Spare us, Oh Gal! #BarAThon Day 4

A scene outside a classroom –

Few boys were kneeling in front of a girl with folded hands.

Curiously, I lent in my ear to find out what was going on. I heard the pleading tone in their voices. They were requesting the girl to go easy on them for that day with the unit test since they had not prepared well and only co-operation by sharing answers and cheating could save them from flunking. They were blabbering they feared the girl more than the invigilator for getting caught red-handed while cheating.

The girl bitten by the bugs of audacity, honesty and truthfulness followed this principle in her life – ‘Neither will I cheat, nor will I let others cheat’.

She was the torch bearer in her class when it came to catching classmates cheating in the tests and exams and reporting them to the invigilator.

Can you imagine this could be a true story? Do you, by any chance, know a character like her in your life?

This post has been written for Day 4 of the 7 day blogging challenge BAR-A-THON.

Today’s prompt is ‘Caught red-handed’.

I am with Team #CrimsonRush


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  1. Yes, there are these kind of personalities in a lot of places. Schools and corporate houses as well. But the question is, do they do it to abide by their principles or to gain the teacher/boss’s brownie points?


  2. To be frank. I never cheated. And if anyone cheated I felt betrayed but I wouldn’t bother. Although after every exam I wanted to complain. I did not. Now anybody copying doesn’t bother me much.


  3. Is this a true story? I got kind of confused. I imagine there are others like her. In fact, I am somewhat like her, which can be really hard–guilt overcomes us too much, it takes so much time to forget, if ever we can. Glad I didn’t go through what she went through. I tried to cheat in fifth grade but was so overcome with the fear of getting caught, I could never really see the answers, ha ha haaa!!!!


  4. Oh…the girl is the female Chatur from 3 Idiots! Telling his buddies on their teachers. 😂
    I don’t remember anyone right now. I never cheated but I never made my friends get caught either.


  5. oh yeah I was once caught by one when I was in class 3 😉 later on all my friends would cheat from me… so no telling 🙂


  6. Oh I never liked cheating. I didn’t care if others cheated because, let’s just say, I was a chicken. Only exception to this rule of cheating was in the practical exams of Engineering. Everyone cheated there and it was like a fun group activity. Don’t judge me , please. I’m an honest person otherwise 🙂


  7. Is this the right time to say that I’m pretty much nonchalant about people copying during exams? 😀
    Honestly, copying can just get you marks. But where will the marks get you? Especially when you have no clue how you got those marks? I guess instead of this whole punishment for copying, there should be some kind of virtual reality future scene. In which the person caught red-handed is shown his future in a glimpse 😛

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  8. That sounded like me. I might not report someone who is cheating but I would definitely not help them.


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