Diwali 2016 #MondayMusings

I am not a ritualistic person and I don’t do festivals, neither from the religious angle nor from the spiritual angle. I find solace in the simplicity of everyday life.

Yet, Diwali is different and has always been. It spreads cheerfulness and happiness in the atmosphere.  The cleaning of the house, which has got old and toota-foota from Dhruv’s perspective since we have been living here for the last 2 years, has lended the renewal to my spirits. For Dhruv’s spirits, only a house change and a pan pizza can do the same. 

This was the first Diwali where there were just the 2 of us and Dhruv has off late been feeling lonelier and has been pestering his Papa to return home to live and not just visit for holidays. Thus, I was the one to make this one interesting for him. We went for an unintentional long drive. We went market hopping buying flower decorations, diyas (earthen lamps) and sparklers in the name of fireworks. The little pirate already had a treasure in his captivity, an unopened pack of fireworks consisting of Anars from last year, discovered from one of his expeditions around the house drawers. He was clueless for sometime why I kept talking about lighting Anars because how can one light up or burst Anars. Anar (pomegranate) is his favourite fruit.

Diwali Fireworks – Anar

We did craft work, thanks to YouTube DIY videos. While he painted the diyas, I did some sticking of my old glass bangles stacking them one over the other to be placed around the scented candles.

Glass bangles decoration

Next, we made a few Paper lanterns using colourful papers and hung them from the curtain rod. All the time, while he was cutting his sheet of paper, he was concerned about his cutting not coming out as nice and neat as mine but at the end he still managed to do a decent work.


The second lantern from the left is Dhruv’s handiwork.

We called up grandparents and wished them ‘Happy Diwali’ for 2 consecutive days. After all, the 1st day was ‘Happy choti Diwali’ and the 2nd day was ‘Happy badi Diwali’.

We thanked God for giving us more than what we require to live a happy comfortable life.

Later, we went down to the assembly area of our apartment complex for bursting fireworks. I was a little sceptical about the Anar thing because all I have done in my life is Phuljhadi, the sparklers. I suggested to him that we can ask his friend’s father to light up the Anars for us to which my in-house motivator gave me an encouraging speech in 3 lines – “Don’t give up heart, Mummy. You can try. I know you will be able to do it.” It worked and I came back home with a proud feeling and his reiteration with a “See”.

We are a team. I just don’t say it for the sake of it.

The corner which lights me up even without the lights.

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#Monday Musings




  1. This is so beautiful, Anamika. I hope M and I can also be a team someday. For me festivals are for family, fun and food. The religious aspect takes a backseat..Happy Diwali to you and the wonderful little Dhruv 😊


  2. What a lovely post, Anamika. You both are truly a team. I can see Diwali was fun.
    I am sure as Dhruv grows up, he will remember all these moments with you. You are such a wonderful Mum. Love and hugs! 🙂


  3. So beautiful, Anamika. Your team truly does rock! Reminded me of all my previous diwalis where mom, my brother and I did similar things and had so much fun. Happy diwali! 😊


  4. Lovely read, Anamika. Your team is an awesome team. Even though you are not ritualistic person, your way of Diwali celebrations warmewd my heart. Paper latterns were so beautiful. Dhruv’s lattern is more adorable as your’s. Happy Diwali !!!


  5. Glad you had a great Diwali celebration. We make our own traditions and rituals Anamika which may be different from the ones our grannies followed but that doesn’t make them any less special. This year as in the last , I celebrated Diwali away from India and found that it was just as meaningful without the “traditions “. What matters is the making it special


  6. Awe so beautiful. I love your prayer, we do have so much and more than we need to be comfortable xx #mg


  7. I too love the festivals of our nation a tad more because of the unity and togetherness they bring along, than because of the core reason why they originated in the first place.
    Good to know that you and Dhruv had a great time. Wonderful pictures too 🙂


  8. I think Dhruv’s lantern looks spot on! You had me chuckle at ‘badi’ and ‘choti’ Diwali! 🙂 It is good to know that you had a great time!

    My favorite part of Diwali is putting up the lights! #mg


  9. I love so many things about this post. You guys make a rocking team. It’s hard having the dad away, specially on festivals. I love the crafting that you did. Show me a better picture na of the bangle stand. Dhruv always makes me smile – toota phoota ghar indeed!


  10. Making festival a fun time for Kids is a hard job and you did it well Anamika. As Tulika said- show us another pic of bangle stand.


  11. What a lovely post, Anamika! You both make a great team. Loved the creativity you both brought into your home, the paper lanterns came out so well. Love and best wishes!


  12. Beautiful post, sounds like you had a great time. And you can tell him I think his lantern is the best 🙂


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