Awareness makes parenting easier

Children come with their own personalities which, at times, can be way distinct from that of the parents’ and may come across as a shocker. It would have been a boon if parenting was an exact science where combining hydrogen and oxygen would always give H2O i.e. water but, sadly, it doesn’t because in the laboratory of life, catalyst being the child, combining hydrogen and oxygen has the tendency of creating a hydrogen bomb ready to cause an explosion. Thus, each one of us, as a parent, has to find one’s own means, one’s own ways. And, as if this wasn’t enough, we have the stars and the planets ruling the birth charts providing validations for the personality traits. Hence, the question  is whether parenting should function under the limitations of such validations passing the blame on the stars or there can be alternative paths explored?

Here is an excerpt of the guest post, I wrote addressing the above question in the personal context, which appeared on Sunita Rajwade‘s blog last week. Sunita or Belly Bytes is a familiar name with the bloggers at Write Tribe. For others, she is the new-age grandma whose introduction goes like this –

Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

One thing I can promise you for sure is you won’t leave without a giggle or a chuckle after reading her blog posts.

Here goes my post –

A couple of months ago, we, accompanied by the closest of our relatives, teamed up for a family function in another city. D, my 5 year old son, had been quite excited on this outing since it was the first time he was meeting his extended family. The other main reason of his excitement was he had got a chance to travel by train for the first time in India and for the second time in 2 consecutive days.

After the function got over, all of us left for the railway station the next morning to board the train back home to Delhi. The train was late and we ended up waiting for more than 3 hours in the station’s waiting room. Now, D had his cousin H for company and together both of them, paying no heed to their mothers, were having a good enough time to themselves – running around in the waiting room, gorging on chips, junk and cold drinks endlessly. The presence of D’s both set of grandparents  fuelled his audacity. I had to give up watching my repeated instructions falling flat on his ears. My peace of mind had become more important than his obedience to my cautions.

Sighting this, H’s mother, who is my cousin, enquired with me if D, like H, was also born in the Moola Nakshatra?

It took me a moment to make sense of her question.

Over the last 3 years that I have been parenting D far way  from the obvious thinking processes of the well-meaning dear ones in UK and now in Bangalore, I had completely forgotten about concepts such as Moola Nakshatra .  I have always considered D as a kid who is sharp, sensitive, strong-headed and fearless when it comes to questioning unjust behaviour.

You can read rest of the post on Sunita’s blog by clicking here.

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  1. Parenting is definitely not a 2+2 equals 4, nor does it come with a guide book! Enjoyable post, Anamika! The things people say! Sometimes it is quite hard to stay calm, no? 🙂


  2. Just read the post. Loved how Sunita handled the questions and situations so logically… there’s nothing the stars have done … it’s all parenting and it’s never easy.


  3. Parenting by formula doesn’t exist! I don’t have children – by choice – but hearing parenting stories from friends I know just how different children are. Even twins react differently to the same parenting style!


  4. I agree with Tulika. I guess we just need to do it our way and not worry about the rest. But hydrogen bomb! You made me laugh our loud in the middle of the bay , everyone around me is startled 😀


  5. Parenting and life should behave like well-defined equations, no? The commerce side of me ardently prays that one day all problems could be solved as easily as: Assets=Liabilities+ Capital! 😀
    Heading over to Sunita’s blog now 🙂


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