening between you and your little one! Or, was it? Watch out, you have an Einstein growing up at home! 🙂 ❤


  20. I think I kind of understand the naked even though wearing clothes part. But the last part of the conversation confused me. Where is he getting all this wisdom from? He is not 44 yet, or is he? What is this Anamika, tell me, tell me, tell me now!


  21. I’m totally lost here, Anamika! But I like the way he propounds his theories. All we need is someone craftier and cleverer than him to come and dissect his theories as it has been with philosophers through the course of history. I bet none of us can do that yet! Haha…loved the funny premises of his logic!


  22. I had a same question in my mind as a kid . I am not 44 yet but I know the answer 😀


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