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Nostalgia pint-sized #BarAThon Day 5

“Dhroooov, where are you going to running with that bag? Come back. I need to sort out all your old stuff. Ufff!” I screamed,throwing my hands in the air, and followed him to the next room.

In the other room, he had turned the bag upside down and there were memories lying scattered all around him. I stood there standing by the door observing him as he was arranging those memories on the floor.

Memories from the days when he started walking always intending to go bare foot.

Memories from the days we spent together roaming around the town on foot. He wouldn’t agree to get tucked up in the stroller and so I happened to push the stroller with one hand and held his small hand with the other.

Memories from the days when braving the cold, after the rains stopped, we used to venture out because the joy of jumping in puddles matched to none.

Memories from the days when we spent the lazy sunny afternoons sitting on the benches at the train station watching the trains come and go.

Memories also come in pairs of different colours, I realised, perhaps.

“Are you here to buy them?”, he enquired.

His question broke my string of thoughts. He had put up a signboard saying ‘SALE’ and was quoting a price ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs 109.

“Who are you and what are you selling?”, I posed hoping to get an interesting answer.

“I am Agent Tiny and I am selling tiny shoes”, said he.


Picture credit – Pixabay

The setting is fictionalized but the memories are real.

This post has been written for Day 5 of the 7 day blogging challenge BAR-A-THON.

Today’s prompt is ‘Tiny shoes’.

I am with Team #CrimsonRush


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20 thoughts on “Nostalgia pint-sized #BarAThon Day 5

  1. Wonderful post, Anamika …… Memories sometimes make us and sometimes break us ……


  2. hahaha…he is a smart kid. Knows how to earn his dough emotionally 😉

    Good take!!


  3. Interesting ! parenting is indeed a new lesson every single moment.


  4. Aww! That is adorable. Agent Tiny, indeed!


  5. You are going pretty good didi on this 7 day blogging resolve of yours!! Keep it up! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. pythoroshan on said:

    haha.. Agent Tiny! Did not see that name coming 🙂


  7. Aww! I do hope Agent Tiny got a good deal for his tiny shoes 😀


  8. Lata Sunil on said:

    So cute.. Agent Tiny is a nice name..


  9. That’s actually how memories come flooding suddenly as you come across old mementoes and snapshots:) I love the way you created the setting, Anamika! And the name Agent Tiny is super cute.


  10. God bless Agent Tiny and his mum! A beautiful memory that made me all warm and fuzzy!


  11. Beat About The Book on said:

    Lol! So how much did Agent Tiny make? I do hope you didn’t forget to bargain.


  12. upasna1987 on said:

    I am too excited to begin such a journey with my Kiddo.


  13. Ohh! Agent Tiny is so adorable! So beautiful, Anamika. You took me down your memory lane.


  14. Witty little lad! 🙂
    Kids make the best memories for us…


  15. saumynagayach on said:

    Interesting story! Liked the attitude of cute little Agent Tiny 🙂 🙂


  16. Smart kid. Very sweet memories.


  17. Smart boy! Did you finally buy them? How much did he charge? 😀


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