Wishful thinking or Idealism #BarAThon Day 6

This morning while I was on my morning walk, there were loud noises coming from the basement. I had one ‘Mummyknowitall’ for the company who told me there was a quarrel going on between  2 people over 2-wheeler parking.  I came to know one of them had been physically aggressive indulging in a fist fight. And then she said, “Punjabis are like this, aggressive and over the top.”

So, it boiled down to labeling. The act of fist fighting.was undesirable in itself but labeling the doer on the basis of the state he came from? Can we not do without it? Or is it just wishful thinking on my part? And, I am not a Punjabi.

It is not just about this incident. I have a long list of what can be considered as wishful thinking.

  1. People valuing relationships based on the concept of ‘dil ke rishte’ (connections of the heart) rather than the superficiality of labels and position in relations.
  2. People considering each other on face value rather than indulging in reading between the lines.
  3. People minding their own businesses rather than meddling in others.
  4. Religious people showing acceptance for those who do not follow rituals and practices same as theirs or those who practice none at all.
  5. Shutting down of the numerous ‘dharmik channels’ because most of the Babas and Maas, through their preaching on these channels, only end up complicating the understanding of God for the common folks. They, instead of empowering the people and bringing them closer to God, become the self-assuming Gods themselves and tell people how vain they are.

The list is long but I am leaving it at 5 for this post.

This post has been written for Day 6 of the 7 day blogging challenge BAR-A-THON.

Today’s prompt is ‘Wishful thinking’.

I am with Team #CrimsonRush


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  1. Amen to your list Anamika! Yes, I am sure this list could run to several points more…..hopefully if you wish for them strongly enough, they’ll all come true!


  2. I’d like to see tolerance for the different human beings that we all are. After all if all human beings were the way we wanted them to be, life would be boring.


  3. Totally agree with the not meddling in other people’s business point. But, I guess that’s human nature, you know.
    Another thing that could be added is that one shouldn’t just talk to fill the silence. Speak , only when there is something meaningful to be shared.

    Just one more day to go for #BarAThon 🙂


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