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I have nothing to write about today. There are ideas sitting in my head lazily and telling me today is not their day to venture out. What do I do? What do I tell? And, Monday being a Monday, I have to meet you all with some story. So, I think I will take you back to my childhood when I was in 5th-6th Std and my parents were building a house of their dreams.

Back then in the early 90s, one used to build a house with intense passion hoping it would last a lifetime or even generations. My parents, literally, built that house with a lot of sweat and blood. The blood part is true too because my father once returning home after meeting the owner of the kiln, who had cheated, met with an accident on the way. Β Every aspect of the house, be it the door designs or the flooring patterns or the verandah or the porch or even the window grill designs, everything was finalised only after days of agreements and disagreements and several sheets of paper drawings were spent on them. When it came to the porch planning, I was the one who was the most excited since the plan included 2 big hooks in the centre of the porch roof. The idea that we will be having a big swinging bench in our house caught upon with my imagination. Night and day, I dreamed of swinging in the bench eating, studying, chatting and fighting with my brother. 2 years hence, the house got ready for us to move in. I lived there for 6 years but no swing was ever put up. It wasn’t deemed feasible because our car had to move from under the porch to the garage at the other end.

For the record, I still love swinging. I may not swing in my apartment’s park because now I am a grown up and a Mumma and also an Aunty. Also, because there are flats hovering over the park and more people know me than I know them. Not that I am famous or anything, I am just a regular face by the park watching upon Dhruv nearly every evening. However, whenever I go visiting my parents or go on a holiday (which has been Coorg for 3 times straight), this is one thing I never miss doing – swinging, with a child like enthusiasm.

Image Courtesy – Pixabay

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#Monday Musings



  1. Nostalgia .. Even i recall all similar thoughts in my brain when I want to catch the swing ..I remember my recent memory of a traditional swing (hung on a huge tree branch ) at Jaigarh Fort Jaipur , I enjoyed it until my in laws told me it was time we leave πŸ™‚


  2. Hey Anamika, I love swings and after becoming a Mother, I let my love for swings fly. We both used to swing and sing abc along. Its a lovely memory where 2 of us spent some quality time together. Doesn’t matter if I am Mommy or an Aunty. I do what I love.


  3. Childhood memories are precious indeed. It’s a wonder how some thoughts linger longer. And they stay with us for the rest of our lives.

    Have a great week Anamika… Your words are flowing like an ebb despite the ideas remaining inside u.


  4. Loved reading about your childhood memory, Anamika. I guess our parents are from that generation which has struggled enough to build a dream house. I lost my childhood time with my father owing to that dream house. That dream house where we have not stayed even for a single day.

    Swinging is something I love too. And I did swing this time when we went on a holiday to Corbett. I do have plans to get one for our terrace. Never said anything about it to the girls because I don’t like to spoil surprises. Sometime soon. πŸ™‚


  5. Swing Anamika and care not what others will think…..It is an innocent pastime and shouldn’t bother anyone….but it will give you immense joy…..I do that whenever I go to the park with my kids….This post reminded me of a beautiful poem by Amit Agarwal of Safarnama on a house that one has left – it is written from the perspective of the house which feels your absence….I will share that poem with you….


  6. Ah, so much nostalgia! My sister and I have spent countless hours talking, fighting, crying, reading on the swing at home. Alas, my apartment’s balcony has no place for a swing – and I so miss swaying on it gently as I lose myself in a new daydream!


  7. I think swings are irreplaceable parts of childhoods of 80s kids… I m so in love with all kind of swings, I can live on swing if I need to.


  8. You would not believe what I am going to tell you. And this could become a post too. So my parents believed that living in a rented house was more economical and with that philosophy I left home at 17. My parents remembered that as a young girl, their daughter wanted a swing in the living area. So, when they actually bought a house and I was 19, moved out – a swing was put in there. That bamboo one, one chair kind of stuff. It’s still there and I go and that becomes my place for all the days that I stay.
    Thank you for reminding me of the story. what a heart warming post. ❀


  9. Childhood memories really are so precious, and they do seem to linger longer and be much stronger than memories of much more recent events, paradoxically. As a child I fantasised about having one of those chairs that hang from the ceiling inside the house, or a hammock – what is it with kids and things that hang or swing?? #MicroblogMondays


  10. I love swinging too. And my parents also built their house in the early 90s, hoping for it to last generations. I never thought of that as being part of the times, but it absolutely was. I don’t think anyone is making that type of plans now.


  11. I always wanted to have a swing in the porch too. We built our house without one. Then I wanted to have a balcony , me and my tea time. I got a balcony room but I ll be leaving the dream house of mine soon. And I love swinging too. I swing as long as the swing can m stand my weight :p


  12. A sweet memory. I love the swing as well. Some of my friends especially the Gujarati ones had a swing in their living rooms. I remember monopolizing those when l visited. In the park too but not anymore being a mum and all.


  13. I love swings too. In our childhood days during vacation when we visited our grandparents a swing was put up on the beaches if the tree without fail especially for onam vacation swing was a must. My sister and I fought about whose turn next, who was swinging for the most, all the time. I once broke my head by swinging too. Too much fun! Even today when we go to the park I swing if I’m in the mood and of there is a free swing. Sweet post Anamika. I adore your posts when ideas take a break. So cute. πŸ™‚


  14. Ah! Sweet nostalgia πŸ™‚
    Who doesn’t love swings though? We’ve decided that whenever we settle into a place of our own, we will definitely get one of those.
    Well, for now it seems a while away.
    Thanks for sharing that sweet story, Anamika!


  15. My parents’ house has a porch swing. The kiddos love swinging there in the summertime. I’ve been known to swing at the park close to our house, I have no shame! Pushing myself, feeling the wind on my face and my stomach wiggle as I go ever-higher – I will be 80 and still swinging! πŸ™‚


  16. What is it about swing that even us grownups enjoy it, right? I see a swing, I always try it even for just a few swings. It takes me back to childhood and brings out the joy in me.

    Beautifully written!


  17. Oh, lovely post, Anamika. I doubt if there’s anyone who doesn’t love swings (or so I think!!!) I’ve always been very fond of swinging ever since I started school as a kid.Those days, we used to reach school early in order to have our turns before most kids arrived. I loved swinging so much that mom put up one for me and my brother at home in Kohima on one of the passages inside the house esp for us to play on rainy days which used to be long and extended ones in the summers. I always look back fondly at swings even now, and whenever I go on holidays, I have a go at it. If not a swing, even the hammock suffices. Anything that swings will do for me πŸ˜€


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