21 Random Facts about me #FridayReflections

I love to talk about myself.

I love this little place, my blog, where I can talk or rather write about myself incessantly without bothering if it is going to be a turn off to people. In real life, I have to remind myself to take a breather and let others also do their talking and to give them a chance to tell their stories because if I don’t then I tend to get carried away.

Yesterday I came across Esha’s post on 21 Random Facts about me and I thought, ‘Well, here is another chance to delve and brood and sink and fish out facts about me.’ I know you all know me quite enough and there might not be much left which you may not be aware of. The only way I can make this post worth reading would be by trying and making it a fun read.

So here I unleash the curse.

Ouch! The Mummy effect. No, not my mother but the movie I saw yesterday night.



So here the curtain rises –

  1. I miss the Dussehra Mela from my childhood.
  2. In 8th Std, I used to be absent every Thrusday to avoid the Art class. I was pathetic at Art.
  3. The opening tune of Malgudi Days, ‘Taanana Nana Nana Na’, which used to be telecasted on Sunday nights on Doordarshan in the 80s, haunted me giving me chills and goosebumps.
  4. I have spent my childhood growing up in Guwahati and Mathura. Guwahati was about living close to nature and Mathura was about living close to temples. As a child, both were enchanting.
  5. Nature still holds the same place in my heart but not the temples any longer.
  6. In school I thought I could sing well. I used to participate in group songs. The music teacher however kept me away from the mic for the sanity and the melody of the songs.
  7. In the last days of college, I wrote and gifted comical and funny Hindi poems (which were no better than tukbandi) to my close friends.
  8. You can threaten to kill me but this Basanti cannot dance at any cost.
  9. I love cooking breakfasts. A good tasty breakfast with a cup of perfect ginger tea is all I aspire for to make a perfect day for an imperfect me.
  10. I am not at all a fussy person but if there is one thing I can fuss (or not fuss publicly) about is my cup of tea. I do not like my tea to be prepared by others.
  11. I hate cooking dinners. In fact I hate doing anything after it gets dark unless it is sticking to the couch and reading and of course which I don’t get to do because I drag myself to cook dinner.
  12. I love the hills and mountains for the silence and I love the sea for the sounds of the waves.
  13. There are 2 things I do not like – the long drive upto the hills and mountains and the heat on the beach. I dream of genie who could simply plant me in the hills from the plains and cover me from the heat of the beach.
  14. I like waking up to a clutter free house. Each night, before going to sleep, Dhruv and I tidy up the house and sweep off all the clutter, sometimes under the carpet while some other times into the closets.
  15. I cannot help it with the kitchen becoming and remaining in a state of mess. This is the area I do not like to be in more often.
  16. I keep my money at random places and then I forget about it.
  17. Many days, months or even years later when I discover the currency notes, it feels as if I have earned that money and have got richer.
  18. My father pushed me into learning driving 14 years back and I hated him for that then because he never took my No for it. Over the course of past years, I realized this was the best life skill he forced me to learn.
  19. I am comfortable with driving on city roads but I struggle and panic when it comes to finding a parking slot. I will pass around a parking slot atleast twice to get an idea if my car would fit in there.
  20. I plan to begin learning a foreign language next year and become proficient in it. Spanish will be that language.
  21. I am getting out of the control realms of many people these days.  I am becoming a more of my kind of person.

Would you like to try taking up this exercise? It would hardly be exhausting like any other form of exercise.

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  1. Thanks for joining in, Anamika with a very interesting post. It amazes me how much there is still to know about people who we think we already know so well. So many things sound familiar and so many are so uniquely you. We are a bit like onions, don’t you think? Layer by layer, we reveal new and unknown things about ourselves to others. Thoroughly amusing read! And, btw, BIG thanks for mentioning my post as well 🙂


  2. Haha you Know I was also bad at art class , my teacher always used to scold me when I paint something !! Till date I have the fear of painting 😒.


  3. I do the 16 and 17 one too!
    Hey, let me know when you start learning Spanish. I’ve been doing the Duolingo course since ages, and I haven’t been able to complete it! Sí, maybe with a little motivation we could help each other out! 🙂

    Btw, money is called ‘dinero’ in Spanish 😀


  4. Loved every point. Oh you should have talked more about yourself, Anamika 🙂 I still can’t drive and I wish I would have learnt it as a teenager but I didn’t and now I’m petrified. And yes, I hate cooking dinner too. Actually, I hate cooking anything and I don’t like waking up to a messy house either. By the way, how are you now? Better, I hope?


  5. Ana, this was such a fun post and yet such an endearing one! Love you for all your quirky and totally adorable ways! I could see a lot of myself in you. This Basanti can’t dance either, nor does she like cooking after dark! How lovely to have grown up in a place like Guwahati, indeed as close to nature as it gets! Much love and hugs 🙂


  6. I did think of taking up this one but then 21 seemed just too many. Loved yours though and found some inspiration too. That bit about driving – how my parents pushed and pushed but I never did take to it. Also clearing up at night – need to do that. I hate to do anything at night too. I used to finish cooking by 6 when I did it myself. Then I gave in to the luxury of a cook. And learning a language – that’s on my bucket list too. #mg

    Liked by 1 person

  7. It was lovely to know more about you. Somewhere I feel that we connect in more than one ways. The last one holds true for me as well. My kind of person. And trust me, I’m loving it. 🙂


  8. This is a great idea. I love the peace and solitude of the hills and mountains and the sounds of waves crashing too. My main problem with beaches isn’t the heat though, it’s all the people!
    Good luck with learning Spanish x


  9. oh wow so great to learn more about someone this way! I agree I hate drives up mountains because I get car sick, but being in the mountains is my fav place to be! #mg


  10. I also keep money at different places and forget about it. My husband gets so irritated with it. But, I cannot help it though I try to keep it at one place.


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