15 things which make me happy #MondayMusings

2 weeks of January 2017 have already passed. How fast does time fly, isn’t it? Time simply keeps ticking away and if we do not take the initiative ourselves to pause and reflect, we are sure to get sucked in the tide.

It is January and the whole of North India is shivering under the spell of freezing temperatures. This period means that my parents fly down south to Bangalore to  spend time with us. This year, we have a full on re-union with my brother and sister-in-law also joining us in the city. It has been happier times for me and Dhruv waiting for them to arrive and finally, that they have arrived, we are experiencing some difficulty in containing our ever-spilling euphoria.

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While I express gratitude for these happy moments, I thought it would be worthwhile to put together my list of things which make me content and joyous any given day.

  1. A pan pizza with jalapeno and pineapple toppings.
  2. Waking up everyday by 5 am so as to get half-an-hour to spend time all alone with myself and get my mind sorted.
  3. Winding up my day and hitting the bed by 8.30 pm to have 30-45 minutes of relaxed reading time with Dhruv.
  4. My head space filled with books.
  5. Dhruv insisting on finishing off the chapter, he is reading, on priority when I ask him to sleep in case he is feeling sleepy or it is past his sleeping time.
  6.  Witnessing the progress we are making with respect to his reading ability from the days when we started almost 4 years ago.
  7. Getting baffled by his questions.
  8. My own reading time which I steal from other chores.
  9. Not getting to cook sometimes.
  10. Eavesdropping on the stories Dhruv and his father conjure up and tell each other over the long ISD calls.
  11. Online connections with like-minded bloggers and getting to know them personally through their stories.
  12. Reminiscing the good olden times.
  13. Watching the Universe conspiring and re-establishing relationships with people I  had decided I have got out of touch with.
  14. Becoming carefree when around my parents.
  15. The place where I live presently. There are 4 very old and shady Banyan and Peepal trees inside the apartment compound which keep the apartment complex cooler than the outside in summers.

Would you like to join me in making your own happy list? I will be happy to pass on the tag.

I am tagging Vasantha Vivek of My Sweet Nothings to join me with her happy list.

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#Monday Musings



  1. Things that make me happy today :
    1. My weight still remains at 85 kg inspite of going off the diet for about two months- it may be my new normal, until I start the diet again.
    2. Driving to work today- there was less traffic and I could afford to take a few moments to day dream, which I normally cannot do. Before I knew it, I was at work.
    3. Reading your blog this morning- makes me feel positive.
    4. My boss hasn’t yet turned up; so I could get to my desk before her. 🙂
    5. Not hungry yet though it is 9 am and that is a big positive me, otherwise, always ready to eat.
    6. Cold weather.


  2. Such wonderful little moments of happiness in a day! Quite a few of them would on my list as well, like, holiday from cooking, reading time, online connections, going down the memory lane, time with parents, head filled with books…
    Thanks for the inspiration. I am heading to write my list too.
    Have a great week ahead, Anamika 🙂


  3. Sometimes i think how perfectly you and other bloggers/writers manage everything. Whenever i start sticking to some routine, it never lasts much long. 😛

    Hope to be in your footsteps soon.. 😀


  4. So wonderful, Anamika. It’s so great to have family visiting. And a good pizza any day is welcome 🙂 I might make a similar list, if my health and time permits. Stay happy. Loved this feel good post. Much needed.


  5. Lovely post to read as I pause to take a short break in an otherwise crazy day. Enjoy the times with your family… this is most precious since you’ve been waiting for it for so long!! I might make a list myself once i get a breather. Jay is travelling and I’m dropping and picking up Arjyo from school as it is exam week and he is down with high fever. Wanted to join in for Monday Musings but not sure when I will get down to sit and type a few words for the post. Before I digress, Well done to Dhruv for progressing on the reading front! Well done to mommy’s efforts too for sticking to the reading routine. Have a great week ahead 😊👍


  6. Little things that bring along boundless joy into our lives are so precious!
    I especially liked that one- watching the universe conspiring and re establishing relationships .I agree with that one being a favourite thing! It’s my fav,too!


  7. Reading your apparently simple list that holds the key to your happiness, makes me wonder how little we need to be happy, isn’t it? I hope you are making the most of these days with the family…they are precious moments, savour them and enjoy. It was wonderful to know about Dhruv’s reading progress. Kudos to your efforts to see him through every odd to ensure he reads. These to me make a lot of sense because a mother’s joy to see her child progress is an incomparable one. Would love to join in as soon as I get some time to sit quietly and think through. Arjyo has been down with fever since last Friday and I’m helping him with revisions, besides the school run to and back, as this is his exam week and he can’t miss a day! Your post cheered me up today, Anamika. 🙂


  8. What a happy list and such simple things too. I love it how reading and writing are such an integral part of your life and even more that you are passing on this love to Dhruv.


  9. I look forward to the time I spend with my parents. They simply make me happy and content. You should savour every moment you get with them, Anamika. It is also good to know that Dhruv is already into reading. Good effort from your part. Online connections with fellow bloggers are fun, aren’t they? I enjoy the feeling of oneness that I feel when i am connected to them on social media 🙂


    1. Waking up by 5 am and ending the day by 8.30 pm helps me stay sane. If one of this schedule gets disturbed, my head space gets cluttered. I am sure reading with your daughter must be creating cherishing moments for life. Your last line adds to my happiness 🙂


  10. Family reunions are the best! I enjoyed reading your list Anamika. I admire you for waking up so early. I cannot do it. Reading bit I agree. I also enjoy reading. And not cooking once in a while is bliss too.


  11. That’s such a happy post, Anamika. Indeed there are many big and small things that make up our lives content, happy and joyful. I was smiling as I read through your list – with pizza leading the list 🙂 Have a wonderful time with family. I know how precious such get-togethers are and the lifelong memories created during these visits.


  12. So lovely to read this list and reminds me of my 99 things that make me happy list 🙂
    Reading, time for self, carefree around parents, universe conspiring to bring things to full circle are some of my happy things too. Your post made me smile and for that, thank you. Wishing you many more happy moments.


  13. Time spent with the family is indeed the best thing in life. Your parents would surely find the climate of Bangalore a good retreat away from the cold of north India..

    Love your list… Couple of things match with what would have been on my list too… Like getting g up at 5 am, a mind full.of books and definitely a loaded pizza


    1. For book lovers, a mind full of books tops the happiness list. Only pizza can surpass that 😀 My parents are really having a good time here with me. They thank their stars when they watch the Delhi weather on news.


  14. This is such a beautiful and happy post, Anamika. A lot of your happiness comes from reading. I enjoy reading with Kanna. He tells me what his teacher is reading to them at school and wants to read them at home too. So we download the book on kindle and we read together. I’m not able to wake up a bit earlier to have that alone time these days. Somehow I feel it is my fault that I am tired and wants to sleep more! Thanks for sharing your happy list, Anamika!


    1. Reading with children is the most gratifying feeling, if I can call it so. It is not at all your fault for wanting to sleep more because you have a small baby. With babies schedules don’t work and besides you also have Kanna. I can never imagine what will I do if I step into the shoes of all those people who have 2 children, one of them a baby.


  15. Happy times with family are to be cherished. I miss my siblings and mom who live in Mumbai while I shiver and sweat in Delhi. It’s a joy to see our kids reading books, my daughter started reading very early and when she was three years old she used to argue with me at the library. We could take only 3 books home, she wanted to take 2 out of them 🙂

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