My Style Quotient


Let nobody come to know of what is going on in my mind this Monday morning.

Gosh!! I did that. I wrote the title of this post even before I know anything further.

I can hear the laughing sounds of my mother and brother in my head over my atrocious attempt with the post title. I can hear them, rolling over to their sides back and forth, saying, “Baby, you don’t have it.” Those are the 2 style Icons and the fashion police of my small family of 4  which is soon going to add a new member and we are thus going on to becoming ‘Hum Paanch’.

Where are you Papa? Why can’t I hear you?

I get it. I get it. It is better to stay quiet or else find yourself being blamed for passing on the XYZ genes and chromosomes and mitochondria over to me. I love the sound of myto-kon-dria.

Muting those blaring voices.

My genes on display on Pixabay

Without much ado, my style quotient –

  • The cosmetic industry does not exist for me. Running tap water does.
  • Nothing gives the comfort feeling like a palazzo. But, of course when it is paired with a tunic or a kurta, never alone. Decency is my core value.
  • I don’t go out to buy clothes, I jabong them. Buying clothes physically is exhausting and the trial rooms, with or without the long queues, are haunting.
  • I prefer staying grounded so flats with an inch of heel are just the right thing for me. Be it casual, formal or marriage wear. Did you expect party wear? Nuh! I don’t go partying. By the way I got married ages back. Makes me ancient.
  • Give me any haircut – U cut, V cut,  Step cut, razor cut etc etc and I will show you how to tie them up with a lot of twistings and a clutcher. Etc etc only meant in addition to these 4 hair cut names, the 5th one that I know of is being bald. Hence, you know how much I know.
  • Any handbag will do for me as long as it is gifted, big as a sack, brown or black in colour, has a zipper and takes voice commands as in like Google search.

If you thought you smiled or giggled or chuckled or laughed, please pay homage to the disease of chickenpox which has engulfed me at present. Without it, I was facing a real difficult time of claiming my sense of humour back.

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  1. You sound adorable! And to continue to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to change you deserves a round of applause! Kudos to you!
    Hoping you rest, respite and a speedy recovery from Chicken – pox.

    P:S: I LOVE Jabong too!:))


    1. Adorable hahah First I thought you must be talking about my son. But I didn’t give him a mention in this post, so I accept the compliment 😀 Thanks Mayuri for wishing me recovery.
      P.S. Jabong brought a revolution to my otherwise empty wardrobes 😛


  2. Good one Didi!! Love the reference to ‘Hum paanch’ 🙂 I hope I got it right 😉 Well!! irrespective of what the fashion police at home says, you are pretty good and there is beauty in simplicity. So keep it up and get well soon!!


  3. This too goes well with me. All the points you mentioned were not new to me. They all just reminded myself more….. Ha … Ha …. Ha …. Another proof that we have met for our destiny …… Sorry to hear about your Chicken Pox. Prayers for your speedy recovery.


  4. Hum paanch? Congratulations are in order, is it?
    Well, I love your sense of style because I am almost like you. I outsource shopping to my sis. And cosmetics for me are only kajal and moisturiser, I eat lipsticks when my sister forces me to apply.
    Wish you recover from chicken pox soon. Be well, dear 🙂


  5. Lovely post .. can relate myself quite a lot to it 🙂 Still guessing fifth member ( should map to you or my long lost friend ) .. Congratulations to the entire family .. Take care get well soon …


      1. So my guess was close to reality !!! Congratulations to all of you ..super happy !!!! Dhruv must have started the preps i suppose 😉


  6. First of all, get well soon! ♡♡♡
    Secondly. ..that was quote a candid post! And don’t worry, you are not alone. My hair goes through the same twists and turns and get clasped into a clip , whatever style it may be cut in. It is so hot; leaving your hair loose and that too while working – never! :))


  7. Me, I buy a lot of my clothes, online. Bliss really! And yes, most times I am comfortable with just one handbag. Hope you do get better soon, Anamika.


  8. Oh no! I had chicken pox when I was 15, and it was definitely no fun – hope you’re feeling better soon. And I completely agree on the voice commands for your handbag – love it!


  9. Chickenpox??!! Oh gosh, please take care and recover soon, dear Anamika. As for the fashion bit, you have a near-twin in me. I can’t put together most items for the life of me. Really enjoyed reading this post and don’t worry, the world needs more fashion-challenged people like us 😉


  10. Eeks you got chickenpox! Do take care. As for your style quotient – you sound my kind of person. That’s not to say I donut envy those stylish women who flick their long hair skilfully while walking on heels – but I decided long ago that I couldn’t be bothered with all of that. Give me a pair of sneakers and jeans anyway. I didn’t quite take to palazzos but I must give them another try. You get well soon.


    1. I gave up envying stylish women long back because I got it I can never match them. Picking up accessories, matching or contrasting, with the clothes is too tiresome for me. And then to wear them all, just to think about it makes me pull up the covers and go to sleep. So easy. Jeans works for me only when it is cold and I mean Delhi’s cold and not Bangalore’s. Hence, Palazzos 🙂 Detailed account.


  11. Hi Ana, chicken-pox now? That’s tough dear! But I must say it has revved your sense of humor and I was chuckling all through! I think dressing up is being too hyped up and with online shopping being on a roll, all the more! I pretty much share all your dressing quirks, maybe we are the reminders of an older not-so-dress-obsessed generation!


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