Patanjali Pizza? Anyone?

We are a healthy eating family and by family, I mean us – the mother-son duo, keeping the third member out of this context. Dhruv is a picky eater, does not eat everything but is conscious of the classification between junk and healthy foods. He eats green vegetable such as methi (fenugreek) and drumstick leaves with equal ease with which he devours bhindi (okra)Beet root and spinach go into his chapatis with him being aware of it since he cannot eat them in any other form. I follow the rule of letting him know what all he is eating even when it is hidden so that the names get registered in his mind. He dislikes vegetables cooked in gravy and absolutely abhors peas. Even a single pea pod going down his system has the capacity to create a rumble in his tummy and a tumble outside calling for a cleanliness drive around the house.

We do eat chips and chocolates but in moderation. Yet this is not an everyday affair. Our single most junk indulgence is Pizza. We have been ordering it from Dominos twice a month. We have discussed  pizzas are not healthy and agreed they are like slow poison rotting away our internal system. At one point, he asked me to prepare pizza at home instead of ordering it from outside because food cooked at home becomes healthy. I made it at home and the taste was not as good as Dominos’. Thus, we went to back to square one making a slight change to ordering it only once a month at present.


We are also a Patanjali household. Any Patanjali grocery item or personal care item that is available on Big Basket or Grofers finds its way into our house.

I was asked, “Why everything in our house is Patanjali?”

I said, “Because Patanjali products are pure and healthy.”

The blow-up question came next, “Patanjali pizza aata hai kya?” (Is Patanjali Pizza available?)

The answer to Dhruv’s question for the readers, who are not from India, is No. There is no healthier version available.

Image Source : Pixabay

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  1. All the posts I am reading today are about healthy eating. This must be a sign. It’s a good thing that Dhruv understands healthy eating. And he is very smart too. I think the credit must go to you. I haven’t tried Patanjali products yet. But I think I just might. I somehow just can’t make myself focus on healthy eating. I can’t help craving the junk 😦


    1. The credit mainly goes to his school teachers who started emphasizing on students bringing healthy foods in their lunch boxes at the beginning of this school year. I have taken in forward by continuing the discussion at home. Try Patanjali products and add to their ever increasing top line 🙂

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  2. Oh, I love pizza! And, it should be okay to indulge in some sin food once in a while!
    And, I, too, am fond of using Patanjali products. They are really good. Have you tried their atta biscuits (which are like the glucose biscuits, but just healthier and tastier). I and Chikoo fight over those biscuits! 🙂
    Patanjali pizza…hmm..both of you could make pizza at home and call it Patanjali pizza! 🙂
    Your little boy has a very sensible head over his shoulders, Anamika! God bless him!


    1. Aata biscuits! No not till now. In biscuits, I have tried only Marie. I liked it and have not gone back to any other Marie biscuit. Well please don’t fight with Chikoo over biscuits, just share them 😀 For Dhruv’s sensible head, I will tell you he has also asked for Patanjali dosa 🙂 I am not sure if I make unhealthy dosas too.


  3. Dhruv sounds like an ideal boy who eats all his greens. It’s good he is making good choices. Patanjsli has taken even my parent’s place by storm. Everything is replaced by patanjali products.


  4. Haha…make pizza dough at home with Patanjali wheat atta. Voila! Patanjali pizza is ready! 😊
    Appreciate the way you make sure Dhruv gets his nutrition…in whatever form. I made sprouts dosas, veg daliya etc wheb my son was younger. Mothers are wonderful innovators. ☺


    1. Voila! Using Patanjali whole wheat aata to make pizza dough will, for sure, make it Patanjali pizza…Good idea this is 😀 I am going to try it. Our mothers also used to do the same thing with us by hiding veggies some or the other way and we are carrying forward the legacy. Innovators, we are surely 🙂

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  5. What a refreshing post ! Its really heartening to hear that junior is so clued in and high on healthy eating ! So this once in way indulgence in ‘ junk food ‘ is totally acceptable !
    On one of our vacations we spent a couple of days at a homestead in the quaint little town of Massa Carrara nestled in the Northern tip of Tuscany .
    I helped the matriarch of the family cook a meal in a wood fire stove with fresh produce picked from their farm . For us as tourists an Italian meal would have been incomplete without the infamous Pizza . Nona made the base from Spelt flour and it was really yummy . My children still enjoy home made pizza . I agree the store bought ones are yummy and can count as junk food because of the high amounts of refined carbohydrates , hydrogenated fats and sodium it contains !
    Love the idea of Pathanjali pizza . It might take over the Pizza market !
    Lady .. dil maange more !!

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    1. Actually certain aspects are driven by him like bahar ka khaana nahin khana hai kisi bhi haal main. This also has its perils like when we have to go to weddings or birthday parties and he would not eat anything. Nothing is fool proof.


    1. More power to you Shinjini in 2017 for healthy eating. I am hopeful healthy pizza will be added to their ever increasing product categories. Now I am thinking the name of the variants of their pizzas 🙂


  6. The ending made me crack up a bit, Anamika. Indeed, there is no healthy variant of pizza. I am a huge fan of pizza myself, but I try to control it these days. Healthy eating ought be made a habit from childhood. Dhruv is being guided in the right direction 🙂


  7. Healthy eating is something I have been sadly bad about in the last few months. Another sign from the universe that it is time! (And I dislike peas myself, so I sympathize around that, and I adore bhindi. Yum.)


  8. I love Patanjali products, well most of them. Some I stopped using after a not so good experience. But yes their barley rava is my favourite along with daliya, their dals, their laundry liquid, phenyl, dant kanti and so many more. I love their ghee and many other food products. But, of course, noodles and pizza cannot be healthy. 🙂 I did try making wholewheat pizza at home and it was quite tasty and healthier than the market version. But it took so much time that I don’t make it often. I think having it once in a while is fine.

    Also I like how you educate your son about what is going into his food and letting him know the goodness of ingredients.


  9. Anamika..first of all..loved the topic. Secondly, Kudos to you for making healthy food choices for your son. These days kids love pizzas, burgers and all the junk food. As mom, its our duty to show them the right way. I don’t use too many patanjali products but love their ghee. We also make pizza at home and luckily whole wheat base is available here. I recently started making pizza sauce at home too and kids love it. So the only think from outside is the cheese and veggies. You can give it a healthy twist by replacing Cheese with paneer.:)


  10. A kid can dream? Maybe he can grow up and invent it?

    I make pizza a lot here, but that is because I am lazy and don’t want to leave the house. Buying pizza means leaving the house, whereas making pizza at home means I can stay in my pyjamas.


  11. Ha ha! Patanjali pizza? He is smart, I tell you.
    I wish there was a healthy pizza but I also tell myself that’s it is moderation. Sometimes, the healthy eating is in moderation too 😉
    Fun post, Anamika.


  12. I guess there are Patanjali Chips available? I’m not really sure. I have only seen the Patanjali Facewash and Honey bottles in the store.

    The first para makes me happy. It’s good that the little one knows about healthy foods and doesn’t mind eating them in hidden form too 🙂

    And yes, I’m in the #GreenPeaDislike team too 😛

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  13. Didn’t know about patanjali! Dhruv is a smart kid. 🙂 It’s really good that you are teaching him to follow healthy eating. Now here, Kanna’s diet is not up to the mark. Here in school kids bring cookies for snack, so Kanna also wants the same and since we are busy these days I just let him have.


  14. Such a great son you have. healthy eating is so important and the earlier we learn that the better #mg


  15. Made me smile, as always. I watched a comedy show about Malaysians of Indian origin in which every food originated in India – pizzas = dosas, pasta = iddiappam……..So Dhruv’s idea is possible, no? 😉


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