Blogging and Life Lessons 2016

There are some posts which don’t let one sleep because they compel to get themselves framed in words demanding a pencil, a diary and a computer finally. This is one such post which whispered to me I cannot proceed further in 2017 without giving due credit to the year which ended 24 hours ago.

2016 was a good enough year for me. The biggest blessing of 2016 was that it endowed me with realisation of the immense inner strength I have. The spirit which was once broken is now a spirit of steel. 2016 saw me completely healed of the hurt I had been carrying on for several years. It saw my relationships strengthening  even with those who were partially responsible for the hurt and pain I endured. This ‘Partial’ thing I have told myself repeatedly because the other part was my own doing for whatever they did, I was the one creating my own hurt. I do not seek or deserve sympathy because I did not suffer in silence, I fought and gave all of them back where it wounded them more. It wasn’t a comfortable place to be in – deviating from my core, becoming one of those and embracing their unfailing negativity. Yet, this is all over now and with writing here for the last time, I intend to close this chapter once and for all.

Let me focus on the positives and the learnings of 2016 –


  • Letting go

    A close friend chose to part ways with me in November 2015 holding me guilty for putting her down with my words. It was difficult for me dealing with it even after a couple of months in 2016 had passed but considering it as the inevitability of life, I let her go.

Learning – When someone holds you responsible for hurting them, irrespective of the fact whether you did it intentionally or otherwise, you have to accept. Accept within yourself and accept to that person. This might prove to be the first step in lessening their pain.

When you learn to live without the ears who were always open to hear you out, you realise you are one whole (person) who can exist and even flourish without the need to share each and every count of happiness and despair with anyone else.

After almost a year, we spoke to each other on 31st Dec putting our past behind us, sharing what our absences meant for each other, sharing the year’s events and learnings with the promise of another call soon.

  • Feeling light

    In the first part of 2016, I woke up one morning feeling lighter. I checked for the reason ‘Howcome?’ I frantically inspected the shelves of my mind and heart to check for my life’s books. The slot next to the book with the title ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ was empty. I searched for that missing book again, everywhere, in my heart, mind and conscience but it was nowhere. And, then it dawned! The book had vanished erasing my life’s episodes recorded in it, forever and for good. That book was my ‘Book of Hurts’. That was the day I got healed.

Learning – If you stop turning the pages of your sobbing hurt stories for a long time and focus only on positives, the emotional wounds heal.

In case you think this was only a creative expression of what happened that morning then I shall tell this is exactly what had happened that morning for I think in terms of books.

  • Blooming relationships 

    I am an introvert and a solitude seeker. I don’t meet people often. I don’t call up people unless I have something concrete to discuss about. I only have a handful of people in my inner circle, a number I can safely manage. Inspite of this, I have witnessed my bonds  and relationships blooming with people I am related to (those not necessarily in my inner circle) and with those around me.

Learning – When you are authentic and believe in yourself, your interactions with people undergo a sea change, many a times creating or strengthening bonds which never existed earlier.

  • Standing up

    I declared to the world, in 2016, I will not do anything I simply do not believe in and, foremost, this included not fasting for the long lives of husband and son. My faith says we are all equal souls and God has bestowed all of us with the same powers. Being in different positions in bodily relations should not mean going against this concept of equality. Praying and fasting for son’s long life is discriminating to our daughters. This way we put down our daughters in a subtle manner that their brothers are more important for their mother’s existence than them. Okay I do not have a daughter and I will never have one. I will never have a second child owing to various reasons including medical reasons but this does not absolve me of my responsibility. I aim at raising a child whose one of the core values shall be equality, both gender wise and spiritually.

    I expected retaliation and criticism from the stakeholders when I conveyed my refusal but there wasn’t any.

Learning  – Standing up for one’s beliefs has to pay off.

I am grateful I could have my way in a peaceful manner. I avoided a clash by not explaining my reason though I should have done that but then that could have resulted in defensive walls springing up.

  • Grappling with illness –

    I fell terribly ill around 15th August. I had hurt my hip and I wasn’t able to move my body below my waist without experiencing a tremendous amount of pain. I was in hopeless pain for 4 days and nights since all the hospitals were closed for a 4-day long weekend. I was anxious, shocked and couldn’t think straight. During that time Corinne and Esha kept me floating through their phone calls and messages guiding me. I went to the hospital in emergency and was referred to a surgeon. My mother also flew down to be with me and Dhruv and thankfully no surgery was involved. It     took me a month’s time to get back on my feet again.

Learning – Physical pain also has lots to teach us about our endurance.

In the following month, I fell ill again and this time it was chickenpox. The suffering of chickenpox seemed nothing in comparison to the pain I underwent in the previous month. My face is scarred now but that does not stop me from being grateful to the presence of Corinne and Esha in my life and my loving and caring parents.


I did not blog much in 2016. I tried sticking to the goal of blogging once a week with Monday Musings but a family function and my ailments proved to be impediments.

The highlights in blogging are –

  1. Although, in 2016, I did not have any of my posts published on other online portals like I had in 2015 but I did contribute 3 posts to Write Tribe and was excited when Corinne gave me these opportunities.
  2. I had a long time dream come true with my article getting published in print for the first time, thanks to Corinne again for giving the reference. The magazine was June’16 issue of ‘Complete Well being’ wherein I wrote an article on a topic close to my heart – Raising life-long readers.
  3. In Jan 2016, I joined the blogging group BAR (Blog-A-Rhythm) and had the pleasure of discovering and connecting with so many talented bloggers. While I knew Shailaja earlier, I got to connect with Tulika, Shilpa and Rekha among others. The weeks I blog, I jump sequences of blog links in the FB group to read their posts.The fact that they are wonderful writers writing about life is another big draw for me.
  4. If Write Tribe is home from where I draw my spiritual energy from, BAR is where I draw my blogging energy from. I participated in 7-day long prompt based blogging challenge Bar-A-Thon  organised by BAR. I am not a creative writer or a fiction writer and writing with prompts is not my forte. I took Bar-A-Thon as a challenge and I can gladly say I sailed through it.
  5. Lastly, how can I forget Secret Santa. Thanks to BAR and the Unwrap Christmas group, loads of fun and guessing game got added to my last month of the year 2016 making the year end for me on  a high note.

In the end, will you join me in a simple exercise?

Let us all just not hope but have a deeper affirmation for 2017 that it is going to be the most happier and satisfying year for all of us, individually and collectively. We open our hearts to loads of learning and discovering newer frontiers.


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  1. I found some of the lessons I learnt in 2016 in your post. I hope you have a wonderful and healthy 2017. I enjoyed all your posts last year and always took away something with it. Looking forward to more from you 🙂


  2. I loved the life lessons in your post Anamika – how simple everyday things can throw up life-changing wisdom. Your post exudes a ‘I’m satisfied with whatever life gives me’ vibe and that’s perfect. Thank you for the mention. I am glad you are at the BAR.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a wonderfully hopeful and inspiring post. Glad to read about your learnings. Life is the greatest teacher . Keep happy and keep blessed in 2017


  4. How thoughtfully you have listed all the life lessons. These are very inspiring and really hard to learn and follow as well. I hope you are feeling a lot better healthwise. Wish you lots of happiness and strength. Happy New year 🙂


  5. Pain is a good teacher but at times a limiting one too. As I read through your post I realized that you took what was best from this teacher and moved on to live life completely. The recovery from physical illnesses, the love of friends and family members, the few but definite steps in the world of blogging are proof of your die-hard spirit. Letting go of the book of hurts is a positive I will try to keep implementing taking cue from your post. Yesterday I learnt something from Shailaja’s post on peace and today from yours. I hope I keep learning and living these invaluable lessons. Thanks Anamika.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I learned a very important lesson of not ‘overthinking’ last year…it gave me much peace many a times (similar to a few of your learnings).

    Have a better New Year…that way there will be more learnings 😊


  7. Your lessons make immense sense, Anamika. I did learn soemthing from your post today and I owe you for that. I never knew about your illness. It is good to know that Corinne and Esha were there. Who said online friendship couldn’t flourish to the level of being there for each other during tough times. I loved reading your posts in 2016, especially your personal posts. I hope to visit you more often in 2017 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Nravo to the life lessons, Anamika. I had gone through something similar a few years ago and I understand. I hope you have a very happy 2017 🙂


  9. Oh wow, that was a really interesting, honest, well written and powerful read:-) Good for you – to stand up for what you believe in takes some gut. Best of luck for 2017 too – and great how life is – a constant journey where we learn, and move on. All the best:-)


  10. Life is all about learning, forgiving, letting go of what is no longer yours, and appreciating what you’ve still got. 2016, for me, was similar. Injury, pain, and perseverance introduced me to my own inner strength. ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ was the lesson I learnt too. And I also learnt to recognize what really mattered. 2016 was a difficult year, but a gratifying one.
    Have a great 2017, girl!
    – Chicky @


  11. Every year is a learning one isn’t it! 2016 does seem to have done its fair share of tutoring you with some really important life lessons. It is commendable that you learned to introspect so wisely on whatever life threw at you. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts through this year and I wish you all the very best in all your endeavors for 2017.


  12. Beautiful post, Anamika. Do you think that we really are getting wiser? Focussing on the positivities when life throws its tantrums is a simple and elegant but the most difficult manner and as I see we are willingly attempting to travel in that difficult path! Kudos to you. Parting ways with a friend is extremely tough. I have had my share of this. I don’t know if I could let go completely but I know for sure that that’s the best thing that happened. Feeling lighter – some days I wake up with that feeling and some days I wake up with a push and pull feeling heavier and heavier. I am so happy to know that you have healed. It’s wonderful. 🙂 Standing up for our belief pays off and when it happens to us, what a bliss! Hope you are feeling good now. Take care of yourself, Anamika. Enjoy your time off when Dhruv goes to school full day. We need that time, we deserve it. Hugs! ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  13. That was a wonderful, straight from the heart post. I did not realise you had fallen ill in August and September. Hope you are ok now. For the scars, hope you are seeing a skin specialist. My husband also had chicken pox 3 years ago and his whole body, especially the face was terribly scarred. We sought a skin specialist and months of treatment got him back to normal.


  14. A very heartfelt post and I agree with most of the points you mentioned. Hardships and pain makes us a strong person and also teach us many important life lessons. When we are undergoing all this we feel ‘Why we’? But if we look around..everyone is fighting his or her own battle. Good to know you Anamika and more power to you and your blog. Keep writing and inspiring. 🙂


  15. I loved your lessons. In many ways, I also picked up similar lessons from 2016 this year. An important one was how not everyone’s opinion should matter. Someone shared somethings that I did not agree. For a couple of weeks, it hurt me but then I understood that I can’t change what people think of me. I will be who I am and if I am doing things right, I need not worry.

    Have a good 2017, Anamika. I loved reading you this year. Wishing you more heights.


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