Questions raising me!

This space, when it started, was about me and my struggles in raising the toddler Dhruv, primarily single handedly. Life, relations, connections, all had taken a toll on my spirit, breaking me. I was in complete shambles and that reflected in Dhruv too. As I moved along the way, I worked on fixing myself and, consequently, him. Books and reading helped tremendously and we, Dhruv and I, became avid readers. This resulted in this blog talking about his books that we read and our interactions that followed.

Over the last year, this space has seen another make-over with it becoming more about Dhruv’s questions. Questions which come from the stories we read, the places we visit, the programmes and movies we watch or many-a-times just from the whim of his mind. His questions leave me amused, overwhelmed, bewildered, searching my conscience and making amendments in my ways. They also cause me to pat my back , sometimes for providing him clear understanding of aspects rather than dismissing them and on other times for landing into a tangle knowingly. As much as I can say I am raising him, his questions deserve equal credit for raising me up, down, in all directions.

I am raising him and his questions are raising me!


In him, I also see myself – the one with a head full of weird questions but which never left (and never leave) my head space. I did not pose questions to others outside but waited to get my answers in the event of passing time and the answers did come, some in time while some late or very late. May be this explains my patience.

If this musing has become aΒ tad bit heavy for a Monday morning, then try answering a few questions, courtesy you know whom, –

  1. Why are creams (body, face, medicinal) white in colour?
  2. Did someone shove Pluto out of the solar system with his hands?
  3. Why don’t we go to Paris? (Paris because this time Papa flew to England by Air France and his connecting flight was from Paris)
  4. Why do some people (read: Papa) get visa and we cannot?
  5. Which Tyre do you like? Apollo Tyre, JK Tyre or MRF Tyre?
  6. What will happen if the car’s petrol tank is left open and its door is not shut after filling petrol?
  7. Why is there a single line for women for security clearance at the Bangalore Airport while there are so many for men?
  8. Why do the advertisements tell us repeatedly to ‘Build toilets’ (shauchalaya banwayein)?
  9. Did we buy TV faltu main (in vain)? Why are we wasting it when we do not watch it?

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  1. A child’s curiosity needs to be appreciated. Dhruv will grow up to be a smart man, I can feel. As for the questions, I am sure I cannot answer any to his content, but sure one can try. I know you are doing just that πŸ™‚


  2. Oh, boy! That’s quite a lot of questions, Anamika!
    But, you know, that one about what if the car’s petrol tank being left open puzzles me too!
    You know, since an year now, I have been spending a lot of time with my nephew as he was shifted to a school nearer to us. So, for about three hours, there’s just the two of us at home. And, man, does he bombard me with questions (he is in the 2nd grade). Why is the sky blue? Can God hear us? After Chikoo dies and goes to heaven, well, where exactly will he go and how will I be able to cuddle him or talk to him? And, from all of it, I have realised that it’s not just he who is growing, it’s me too, growing along with him as I try and answer his endless questions, solving mysteries and learning so much!


  3. Kids and their questions are the most delightful part of their childhood. They might put us in a fix at times, but as you said rightly we can learn a great deal from them ourselves.
    Happy learning! ☺


  4. Your posts give me benchmarks as a mother. You know, Anamika, I wish in time I can be as sorted as you when it comes to answering or just raising M. So, I am completely in love with your space. And while you are also growing with Dhruv’s questions, your readers like me are growing too. Keep them coming, I say πŸ™‚

    Oh and can I have the answers to all the questions in the next post πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰


  5. Your son reminds me of my younger one who asks non stop questions too. I have a full list of questions with me too. I think kids today are more curious and smarter than our times. Its important to encourage them to ask questions and if we don’t know answers we shd ask them to find out too.


  6. The questions are great (Well done, Dhruv!!!). And, you are also doing a fantastic job of attempting to answer them, Anamika. In my experience, I’ve found that the best part of this exercise is that sometimes while answering these apparently simple questions that kids pose, we also clarify a lot of our own (related) thoughts that might have recurred to us at some point in time. When I read the questions carefully, I found these could be a great way for you to introduce him to the different disciplines, just because they pique his interest. While I could bravely attempt to answer some of those questions listed above, I admit that Qs 2, 5 and 9 would totally stump me. So, please do include the answers to these in your next post. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  7. This brought a huge smile to my face, Anamika. Dhruv is so similar to my boys. My younger son just keeps asking crazy questions all the time. Sometimes l get so mad that l shush him up.


  8. Fantastic questions from Dhruv! πŸ˜€ I can imagine how creative parents are forced to become because of their kids!


  9. That last one is the best of all. Tell me why did you buy the TV? Faltu main kya? Arey dekhne do bechare bachche ko. I’m laughing out loud at his questions… and wondering why body lotions are all white. On a more serious note I agree that children make us think about things we might not have thought about and in answering them we find many answers for ourselves too.


  10. haha Anamika these may seem hilarious, but trust me they sure are intelligent ones. It’s amazing to see how the brain of a child works, ticking away questions and answers..
    Enjoy your parenting with Dhruv. I am sure his curiosity is going to leave u spell bound.


  11. And the questions never end. I’m glad that our kids are smarter than us and keep asking questions without fear. And you are right Anamika, these questions give us a chance to pause, reflect and think from another perspective. Now Kanna is giving me advices, you know. Its high time I wrote about him. I’m keeping a journal of his questions now. πŸ™‚


  12. The ninth question is the best one, I must say! #Bibliophiles

    It’s so good to see kids actually questioning things and eager to learn something new. I do hope it continues forever and ever, because I’ve seen too many people lose that inquisitive streak over the years. And it just makes me wonder whether I’m a bit stupid to keep googling unfamiliar concepts and words the moment I read them or hear about them. Glad to know that my questions are raising me!

    P.S.: the title is so cool!


  13. Oh my ! I know this feeling, you know kids ask question and when we answer they add a why with our answer and again make a question out of it, the next follows the same and it is a never ending array of questions and answers. I have been strict about answer straight and not letting anything to be guessed by my kids. In fact from the beginning there has not been a moment when I have told them – because god made so or it is like that. If I know the concept I tell them that, if not we google them together.
    Menaka Bharathi has recently published


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